My PC Crashed

Pc Crashed

My PC Crashed

No doubt at some time you have at least heard of someone, or indeed it has possibly happened to you when you reboot your pc or laptop and everything remains blank. It just happened to me yesterday and I’ve sent the last 12 hours trying to get it sorted. You might think that because my pc crashed I would be totally frustrated and tearing out what hair I have left. I guess many people would be like that but what’s the point, it not going to make things right and will only leave you feeling worse than you need to be. pc crashed
PC Crashed

So now that my pc crashed what am I doing about it. My first reaction was the get the installation disc that came with the system and try to do a repair. I tried this but the cd drive refused to load up so that was yet another problem. (yea ok so I need a new pc)!

So my reaction was to try and borrow a cd drive so I could at least get the installation disc to do a repair. The friends I tried all had older pc’s and none of their cd drives’s had the same connections so that was a no go. Then my friend, John, had the idea of opening my installation disc on his pc and copying it to a usb stick. We did this and sure enough it opened the installation folder and we selected the repair option. After a few hours of assessing a box finally appeared telling us it was unable to repair the problems.

So here I am with my pc crashed and I really need to be doing work, so I need to assess my options. To do a re-install of Windows will mean I will loose all my data and programs so I not very happy. Then I remember I have done a full pc backup to my external hard drive a few weeks back. This means I should be able to get mostly everything back to original state. This is a real lesson not only to me but to everyone who reads this post. It is vital to have a backup of your computer or laptop either on an external hard drive, usb stick or discs. Refresh the backup at least once a week and then if you need to say “my pc crashed” you will have most of your work to re-install from the backup.
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Pc Crashed

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