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How can you make more with just a little tweak in your Affiliate Marketing efforts? There’s one very easy way and that is to negotiate with your Affiliate Manager for extra commissions or bonuses from your campaigns. Being in the affiliate marketing game, you should understand that our efforts will be directly contributing to the Affiliate Network’s success and so is the success of the merchant. More often than not (especially on CPA Networks) you will get yourself a dedicated Affiliate Managers that will deal with.

rapid retail profits affiliate marketingIt is their job to ensure your success and it is their job to see that you get whatever you need to promote the offers that you choose to promote. Here are some ways to improve your Affiliate business by taking advantages of this underrated affiliate tool known as your affiliate manager.

Make sure your Affiliate Manager is good.

First of all, you will want to make sure that the person you are going to work with is nice and easy to talk too. It will not help if your affiliate manager thinks he is the boss and he can talk to you in a rude manner. Despite the fact that they hold a title of “Manager” in their work position, you should not be intimidated by that. Note that these days there are so many Affiliate Networks out there and you can simply switch to another network and you might still find the same offer on other networks. This really takes away a lot of their power to ‘control’ you in your business.

Hence whenever you want to talk to your Affiliate manager, you do not need to be afraid. In fact, you should be trying your best to make conversations with your affiliate manager. Check and see if he is responsive or not, see if he or she is a person who is patient with you or do they get frustrated quickly just because you are using a different email address to contact them. The thing is, if they are not to your standards and that they get annoyed with the smallest stuff or think that they are too good or too busy to attend to your needs… they are not worth your time. Request for a new and better affiliate manager or leave the network.

Sometimes, even some of the best affiliate managers that are famous (you see their personal blogs and names all over the internet) does not do as good as you might expect. One of the primary reasons is that, they could be handling too many people at a time, and they are just too busy to entertain you. When this happens it is still better for you to move to another affiliate manager that has the time and will give you all the attention that you need. Therefore, it is important for you to get a nice Affiliate Manager and only then should you spend time working on your campaigns.

Get help from your Affiliate Manager.

When you are just starting out, it might take you a lot of time to get used to the network. What can you do to make your life easier? Well, here’s the thing, you can actually call up or contact your affiliate manager and get them to talk to you and recommend offers that are working great right now. Ask them for statistics that you will not normally see in your affiliate network account. Ask for a list of products that will work well with your existing traffic and when you get all these good information, you should be able to use them and get a good head start.

You can also get your affiliate managers to install tracking scripts that you have so that you can accurately track your sales and stuff. This is to avoid some shady ‘scrubbing’ that is happening in the CPA industry right now. Scrubbing happens when they merchant or the affiliate network scrubs away your ‘leads’ with the excuse that the lead is not converting. In fact, more often than not you might want to get your affiliate managers to actually create some special tracking links for you for the tracking purposes. You should never trust your affiliate networks entirely.

Another good thing to take note of is that you should also always cloak your links so that your affiliate networks do not steal your landing page ideas and make it their own. This happens a lot on the CPA market where people are not getting credited for the leads and have their leads and landing page ideas stolen.

Negotiate for a better commission rate when you are doing well.

When you are doing better in your conversions, you should ask for a raise. Many affiliate managers will just increase your commissions right off the bat based on your performance while some managers can be a little bit tricky. You can stop promoting right away and move your campaigns to other affiliate networks, and this will usually get their attention. Alternatively, you could just contact them and tell them that you are just ‘barely breaking even’, and a commission raise will encourage you to send more traffic and get more leads for them.

In fact, you can do the above said tactic when you are not profiting at all. Sometimes that increase in your commissions can make or break a campaign. This can save you a lot of time trying to find a new campaign that converts (but not earning). Always remember that they need you more than you need them, especially if you can pull consistent and converting traffic for them. When you have the power to negotiate, you should always take advantage of it because your affiliate manager or affiliate networks are getting a cut from every lead that took you so much effort and time to acquire. Doing this one little tweak with negotiating with your affiliate managers, you will definitely see an improvement to your campaigns.

How to negotiate with your Affiliate Managers?

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