More Tips For Blog SEO.

More Tips For Blog SEO Ranking

The death of the diary and here comes the blog. Goodbye private little book and hello blogging publicly so that the rest of the world can see what’s on my mind. Pardon me for what I just said. I know there will always be people out there who will treasure their dairy books but it’s just that the popularity of a diary is gone and the momentum of the blogging world is at its peak right now. Blogging is so available these days so much so we are actually seeing kids that blog successful online for more money a month for more than what their parents are earning in a single year.

Yes, this means the younger generations are quickly seeing the smart money and it definitely beats the 9-5 jobs that has become a taboo these days. It’s ok to strive for more or else we all will be stagnant in our lives. Now when we take a look at blogging, there’s one thing that comes in pair with it blogging and that is SEO (Search engine optimization). Search engine optimization is a very important part of a blog’s traffic strategy because the traffic that you will gain from your SEO efforts would ultimately come free and they are targeted. While blogging is relatively easy, SEO is not. It’s never an easy task to please the search engines and it requires the right amount of work and knowledge to make it happen.

Therefore, in order to have a strong SEO Strategy for your blogs, you will need to heed some of the strategies that we are about to share below.

On site signals that works.

The Google’s ranking algorithm is known to use a lot of on-site signals to determine if your site is worthy of a good ranking or not. This then tells us that we do need to place more of these on-site signals to help both our rankings and also improve the user friendliness of our site for your users.

One of the rarely users strategy of ranking a blog is to increase your quest authors list. There is an Author Rank algorithm that helps your blog improve in rankings where a blog that has more variety of authors can be deemed to be a blog that has a richer amount of information. By increasing your author’s portfolio on your blog you are sending out an important signal to Google’s eyes.

The next thing you can do to help with your site ranking is to encourage social sharing of your contents. To do this you can actually create contents that are prompt towards a share or like in your post. Google is taking social habits on a site a priority these days due to the growing trend of social networking site usage these days. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter seem to be the future and Google is aware of that which is why they are placing a huge weight of importance on the social factor of your blog or sites.
Your outbound link strategies that link out to other sites should be focused on quality links. If you are constantly referring back to other authority sites, your blog will be taken as a site that has contents that are well researched and by citing other sites you are building trust on both your readers and the search engines. Your content will also be full of useful information that can help your ranking improve tremendously.

Blog commenting on your blog should be encouraged. This is much like the social sharing part of the signal but this encourages interaction on your blog and statistics have it that people who interacts with your blog tends to stay longer on your blog and also the chances of their return back to your blog in future days is high as well.

Hence try to encourage people to comment on your blog whenever you can. A good question will always help spark the comment section fast and effectively. Google realizes the importance of the comment section as well. Another plus is that an active comment section on a particular post is kind of having a free and natural update to your page on a regular basis.

Use multiple formats of the contents.

Google will love your site if your readers love your site. One great way to improve your blog for more return customers is to use a variety of different sites. Instead of the boring old wall of text, you could use a slideshow, video, pictures (like Pinterest), infographics, list (, podcasts, or etc. When you have so much variety of way to present your contents, you can be sure that your readers will not get bored of you or your blog.

Keeping your readers interested is your job as a blogger. Once they lose interest in your blog posts they will be gone forever. Hence always make sure that you spend the time and effort to make your blog posts as interesting as you can. Not only will your fans be grateful for your creativity, you might even get some viral traffic in return. And the best part of it is, Google will also award a good ranking for those who put effort to improve their blog in any way possible.

Search friendly blog.

Make sure that your blog is well organized especially if your blog is really growing at a fast pace. The bigger your blog the harder it is for users to find what they want. Traditional ‘Archived’ posts are kind of hard for the users to find what they want because all their only options are to use the date of the post. This makes it hard for those who do not know the posting date of a particular post that they want to find. So if you can include a nice search box and better organized post category, you will surely be able to create a much more user friendly blog. Google takes particular notice on the user friendliness of your blog and how easy it is to navigate within your blog. Hence, if you want to get to the top, do the right things and you will natural get there sooner or later.

5 Tips to Increase Blog SEO – Business 2 Community (blog), on Fri, 26 Apr 2013 – When you are blogging for business, be proactive in getting the most from your blogging efforts. If you blog strategically, your keywords will be a natural part of your writing. Adding a few of these SEO tactics will boost your search engine results

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