Network Marketing Tips – My Top 10

Google AlertsHow to do the business attract customers is a great introduction to building a business. 
So you have started your new business or maybe already own a business but have a problem and can’t attract customers.
You really need to start making sales but the people just won’t come to your website or walk in the door. You are at your wits end, you need to make some money to pay the expenses but why are you failing to attract customers.
You give your business premises a spruce up, create a new window display, design a new webpage maybe create a whole new image for the business but still you are not able to attract customers.
“Sell them what they want then give them what they need.”

Network Marketing Tips – My Top 10

by Lawrence Stainbank

My network marketing tips are designed to help you should you be considering entering into this popular yet often misunderstood form of marketing. Network marketing is nothing new, it existed long before the advent of the world wide web however the internet has added a whole new dimension to it’s scope and power.

Network marketing is a way of not only earning commission from any sales that you make but also generating income from those in your team who are also making sales. Your team is also referred to as your ‘downline’.

Here are the ten network marketing tips that I consider to be the most important…

1. The core product of the network marketing organisation that you are promoting must be of a high standard. Not only will poor quality products ultimately fail but you will become dispirited and dissolutioned.

2. Does the product have mass market appeal?

3. You should only represent products that give you an adequate level of commission. Like all forms of online selling, network marketing does require real work and so you should be sure that your efforts are adequately rewarded.

4. There needs to be good quality up sells. Once you have signed up a new team member there must be additional products that will appeal to them.

5. You should find out, in advance, from the company you are representing, the lifetime value of a customer. With this information you can calculate how much you can spend to acquire that customer in the first place.

6. The network should be constantly adding fresh material to their site. A stale, lifeless website will be a huge turn off for all concerned.

7. There should be first class ongoing technical support.

8. Check out the management. A network, like any other organisation, is only as good as the people at the top. What is their vision and what are their plans for the future?

9. Look after your team. This type of marketing structure depends heavily on you communicating on a regular basis with your team who are, after all, your customers.

10. Stay legal. The Federal Trade Commission have very strict rules concerning consumers rights and the activities of all online commercial enterprises.

Network marketing, properly structured and run can be a medium to long term way of earning a considerable income, however the evidence shows that it is only those who are prepared to work hard and with dogged consistency that will reap the rewards.

Although the above are my top ten network marketing tips there is a great deal more to take into consideration. It is, in one way, no different than entering into any business venture – caveat emptor – buyer beware!

See you in cyberspace.

Lawrence Stainbank

My name is Lawrence Stainbank and I live in London, England near the banks of the River Thames.

After years of struggling I eventually discovered the right product and the right way to promote it in December 2012. I would love to help you to achieve your potential and live the wonderful life of an internet marketer, you may want to begin by checking out my blog here.

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