How to profit from trends?

How to profit from trends?

Everywhere you go, you have gurus telling you about niches. While niches are good, there are other ways to profit online as well. One of these methods would be monetizing the trends. Say hello to Trend Marketing. When it comes to trends, this usually indicates a certain time or time frame where a certain offer, product or item is hot and people want it bad. While some trends do die out pretty fast, you can be certain that there are some trends out there that come back every single year.

Seasonal Trends

How to profit from trends?One such trend would be the holiday seasons’ trend. Be it Black Friday or Christmas… these are the times of the year where a lot of money is spent on buying, and this is indeed a good time for any internet marketer to jump in and make a handsome profit during this time of the year. And thus if you are looking to profit on trends be sure to be on a lookout during these holiday seasons.

There are a lot of other seasons such as back to school trends or even Halloween. The most important thing is to be on a lookout on your calendar frequently and plan ahead before the trend starts. Christmas, for example, is a time where people prepare early. Hence do not start selling Christmas items on the eve of Christmas because by then everyone would have already done all the shopping.
Try catching the trend a few weeks earlier, and you will see a surge in demands for Christmas items then.

Proper planning is required, but the benefit is that your items will sell much easier and faster as the trend makes it a must for people to spend for Christmas goods.

Hot Trends

An example of hot trends could be like when Michael Jackson announced his comeback concert ‘This is it!’. If you search on Google trends for this term, you will find that a huge surge of traffic and search engine seekers that are looking for more information about this announcement.

Smart Marketers will notice this fast and make use of the short trend and make some profit out of it. There are many ways to do profit from this, and a good way is to sell old Michael Jackson CDs online, or you could use Michael’s music and turn it into a viral video on YouTube with a link back to your website and enjoy viral traffic.

Some marketer will even send out promotions with the excuse of celebrating ‘Michael Jackson’s comeback’ and thus giving out a discount to entice more buyers. This then would mean that the most important part of catching these trends would be in the timing. A great way for internet marketers to catch these timings and notice the uprising trend is to use Google Trends. Using this free tool you can monitor for uprising opportunities that can make you money.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you will be able to find seasonal offers such in affiliate networks such as commission junction. These offers could be strictly for the seasonal trends or even for the hot trends.

For seasonal trends, you could probably find Halloween costume products offers during Halloween seasons. What other better time than the Halloween season to sell Halloween costumes right?

Therefore, as an affiliate marketer, it would be beneficial for you to look into selling seasonal items and pocket a handsome amount of cash. The good thing about seasonal trends is that it comes back every year. This means you can easily turn your campaign off and turn it on again the next year with some minor tweaks. All you have to do is to set it up one time, and you are good for life.

CPA Marketing

If you are trying to sell stuff during the hot trends, then you will find a lot of offers that meet the hot trend category dealing with CPA marketing. You can get email or zip offer for trends like the iPhone, PS3 games or any of those short trends. If you time your campaigns right, you will make a lot of money with these fast trends. Be careful not to enter the trend when it is already too saturated. When it is too saturated and the offer is ‘stale’ then you are too late.

You will be better off looking for another new trend instead. Give away free items on special occasions.

Another way to profit from trends is to make use of trends to build you a list of subscribers. When it is Christmas, gift away a free and valuable Christmas gift, and you will see a surge in your opt in rate. Which is all good because if you could get a surge in your opt in rate then you will be able to build up your list fast.

Alternatively, you could take the ‘New Year’s’ excuse to do a fire sale. This way, you could actually get more sales off your ‘old’ products and make more money without much effort. People love package deals and sending out package deals during a ‘special’ occasion sets up the mood for them to buy your stuff.

Hence, the next time you wish to start a new project, instead of taking a look at niche marketing, consider looking at the trends instead.

How to profit from trends?

How to profit from trends?


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