How to use E-zines To Make Money

How to use E-zines To Make Money

One of the oldest ways to get traffic to your website is via e-zine ads. An E-zine is basically a newsletter that is distributed among its members a few times a month via email. Members are basically opt-in to the E-zine of their interests and if the e-zine owner is providing great valuable content each month, the members will pay them back with attention.

This of course makes the traffic coming from E-zines quite targeted as long as you are choosing the right e-zines to get your traffic from. So to profit from an E-zine you will first need to look for the right e-zine, study it and then buy an ad from the E-zine. The traffic that comes from that e-zine will then see your ad and if they buy from your link you’ll make money.

How to use E-zines To Make Money?Obviously, E-zine advertising is great for selling your own product or earning commissions as an affiliate. Unless the e-zine is very general or specifically suitable to a CPA offer then, it is advisable not to use E-zine Traffic for CPA offers. Most of the time, E-zine owners will not allow CPA offers as well because it does not provide a lot of content or value to their members.

Where to find the e-zines that fit your niche now that we know that we can make use of E-zine ads to get targeted traffic, the question now lies in where can you find the suitable E-zines to your offer? Mind you, not all e-zines are the same. Some work better than the rest and there are a lot of e-zines available on the net for all sorts of niches.

There are two main ways to look for E-zines the first way is naturally the search engines. To use the search engines to locate and search for an E-zine with your target market you will need to search for your niche keyword and then add an e-zine to the back of the search. For example, “Golf tips E-zine” or “Pregnancy Tips E-zine” You can also substitute the word e-zine with other synonyms such as newsletter, e-newsletter or any word that carries the same definition.

The other way to locate E-zines that is suitable for your promotions is to use e-zine Directories. Again to can use search engines such as Google to find E-zine directories in your niche area an E-zine directory normally has a huge collection of all the e-zines found in your niche and it is much easier to locate the exact e-zine that you need for your traffic. So once you found a good E-zine ad directory, stick with it for some time. Work to filter out the bad e-zines from the good ones.

How to find a good E-zine ad that is suitable for your offer obviously, the first rule to remember when you are choosing the right e-zine is relevancy. Is the e-zine relevant to your offer? Does it have members who are suitable to be called your target market? To find out, it is always a good practice to opt-in to the e-zine itself and find out how the newsletter got their members in the first place. Seek out the e-zine owner and contact them to see if they are responsive or not.

If the owner of the e-zine is slow to respond than skip that e-zine immediately. If the owner responds fast and is very nice and humble, then by all means look deeper into this e-zine. Find out more to see how the members of that e-zine were built from. Did they opt-in for a valuable content that was given away for free? Make sure that they opt-in legitimately and that their intention is there to learn.

What are the types of E-zine ads available for you to choose from free Ads there are two main types of e-zine ads the first one is paid and the other is free ads. Let me explain briefly about the free ads first from time to time, some e-zine owners will allow people to put in free ads in their newsletters. This only happens when the E-zine is still new and has fewer members. Some E-zine owners will give away a free ad space to you if you choose to become a member. That is how they grow in numbers. Members built this way are very much untargeted and usually does not work. Avoid this kind of e-zines at all cost.

Perhaps the best way to get a free ad off E-zines is to become a guest writer or submit a quality article which you write yourself to the e-zine owner. E-zine owners are always looking for new contents to give their members, and if you wrote a good piece of content that shines, and the owner chooses to use your article as their newsletter then you can place a link back to your website. This is how you can get free traffic from these newsletters.

Paid Ads for paid ads, there are several types the most popular ones are Sponsored ads and Solo ads sponsored ads are usually small text ad of three to four lines that is placed on top, bottom or middle of the newsletter. Solo ads however are an entire newsletter which is actually your own ad. Solo ads are usually more effective because you get the entire newsletter to talk about your offer and you can presell your traffic this way.

There are usually no other links in the email newsletter of a solo ad that will distract the readers. It’s very much focused and is known as one of the best types of ads you can buy in an E-zine. The downside however, is that is not always available and most of the time solo ads are more expensive than other types of ads sold by an e-zine ad provider.

So now that you know the fundamentals of E-zine advertising, take the time to go about and find great e-zines. Compile them into a list and then contact the owners individually. It will be a great start, and soon you’ll be able to find the best e-zines available out there suitable to send you target traffic over and over again.

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