How To Narrow Your Niche (and make your marketing easier)

If you want to make your marketing
easier, one of the ways is to narrow your niche Instead of saying that you helped
everyone, with any kind of problem — which means you've now set yourself up in
competition with somebody who solves one particular issue for one particular
person — Instead, when you say you solve everything for everyone, you have now put yourself
as a competitor to *everybody else* But when you narrow your niche, you
are now becoming someone who can be a referral source, a referral partner, and a
collaborator, with many other types of service providers.

For example, if I say that I can help
anybody with any any type of business with their marketing… Now I'm setting myself up to
compete with business consultants who helped fortune 500 companies, and, I'm
also competing with business consultants who help small businesses, right? I don't need to compete, and be in
opposition, with these two types of business consultants, because truthfully
I only serve a very specific type of business. I tend to serve people who are coaches
or therapists, or people who have a more spiritual
message that they want to build a business around, and I only help them
if they care about a more *authentic* type of marketing. I don't want to help them do the
more traditional marketing that can feel pushy to them. So what about you? Are you saying that you serve all kinds
of people with all kinds of problems? Or can you be more specific about what type
of person you help, and what type of problem you help them
with? Let me give you a couple of
categories that you can narrow down, in terms of the type of

What age range do you tend that you best serve? Yes, your modality
may help people who are 18 and maybe help people who are 80, but as you get more
experience serving people, you'll find that maybe you really enjoy working with
people who are in their 40's, or working with people who are in their
20's, or working with people who are in their 60's, and if you just say a
single decade… forties or sixties… there are plenty of people that you can
find who are in that decade…

END of edited sub-titles. Watch the video for the rest 🙂 particular deck is very helpful to
narrow your niche – maybe it's a particular gender maybe you really best
help men or best you really best help women if that's the case then say that
there are plenty of women in their forties or men in their fifties right
that that's still a huge huge audience that you can serve and that and and
there's going to be enough clients for you or maybe it's the professional
background you find that your ideal clients tend to be from a particular
industry or have had a particular type of job maybe maybe that's true if that is true
then say that ok and so that they can identify
themselves when they look at your website so that's me or maybe they're part of our particular
group of some kind of other excited other identifying group that that that
you really enjoy serving maybe it's a particular stage in their
transformation that you really do well to help ok so for example a client might might
have an entire life cycle of transformation that they go through from
being from suffering all the way to living a life of their dreams we're in that entire life cycle do you
find that your most skilled and helping because if you can identify that then
that means you can now have lots of potential referral partners so
if you help people transforming this particular part of the
life cycle right then you can partner with people who helped transform people
and this particular life cycle and this particular lifecycle you're here you now
compartment people who serve people who are here and people who are here that makes sense so the narrower you
become in your knees the more referral partners you have and
also the better a job you can do at getting to know that particular type of
person and in solving that particular problem and the more skilled you become
the more special as you become and therefore the more well-known you become
for that particular specialty and I guess that the less competition you have
and actually the more business you'll probably have now as you keep serving
people in that narrow niche what's going to happen is that you'll find yourself broadening over time but let yourself broaden your knees after you've proven
yourself successful and serving and narrower ish because when you market yourself serving
a particular nice right what's interesting is that people who
are not quite in that niche will also ask you if you can help them it's the most interesting thing it's
kind of like when you're sitting in an audience and someone is speaking to an
audience even if someone is speaking intently to
somebody else in the audience you also resonate when they're speaking
intently versus somebody who's kind of just kind of glazing and kind of speaking in general to the
audience did you see what I'm doing I'm just kind
of speaking to the entire audience here and you don't connect as well with that
as if I'm just speaking content you know intently with one particular person the same thing is when you can narrow
yourself and speaking with one particular type of person ironically you're going to get other
people who are just outside that neesh will ask you a can you help me – and you can say yes you can say yes and
try your hand at helping someone who is slightly outside your specific narrow
niche and you may find that you serve them equally well as also then
eventually you can broaden your marketing to helping that that that
second pitch of a person so but but if you need business generally speaking
it's more helpful to narrow your knees so that you have more referral partners
and you can get more well known for that particular thing before you brought it
out so I hope that's helpful and always open to your comments and your questions
and go forth and and get more business by narrowing your wish

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