How to Upload Audio to YouTube (2021)

hey everyone alec here with veed and in this video we’re going to be talking about how to upload audio to youtube so let’s say you have a podcast and you want to share that podcast on youtube to get more listeners but you can’t actually upload audio files such as mp3 files or dot wav files to the youtube platform so as a workaround we’re going to be turning our nice podcast audio into a video using an online video editor so with that being said let’s get started now like i mentioned the tool we’re going to be using is called veed so you can either go ahead and go to google and google v which is v-e-d and then click on the first link if not as usual the link’s gonna be in the description down below so once you’re on veed if you don’t already have an account you’ll be prompted to create a new one for free and if you do already have an account we’re just gonna click on the new project button now we’re in veed’s video editor and once we’re in veed’s video editor we’re gonna upload our audio that we want to turn into a video so if i click on this upload video slash audio button here i’m going to select my podcast audio as we see it’s a mp3 file if i click open now we are prompted to choose a template and here we’re going to choose the 16×9 youtube template because we want to post it to youtube so we need a 16×9 aspect ratio video so now as you can see our audio is in the timeline within beads video editor so if i click play hey everyone i hope you’re all doing great welcome to the social we can hear our podcast audio which is great and one of the first things you might notice is that veda has already provided us with a sound wave in this template and if i want to change the style of the sound wave all i have to do is click on it and as we can see i have this drop down menu i can now select between a bunch of different sound wave styles so if i choose this one for example i could go and choose the static one and then i go and choose this formation one but for now we are going to leave it as i’m not going to choose harmony i’m going to choose beam because i’m a big fan of this so if i click play media podcast i am your host alex lovely and then you can also change the duration and the color of your sound wave so now what we’re going to do is actually add a couple of images so you can either click on this and then click on the replace button to upload your artwork or you can just delete it straight away and then just completely start fresh and click on add new image this is what i’m going to do i’m going to add this picture of me right here because it’s my podcast i’m going to place it roughly there i’m going to hold down shift to keep the correct aspect ratio and i’m just going to move the elements about i’m going to place this here stretch it out to the side and i’m also going to add a second image so if i go back to the image tab and now i’m going to add this little podcast icon i’m just going to place this roughly above the sound wave so just like so so now if i click play and great welcome to the social media podcast as you can see this already looks like an okay video for a podcast next thing i’m going to do is actually change the background color so i’m going to click on the project tab and here we have the background color i’m going to select this color right here you can select any color you want or even enter a color hex code and then finally we’re going to add a bit of text so it’s the social media podcast so i’m going to type social media podcast just like so and i’m going to change the style a bit so i’m going to click and drag it and put it up here and drag this out there we go i’m going to change the color first of all i’m going to make this white i’m going to change the font to anton i’m going to make it a little bit bigger let’s just say we’ll try 60 i like 60 and then i’m going to add another bit of text and for example let’s just say this is episode four we’re gonna type out episode four again i’m going to choose the same font i’m also going to change it to white as well and if i click on the advanced tab i can actually change the style of it and let’s just say if i change it outlined i think this can look pretty good it kind of distinguishes the two texts and as you can see now i’ve got the social media podcast episode four so if i click play fast i’m your host alec and in this podcast we’re going to be talking and there we go i’ve now turned my audio into a video and all i have to do now is click on publish veed now renders my video and turns it into an mp4 file which i can upload to youtube and that’s all i have to do that is how to upload your audio to youtube if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section down below if you enjoyed this video and you found it helpful please hit the like button and if you want to see more videos like this please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button really appreciate it and we’ll see you next video thanks for watching

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