NetQube Review


NetQube Review

Officially launching on 31 August 2018, NetQube promises to take network marketing and multi level marketing to a whole new level.  In my NetQube Explained post you will learn that members will not rely on selling products like, juices to relieve many ailments, pills to stop you ageing or indeed any other lotion, to make extra income each month.

NetQube members are referred to as NetQube Brand Advocates and the way we make money each month is by creating Qubes each month. A Qube will be filled by completing various tasks which will be related to your interests and lifestyle. Each Qube filled will result in a $20 payment which is split $10 to the Brand Advocate who completed the Qube and $1 to the 10 members in the line above. Every NetQube Brand Advocate will be expected to fill a minimum of 15 Qubes each month resulting in a $150 monthly payment. If you however decided to fill one Qube each day then your monthly payment will be $300.

The more Qubes you fill in NetQube the more you get paid!

Additionally if you fall into a position in the team structure you could very probably also have a payment of $1 for every Qube filled in the team. Granted $1 does not sound much but lets consider 20 people fall into your team each completes 15 Qubes per month then you qualify for a $300 payment from their work in filling Qubes. Add you own income for filling only 15 Qubes and your total income could be $450 a month. Now consider filling a Qube each day and you earn $300 per month and if those who join below you also complete one Qube daily that’s another $600 making $900 total in the month. The earning potentials with NetQube could really change your family’s financial future for a registration fee of under $200.

This short video will give further information on the NetQube Vault which contains the Qubes:

I certainly hope you can see the benefits of becoming a NetQube Brand Advocate and will be able to look forward to making money online with no selling, no recruiting, no monthly autoship, no monthly fees, no late night meetings.

Joining NetQube before the official launch will of course have good rewards are you will most likely find yourself in a position in the team to benefit from the work of others in the team.


NetQube Power Point Presentation

Tasks to Build a Qube

Earning Calculator for Completing Qubes


The NetQube Affiliate Payment Plan

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