How to write juicy product descriptions.

Your Product Descriptions

Writing a sales letter or a marketing message is a job of a copywriter. However, as an internet marketer you can’t just outsource every single task to copywriters. They are very expensive, and they are very busy. That is why when it comes to your product descriptions or a small ad copy with just a few lines on it, you will not have to trouble your copywriters. Most of the times, if you do have copywriters the only tasks that you will have them help you out are the sales letters.

How to write juicy product descriptions.So you are on your own when it comes to writing compelling your product descriptions. No worries because your problem is solved. Just follow the below steps to write your own stellar product description that will grab the attention of any site visitors and entice a click to find out more.

Your Product Descriptions Who are your targets?

The very first thing that you will need to do is to find out who are your target markets. Knowing your target market is to say that you should go out and actively do your market research and learn the proper demographics of on your target markets towards your product descriptions.

Find out what are their age and gender. Find out what kind of working class and pay grades that they are in. Find out their hobbies and what the activities that they are engaged in are. Find out what kind of website do they hang out on and what conversations are getting them interested. These are all the useful information that you will need later on when you are writing your product descriptions.
List the benefits of your product.

Once you have done all the necessary homework, you will need to know what kind of information you are going to be using on your descriptions. The best information that you can include in your description is without the doubt the benefits that your target market is looking for. This is not to be confused with product features like how your product can do extra stuffs.

List your benefits out nicely. Are the users of your product going to solve their problems fast? Are they going to be able to ease some pain or fear? Use emotional benefits for the best advantage because humans are a very emotional being and people can relate to these kinds of benefits the most.

What is the probably result.

Think about what the users will be getting after using your products as in how their lives can be improved. Are they going to be smiling? Are they going to have more time to spend with their families? Include these special moments in the future to help instill an image of how your product will give them what they want and expect from your product. Make sure that if you have the sufficient space on your product description area that you include as many details as possible to help people visualize a good time and experience with your product.

Product Image.

Normally, most people will just include their product image or cover. However, if you have the sufficient space on your product image area, it is advisable to edit your image and place a few happy customers and pair them up with the image. It might do well to include a before and after image as well. Remember that really matters to potential customers is what is it in for them, which is why if your product image can project a successful use of your product, then it will aid them in deciding on paying you for the product.

Don’t be caught without putting up an image though, because on the internet, people can’t touch or feel your product so the next best thing that you can give them is a tangible looking image so that they know what they are actually buying.

The Headline and the Description
As with most marketing messages, it is a must to include a headline for your product description. This is where your list of benefits will come in. On your headline, if you are not going to write anything fancy, all you have to do is just state the problem and how your product can help them while including the benefits. If you are going to go a little more fancy or creative on your headline, be sure that the headline is catchy and able to attract the attention of your site visitors. The headline is your first line of offense so be sure to highlight it in bold or underline it.

Only when your headline is able to catch the attention will people go ahead and read your descriptions. Therefore, you must be sure that your headline is a good one so that your description or body copy and work the rest.

Now when it comes to writing your body copy, you will try to elaborate your benefits while explaining on what kind of results that they can expect. Remember to explain on how their live will change after using your product. If you have any useful testimonials that you would like to include this is the place you can include as well (testimonials can be used as headlines as well).

Test And Tweak

As with all marketing campaigns, there is no right or wrong. This is why an age-old way of doing this right is to actually monitor your campaigns closely where you test and track your Ads and product descriptions.

Split tests them if possible or you can also tweak your copy slightly every time just to see how you can improve your ads. Only by doing this kind of careful tweaking and passionate testing will your product be truly optimized and bring in the most out of your product descriptions.

Your Product Descriptions

How to write juicy product descriptions.

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