How to write web contents that are compatible with Google Penguin?

make money on the internetAs most internet marketers already know, the Google Penguin update that was released by Google has been a real pain to Search Engine marketers who has been focusing only on backlinking instead of writing good contents that are user targeted.

The purpose of this update is to weed out low quality sites that do not have any real value (in other words, good informative content). Google believes that a good website that deserves to be up there with higher ranks needs to think for the searchers. With good-quality contents, web searchers will continue to treat Google as their #1 search provider and that’s what Google is ultimately looking for.

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Google did not get so popular today for delivering useless search results. Hence in order to further more enhance this, Google decides that too many websites out there are just spamming backlinks to get top rankings without providing good value to the searchers on Google. Since Google Panda was brought to live, many web developers are struggling to maintain their search rankings and are confused to how to provide good valuable content to their visitors.

Here are some great pointers which you can use to aid you when you are writing your contents to meet the Panda standards.

Be careful not to overuse keywords.

Post Panda update people used to write contents based on a certain keyword and tries to repeat the keyword as much as they could in hopes to get Google to think that their content is relevant and thus gives them a higher ranking.

However, what you need to do now when writing your web contents is to be careful not to overuse your keywords. In fact, it is advisable to only use your keywords when absolutely necessary. An alternative would be to use a thesaurus to churn out similar words that mean the same in order to please both the search engines and your readers at the same time.

For example, you do not need to repeat the word “work from home” so many times it will not make sense to readers. Search engines spiders will take this as very unnatural as well.

Use Frequent Content Update.

A great way to show Google that you are a very active website is to make sure that you churn out contents often. When you do this, Google will reward you because they know that you are trying hard to please your readers.

When it comes to content, make sure that you do your research and provide value which your users will come back for. Doing this, not only will you please big G… your web visitors will also thank you from the bottom of their hearts and come back for more. Your loyal visitors will in turn start to recommend you to people they know and sometimes your URL might get pasted on some forums which in turn will get your more traffic and some natural backlinks as well.

Use an interesting and compelling headline.

Some might think that a compelling headline isn’t something Google Panda can tell, but it is something your visitors can tell and Google Panda tracks the bounce rate of your website visitors. What this means is that if you can get your readers to stay longer on your website, Google will think that yes, your site has some value, which is why people are staying on your website instead of arriving at your website and hitting the ‘close’ button on the top right of the browser the very moment they arrive.

A good headline not only attracts your readers’ attention, it also helps presell your entire article. So if you are actually selling something on your content, then your compelling headline will also serve to help you get a higher conversion rate. Plus, you can also use sub-headlines to keep the flow of the article and sales page. Sub-headlines are proven to help readers keep their focus and interests throughout the entire content that they are reading.

Use attractive pictures with your contents.

You want to encourage your readers to read your content. You don’t want to scare them away looking at a wall of text. When they read your content, you get to pre-sell, sell or educate your readers. Not only that their stick rate is high and the bounce rate is low and that’s what Google wants.

So with that said, one way to break the tension of a high boring wall of text is to use pictures. A picture of a female on it (pretty ones please) is great to steal your readers attention so you will want to use these types of picture early on near your headline. This gets them focused on your content instead of thinking of browsing away since it’s easy to have multiple browsing tabs open on modern browsers these days.

Use a funny picture right in the middle of the content to get your readers refreshed and ease up the tense reading a little. Finally at the end of the content, use a picture that shows ‘success’ or ‘problem solved’ to help affirm your reader that what you shared in your content is actually working. Always remember to provide your readers with what’s next at the end of your content. You can send them to more contents or try to sell them something. Never leave your readers hanging or they will click away.

Increase the quality of your content.

There are two ways to increase the quality of our content. The first one is obviously to do ample research on the topic which you are going to write. Make sure whatever you are writing is interesting and solves a problem. If your topic does not matter to your target audience, people just won’t care and they will never give their attention to your content. Use great points that really count to actually help your reader inside your content, and you will have a reader who has a great impression on you.

The second way to improve the quality of your content is to increase the length of your content.

Traditionally, gurus will argue that you should keep your articles short to keep your readers curious so that you can try to sell them stuff later on. These days, if you do not provide enough value up front, your competitors will. Guess who loses out then? You don’t have to be a genius to know that the one losing out will be you.

How to write web contents that are compatible with Google Penguin?This is why you need to make sure that you are providing enough information for your readers to trust you and to believe that you have what it takes to solve their problems both physically and emotionally. If you can do this, you will meet the goals of all three key players in this game, and that will be your bank account, Google, and your precious readers.

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