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Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips For New Internet Marketers

Despite the fact that Google has torn down thousands sites with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (Search Engine Optimization) bad practices via their recent updates, people are still trying their best to find out how to rank high on the search engines. After searching high and low for the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips, these tips below are still working well today and should be used whenever you try your hands on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)ing your sites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Tip #1: Backup your sites regularly.

Although this tip is not directly linked to how to get your site ranked, you should however, try your best to get the best hosting available for your sites. This is so that your site will have fewer downtimes and so that the search engine spiders will not catch your site when it is down.

A site that is always up will show the search engine your reliability. Back up your sites regularly as well so that you can restore your site fast if any problem arises. If your site has been hacked, your backups will come in handy. Make sure you restore your sites promptly before the search engines find out having a healthy site and foundation is a good base to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so invest in the right hosting for the best results.

Tip #2: Demographic based Link building campaign.

Too many newbie marketers or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practitioners make the mistake of building links at the wrong place. When you build links without putting your demographics in mind, even when you get traffic to your site, you are going to have a hard time trying to monetize it because the traffic is not relevant the key thing to remember is this. Find out what is your target demographic. And then make sure that the keywords that you are trying to rank on are relevant and will attract clicks from the right demographics. With the right keywords, comes the right traffic and thus making it easy for you to make sales later on

Tip #3: Diverse link building.

Getting links from other sites are important. Hence your link building strategy has to be strong. Remember not to link from ‘bad’ sites with bad reputation. Try your best to get links from sites that are relevant to yours or at least in the same niche. Do not try to spam the links be sure to get links from sites that are ranked high on the search engines already. If they have a high Page rank, that would be the best. These sites gives you the credibility that you need so that in the eyes of the search engines (especially Google), you are viewed as a site that is worth while.

A great way to mix it up with your site’s backlinks is to add some link bait contents. A great content that attracts links from other websites is what Google adores most. You can also start doing guest postings or article syndications to gather new links to your site. That way, not only that your site gets the links from quality sites, you might get traffic from the larger sites as well.

Tip #4: Website Content that matters.

When writing contents for your website, it is important to always write for the human readers first instead of writing for the search engines. This is true now that Google has released new updates to enforce this. Sites that have been writing nonsense and contents that have little value to human eyes were heavily penalized in the sense of their site rankings almost overnight, websites with useless duplicate contents were taken off the search engines. Site that did things the right way by writing good quality and unique contents were sparred. Hence today it is imperative that your site’s content is of top notch quality that can please the human eye. That is the only way you can survive in Google’s onslaught should you choose to get traffic the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) way.

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Tip #5: Utilizing Social Media for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.

It would seem that search engines love the power of Social Media. And with social media giants like Facebook on the rise, it is no longer an option to ignore these social media sites. One the main reasons why most search engines today are interests in social media sites is because of the activity that is going on there real people are flocking into these social media sites to interact. And to the search engines, there is no way a social media site that is HOT or popular is a bad site because real humans are judging these sites every second. So try your best to utilize these social media sites to help you out in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Create some sites or pages on these social media sites and link them back to your own site. Not only will you get traffic right off the bat, you’ll be adored by the search engines if you can provide constant update and contents to your social media sites. Of course if the activity and interaction levels on your social media sites are high, then you’ll definitely be rewarded back by the search engines.

Tip #6: Building Trust.

One of the most precious SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips you can learn from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gurus is that when you build your site, you try to build trust with your readers at the same time. In other words, your quality content that shines will give the users a place to put their trust, and that’s when you will see people talking about your sites, and that’s when money really starts to flow in.

The other side to this ‘building trust’ is that Google, and many other search engines will start trusting you as well. They will see how much value your site is to the human eyes, and they will rank you high because your site’s great content and relevancy to the keywords is what they are looking for. There is simply no reason not to show your site to the searchers first.

At the same time, if you can maintain a huge amount of trust to your visitors, you are in many ways out doing your competitors. So try your best to provide the best quality and build a trust and bond with your visitors that is strong and you will find success inevitably.

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