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Contrary to common internet marketing believe, E-commerce is actually where the big money is. All those gurus who are trying to get you to buy their information product are not telling you entire truth. Sure it is easier to sell information products because you do not have to handle the delivery and your products have a very little cost to build. However, you have to realize that in E-commerce, despite the setbacks of having to order stocks and deliver the products with every purchase, it is where the real money is at.

Important tips that will help your E-Commerce business succeed.Some of the richest online marketers make their money with the e-commerce model and that is already a huge understatement of the year. The thing is E-commerce (when done right) can make you a lot of money. People are buying more and more stuff online and although you have to handle stocks and delivery, the profit that you get and the marketing that you need to do is at the minimal.

What we are trying to indicate here is all you need to do with selling a ‘tickle me Elmo’ is an affordable price and a mighty good deal instead of churning out a $2000 worth of sales letter. More often than not, E-commerce products are sold with a lot of upsells and when it is in the right season (holiday seasons particularly) your profits will soar.

Get multiple source of traffic.

One of the most important things for you to survive the internet is not to depend only on one traffic source. Make sure that your e-commerce business isn’t running on just on traffic source for example, Facebook Traffic. Instead, your business should be channeling traffic from as many sources as possible be it from SEO, Youtube, Twitter, Banner Advertising, PPC, and ETC. This is because if you are relying say on Google’s Search engine alone, your business could be wiped out as how it happened to many other businesses when Google decides to release their two pets, namely the Google Penguin and Panda Update.

When you have multiple sources of traffic, you will definitely be able to get a lot more traffic to your E-Commerce business as well, and this means you will get more sales. People are really starting to buy a lot of things these days on the internet and a lot of this credit would go to EBay and PayPal which made it possible for people to sell their stuff online the easy way.

The more traffic source you have, the more stable your business is. So be sure to slowly but surely get traffic (targeted ones of course) to your e-commerce business. However, you will also have to be careful not to neglect your tracking because the conversion rate from different traffic will differ. Different product in your arsenal will get different response from different traffic source as well. This means if you’ve only been getting traffic from one source and some product that do not sell well might do well on traffic from other traffic sources. Only by testing and applying new traffic sources will you be able to see the changes it makes.

Free Over Paid?

Too many business owners are only paying attention to free traffic, and they do not want to deal with any Paid traffic sources at all. However, this is not a wise move because you could potentially be leaving a lot of money on the table. Therefore, the smart move is to use both Free and Paid traffic because you will never know which traffic will work better for all your products that are listed in your e-commerce site.
And as it was mentioned before, your business will be able to withstand any ripple or tremors on the internet such as a Google Algorithm change or a Facebook terms and condition change.

Get certification and trust.

On the internet, one of the biggest challenges to E-commerce business is establishing the trust level that you need to get that sale. Hence the best thing you can do is to get certification from certification organizations like the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or similar organizations and place their ‘certification’ on your e-commerce site.

People who see this certification will ease up a little and begin to trust your site even more. Another great way to build trust is to place ‘user comments’ and ‘ratings’ on your site like what you can see on EBay or Amazon. This can greatly help people in their decisions to purchase from you. Be sure to place sufficient information about your contact information. Note that it is generally better to have your contact number together with a live chat as a support contact instead of just an email.

Although most people will never even pick up the phone to call you, you will find that just by placing this critical information can improve your sales and conversions. This is primarily because people get the sense of security and know they have a way to contact you if they need it.

All in all, for those in the E-commerce business, keep at it because when you start to see more traffic to your site, your sales will also increase. For those who do not believe in the power of E-commerce before, you should take it into consideration seriously because it is where the real money is (just look at those giant e-commerce sites) although there is seemingly more work involved. But what’s there to stop you from outsourcing the work involved or hiring a worker to handle the tedious stuff for you when the money starts to come in endlessly? important-tips-that-will-help-your-e-commerce-business-succeed

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