How To Write a Product Review

How To Write a Product Review

Writing a product review is one of the many ways that affiliates use to make a lot of affiliate commissions. In fact, a product review is one of the most effective ways to sell an affiliate product which is why if you are an affiliate or looking forward to becoming one, then you’ll be delighted to find out what is going to be shared here today.

If you have a good SEO strategy or other good traffic strategy, a product review which you write today can be making you sales many years down the road. A proper ranked site in Google paired with a good product review can often mean constant amount of sales every month.

How To Write a Product ReviewReports have shown that over 80% of customers who bought via affiliate links says that a product review that they read influenced their purchase decision. Shockingly enough, 70% of the savvy buyers would claim that whenever they wish to buy a product online, they will search online for a product review first.

So without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the key points in writing a good product review shall we.

To write a good review that a visitor will trust and click to purchase it is essential for you to include some of these below elements.
1) Product description
2) Buyer’s Experience
3) Proof (purchase proof / results)
4) The cons.
5) Call to action

These five elements will greatly improve a mediocre product review.

Product Description.

You will normally start a review with some of the background information of a product such as who the creator of the product is and what are the underlying problems that this product seeks to fix. Talk a little bit about the history of the product creator and what made him took the initiative to produce the said product. A little story telling here can set the mood for the readers.

When you are done with the entire product introduction, you will need to explain about the product itself. What can the product do you those who purchased it? Why should you purchase this instead of the other products out there? Take this opportunity to underline and highlight all the important benefits of the products. Briefly describe some of the features as well.

Buyer’s experience.

This part here is really important not just to your conversions but to the readers. Readers are looking forward to seeing what you think about this product, and if you feel it is a worthy buy. So take this chance to explain your entire experience. You can talk about how you found out about the product and then move on to explain what made you decide to take the plunge. You could also say that someone else recommended it to you in the first place.

Play with your words and make the entire paragraph an exciting journey. Paint a story that will excite the readers. Go ahead and show them how excited you are as well.

Proof (purchase proof / results).

I like to include my own receipt or screenshot to show the readers that I actually bought the product, and I am not one of those people who recommend products without first trying it out. This is very important in the eyes of the readers. Even if I do not purchase the product, I would try my best to get a review copy first. It is not only the best practice but also churns out wonderful results as you see people clicking on your affiliate link and start buying.

It is a genuine feeling that you get when you know you did the right thing and recommended a great product to someone else who needs it. So try your best to recommend products that you use personally because that way you will find that your conversions will shoot sky high.

The only other proof that will work better than the proof of your purchase is perhaps the proof that the thing that you are recommending works. And I am not talking about the proof that is on the sales page or marketing message of the product you are promoting.

It’s proof that you yourself and if possible other people that you know are using it, and it is bringing in great results. After all, people want to buy results… not clever minced words.

The cons.

When writing a good review, always make sure that you include some sort of bad side of the product. Make sure that the cons do not overweigh the pros. A bit of con goes a long way to tell the readers that you are honest, and you will not hide the bad things about a product. It really helps out with the trust of the readers, and your reputation will go up.

Think of yourself as if you are a food critic where you will say bad things if the food is not well made. Not only does it help your fans to trust you, it helps to reduce the scammers in the industry where they really need to work hard to improve their product for the customer’s sake.

Call to action.

The last piece of the puzzle would definitely be the call to action. You must never leave your readers hanging without anything to do so the best thing to do is to ask them to click on your link to check out the product that you just reviewed.

Give them a way to arrive at the recommended product’s site. Guide them by holding their hands. Make it easy for them to click on your links so be sure that your links are cleverly cloaked and visible to your reader’s eyes.

You will find that if done right, writing reviews alone can earn you a great income right from home selling just other people’s product and earning a nice commission. Just don’t forget to contact the product owner for a higher affiliate percentage when you are doing well to earn even more money.

A Simple Guide On How To Write a Product Review.

A Simple Guide On How To Write a Product Review.

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