Tips For A Killer PPV Landing Page

Tips for a killer PPV landing page Website Traffic Choose Quality Over Quantity.PPV ads literally stand for Pay Per View Ads. Many marketers are slowing turning their heads towards using PPV ads to advertise their offers online. One of the most promoted offers on PPV ads are CPA offers. This does not come as a surprise because conversions with CPA ads are much easier and PPV ads are rather cheap so it is still possible for people to actually profit from the small commissions on a CPA offer. Nevertheless let us explore more into the facts about PPV ads and the kinds of landing pages that one should use for their affiliate campaigns.

PPV Landing Page traffic psychology.

The first thing you will want to know about PPV traffic is the psychology behind the PPV viewers. You need to know who are they, their demographics, and how they are receiving the ads. So be sure to actually contact your PPV platform managers and ask them the appropriate questions above and get them answered.

Once you understand more about your PPV traffic, try to think of how you can get their attention. One thing about PPV is that people are getting ads in a more or less intrusive way. Hence it is vital for you to make sure that your landing page loads fast and it is not annoying. If it is annoying and since it is already intrusive, your landing page is almost always going to fail.

Try to be subtle and try not to use auto play audios. If you have to use auto play audios, make sure the audio is not annoying or too loud or people will just rush towards the close button. Just remember the most important factor with PPV traffic is that you will want to your visitors properly and make sure they get a good and fast impression. Another thing you will want to do is to actually grab their attention very fast.
What are your goals for your PPV Landing page?

The next thing you will want to consider when you are planning to create your PPV landing page is to actually understand what your goals are. Most of the time, your goals will be to get clicks and that you want people to click through your landing page and get them to the merchant’s landing page. For this, you do not have to actually use a landing page full of text or explain too much stuff. Instead one of the best ways to grab attention and then get them to click to find out more is to use an attention grabbing picture and then place a nice call to actions caption on the picture itself.

For example, if you are promoting a car insurance ad, you can find a good car accident picture that catches attention and then place a little snippet of words such as ‘Good car insurance will get you through just about ANY accidents… CLIK HERE for the best Car insurance’. With the proper attention grabbing picture and caption, you will be able to grab a lot of clicks for your ad. The more clicks that you get the better because in PPV traffic most of the time you are paying for every impression (view) that you get. Therefore, when you have a good PPV ad that pulls clicks, you are actually going to be paying less for the amount of clicks you get. If your ads are bad at getting clicks, you need to stop that ad immediately and try to find out how to get more clicks to your ad.

Another great way to create your landing page is to go to viral sites and watch out for viral pictures that are getting a lot of attention and comments. Use the pictures with your landing page to pull a lot of clicks. It works wonderfully when you understand your target demographics.

PPV Landing Page

Use similar landing pages to your merchants.

One of the best ways to design your landing pages is to actually copy the landing page of your merchant as much as you can. It is very easy to do and it is very effective as it is with its speed of getting it done. The way you go about doing this is to actually take a screenshot of the merchant’s good looking landing page and then move on to edit the form area of the merchant’s landing page and place a call to action’s caption on it. This way you get a great landing page that redirects to a similar landing page and this relevancy can help improve your conversion rate.

The more you do this, the more you will find that the results are great because the merchants have already spent a lot of time and money to test their landing page for conversions and it only makes sense that by using their exact landing page you will be able to grab a quick click and then it might lead to a conversion. This is very similar to a direct linking method but with a landing page you of your own, you will be able to take control of your captions on the page to improve conversions and click through rates.

Keyword relevance landing page.

Make sure that your landing pages have a keyword on top of your landing page or on the headline to help the visitors relate to your offers. Let say you are targeting people who are searching for the keyword ‘investment’ so naturally on your landing page you need to make sure that you place the keyword ‘Investment’ where it gets seen by your target visitor. Of course you can get creative and use the keyword in a catchy phrase or something to get them to stop and find out more.

The more relevant your landing page is for your visitors, the more clicks you will get. You can ever target your visitors geographically and then on the landing mention their location. For example, for people in Houston, you can place a phrase that goes, ‘Welcome To Houston’s best insurance company’ or something similar. When you do this right you’ll get a surge in your clicks.

PPV Landing Page

Twitter Marketing Takeaways From Pros.

bestbusinessmakingmoney.comTwitter Marketing Takeaways

Getting followers on your twitter account is quite the straight forward task where all you have to do is to actually follow others and get them to follow you back and also try to post interesting and great contents constantly to get more people to retweet your twitter marketing takeaways post. Your followers will grow naturally.

Tweet useful contents in your twitter marketing takeaways own voice.

Whenever you find yourself on the pc staring at your twitter account and ready to post something, you need to ask yourself a very important question. Is your next tweet going to be something useful for your followers? If not why do you even bother to tweet it? What is your purpose? twitter marketing takeaways if you find that your tweet isn’t going to be something useful, then it better be something worth it or at least it should entertain your followers. You don’t want to be tweeting about what you just ate or that you just came back from a mall. This kind of tweet is useless, lame and boring. Nobody cares about the minute details of your life and nobody cares how successful or miserable you are.

Now that we got that out of the way, you will now focus on how you should present your tweets. As we all know, tweets should be short. That’s what it was created for, and it’s not meant for a long essay on what you are about to tweet. Hence your twitter marketing takeaways tweets should always be a short snippet or teaser of what is coming up in your own words (this defines your character) and then post a link after your comment. The link is where people will go to find out more and that’s where you will elaborate on your tweet. It could either be a blog or a landing page or pretty much any website that will fit your goals to the tweet.

When you tweet in your own words, you are building your character and personality in the minds of your followers. And if you do it right and people love you, then you will be able to get a lot of good response from your tweets. If you find that people are starting to lose interest in you, then you will need to make sure that you change your tones and try to talk in a more acceptable way.

Use Keywords in your tweets.

Whenever you are posting your tweets, try your best to insert your important keywords in it. People who are interested will recognize the keyword and its relevance to their life. This will help you get more traffic and clicks from your tweets. Of course you need to learn more about your followers as well. The more you understand your followers, the better you will get at choosing the right keywords to attract your followers attention. Try using surveys to find out more about your followers. The good thing about the internet is that it’s very easy to create surveys these days.

Another good thing about placing keywords in your tweets is that it can work like a ‘tag’ to your tweets and it would be easier for people to find your tweet via searches on the tweeter platform or via other resources on the internet. As an online marketer, we want to make sure that it is easy for people to find you, your products or your business. The better we are at this, the more leads and sales we will get. Hence always try to insert a good keyword that attracts attention and relevant to your post. You’ll be surprised at how much this little trick can do to improve your posts.
Networking within twitter.

One of the most underrated twitter strategies is the networking potential of twitter. In twitter, you can reach some of the bigger names in your industry and start to build a relationship with them. You connect with them from within tweeter and then slowly move out of twitter and into emails, website contact and then into Skype or Facebook. Relationship building is necessary for any business owners if they want to expand their online business to new heights.

Build your list!

Never let go of the chance to build a list. In fact, building your list using Tweeter is the way to go. If you treat your followers as a list then you will be in for a shock because there is a huge difference between the response of a typical twitter follower and an email subscriber. One of the biggest difference would be in the amount of conversions you will get. This explains why most the marketers would recommend building a list first and then employ marketing tactics to earn a profit from the list that they build from the twitter traffic.

Another reason to build a list before marketing to the list is because twitter’s short amount of space has been just not sufficient to employ effective marketing strategies but is most useful when you wish to announce short messages or updates to the public. When you understand how twitter works you will soon understand the use of twitter is great as a source of traffic and short messages but in order to market your business, you will want to redirect the traffic to better medium and email is one of the best ways to get the job done.

Twitter Marketing Takeaways

Untold Conversion Rate Lessons

Untold Conversion Rate LessonsImproving your conversion rates from your sales message is very important if you want more profit from your existing business. For example, if you are selling an ebook on how to lose weight, and making a good amount of money from it, the best way for you to expand your business is not to jump into a new niche or creating a new product. That would usually take up too much time. Instead, you should try to tweak your sales letter or video to maximize your conversion rate so that you will get more profit out of your current site traffic.

Conversion Rate

Only after you’ve done all the necessary tweaking should you move on to a new product or start a new project in a different niche. With conversion tweaking, you will need to track your sales letter carefully because only with proper tracking will you be able to tell if you are getting the right results from your test and tweaking efforts that you have employed into your sales message. Of course, the more data you acquire from your test, the more accurate your results will be.

Always optimize for revenue instead of conversions

First things first, one of the biggest mistakes marketers commit is that they went all crazy with optimizing their site for conversions. While conversions are important, it is more important to acquire a better result in revenue. What this means is that you can ultimately have a very good conversion rate if you price your product really low like $1 or $7. With that kind of price, it is no surprise if you could sell a lot of your product say 100 copies.

However, at a higher price, of $19 and selling only 50 copies of the product (half of the amount sold at a lower price) your revenue is much higher. A smart marketer would take the higher revenue any day. But the conversion rate is clearly lower for the higher priced item. Hence, this is a very good example to actually test your price first before testing and optimizing for conversion rate. Test for the best price to get the most revenue first and only then should you be tweaking your copy to improve your conversion rate.

A/B testing results take time

Many of you should have heard of the A/B split testing before. However, not many marketers actually take the time to use this testing method to actually improve their conversions. And for marketers who do try it out, most of them will quickly give up because they are either not seeing the results that they wish to see or it is simply too much work involved. Those who have engaged in A/B testing will find one thing in common and that is you will not consistently see a ‘difference’ or a big change to your conversions is a lot of your effort in tweaking your sales letter elements.

In fact you might only see a few big changes (improving or decreasing your conversion rate) after doing a lot of split testing work. However, the big plus side here is for those who stick to it, once you find a winning result, the return would be immense and usually this will pay you for a very long time. Hence, if you are interested to grow your business for the long term, then by all means, you should try doing some heavy split testing to optimize your site for better conversion rates.

Saturation after tweaking.

It is possible that after all the main tweaks are done such as the headlines, the colors of the headline, the buy button, and the price of your offer, your minor tweaks will not show a huge and significant results that you usually see on the bigger tweaks. Hence when all the important tweaks are adjustments are done of your sales letter, you will be met with a saturation phase where your conversion is actually optimized. When this happens you should start to move on to some other things than keeping yourself occupied with tweaking the minor stuff on your page.

After saturation, focus on tweaking your backend offers.
So what is the best thing to do after your sales letter conversion reaches the saturation phase you asked? The next logical thing to do is to look into your back end funnels. Of course you could tweak your funnels the same way you tweak your front end sales letter. In fact, if you do not have a good back end funnel, you should make a big effort to place them there because this is where the majority of your wealth be coming from.

If you’ve already had a good funnel in place, think of ways to add in more ways to earn money within your funnel. Slowly but surely you need to add on products that has a much higher price that get the maximum amount of profit from each customer. Of course, you will need to test your offers for conversions and also for revenues as well.

When you do this right, you will be sure that you will succeed with your internet marketing ventures. With good conversions and best revenue and funnel tactics, you will be sure to reap the maximum amount of cash from your visitors. So is it time to move on to a new product? Not yet, it’s time to bring out the big guns and increase your traffic. Max out your traffic and get more traffic from all reliable traffic sources. Set up a strong affiliate program and start gathering JVs (Joint venture partners) and with that you are on your way to the millions. Only when all these are done should you start moving into a new product or a new niche.

Conversion Rate

Video Advertising Boosters That Functions

Video Advertising Boosters

Video Advertising Boosters That FunctionsVideo Advertising Boosters That Functions welcome to the brand-new age. An age on the web where Online videos are master and text is secondary. Well if you review several of the difficult truths, you will observe that the impact of online video clip is growing and larger daily. So much so, it is in fact a danger to the TELEVISION. That’s right. People used to point out that the tv killed the radio. And in a few additional years, we could simply see the same thing take place to the TV and internet video transformation.

Another difficult video advertising boosters reality that is proving that all of these are taking place today is the price to run a commercial on TELEVISION. It’s lowering and this is due to the fact that the TV viewership has also minimized. In fact, lately if you click several of the YouTube online videos, you will discover that commercials are getting a growing number of rampant on the YouTube videos. Just what this implies is that the large firms understand this and they are gradually moving to the future also which is the online video clips. It lacks a hesitation then that as an on the internet entrepreneur we have to take this internet video change seriously. The good news is, it’s not that difficult and below’s how.

Make your video advertising boosters clips appealing.

So you desire to develop a great video advertising boosters that can aid you get outcomes right? Well after that you better ensure that your video clips are fascinating. Nothing could show us regarding an effective video clip campaign that what has already occurred in the past. If you take a look at a few of those successful video clips on YouTube, after that you will certainly recognize that their video clips succeed since they are very interesting and they all have a sturdy appeal to the public who sees the videos.

This is why you need to be absolutely certain that your online video advertising boosters is appealing. An additional thing that we see from previous videos is that if your video clips are agitating and is boring, you will get a bunch of bad remarks and unfavorable feedback from it. Thus just to be safe, see to it that prior to you publish your online video, show it around to a few people initial and request for their viewpoint. Through this you will certainly be able to make certain that all your online videos will certainly be a favorite before they are in fact released.

How long do you want your audiences to stay?

The upcoming thing that you could take control of in your video clips is to in fact prepare out how lengthy your video clips ought to be. Also long, and you run the risk of the possibility of people clicking on the close button or obtaining distracted. If your video clips are too brief you will have a difficult time to share your message to everyone. A prolonged video could posture one more problem as well which would certainly be the report size. When the documents size is as well huge it may take a long period of time to pack the video and this might eliminate your video clip’s viewership. Therefore, this is exactly why you will certainly have to try your best to make online videos with an excellent length.

Have a look at some of the most well-liked videos online and figure out just what is the average time for those effective online videos. If you could find effective online videos within your exact same niche that would be even much better. Mimic their video clip length and attempt to prepare it out on your script initially before creating your video. A video clip that is well planned is a video that will outperform a randomly made online video many of the time specifically if your blog post is equally fascinating.

Do try to develop arbitrary videos without any script or whatsoever because this will only trigger individuals to believe that your videos are less than professional and is a waste of their time. The additional initiative you embeded your online video, the additional people will like it. What takes place next is that individuals will certainly often share your video link around to obtain you some great viral quality traffic which is good for your company.

Publish your video clips on multiple platforms.

Release your videos on YouTube … and afterwards proceed and release it on various other systems like Metacafe, Vimeo or various other preferred online video sites. The additional platforms you obtain your online videos on, the more quality traffic you will obtain. Naturally, it is wise not to publish your video clips to all the platforms quickly due to the fact that you may never ever know just what will take place. Upload to only one system initially and monitor the feedback that you obtain. If you are obtaining a great response to your video that you have simply published which would certainly be the green light that you will need to upload your video clip to other online video sites too. Simply remember to track and oversee all your online videos in all the online video websites. In this manner you will certainly understand what is taking place and attempt your ideal to take care of all the videos professionally.

Request for a share or subscription to your online video stations.

Ask and ye’ shall get. That’s what you should finish your videos if you desire individuals to share or register for your video stations. Ask for it. You will absolutely see a huge increment in the amount of shares and subscribes that you get when you act to ask perfectly.

Ensure your online video title and description is impressive.

With a good video, you are just half means there. You will require an immensely great video clip title that attracts attention and a great video description to get your quality traffic to click on your website back to your site. Just then will your video clip campaign be taken into consideration successful. Ensure that your video title is amazing and compelling. It ought to never be misleading since that is simply asking for trouble and it can injure your credibility. Every possibility you get, you want to be constructing count on and reputation for your videos to make sure that you could obtain a good flow of quality traffic that already adores just what you are doing. Thus, make doubly sure that you are doing the best thing for your video clip title and descriptions and you will certainly see your online video projects beam.

Video Advertising Boosters

Stress In Your Online Business Life Just Eliminate It

Online Business Stress Relief

Eliminate stress in life and your online business faster this has been said many times before, an online business is pretty much like any real business in the real world. And therefore, as any real business would have it, there will be stress that needs to be handled by the business owner.

What are the stresses of running your own business?

First of all, before we begin explaining the steps to eliminate your stress, we must first understand, what is the cause of the stress coming from an online business? At first glance, you would think that an online business means working from home and there will be little politics from your colleagues, and the best part of it all is that you won’t have to look at the fierce look of a boss. Essentially you are your own boss. However, little did you know that being your own boss isn’t an easy task at all… you will now have to assume control and responsibility of what happens in your business every single day!

You will be the one calling the shots, making all the business decision and you will have to be responsible to every single defeat or loss in your business. Perhaps the biggest stress of them all would be you having to cope with the responsibility to earn a sufficient income to pay the bills and bring food onto the table. It is without a doubt that the first few months of starting as an online entrepreneur is the hardest when you are still learning the ropes hoping to earn some cash for your survival. This means that if you did not have a huge savings beforehand you might have to go hungry. Besides that, you will get a lot of pressure from your peers and family who are unsupportive and not understanding of why you have decided to choose this path of entrepreneurship.

This is the time where you need to be strong and believe in yourself and a bright future. Choosing what you want to do needs courage and success needs to be fought to be won. Seldom are there times where you will find success without a struggle. Hence you have to be the one making a good plan and stay ahead of the game in order to survive. Needless to say, the stress level will be immense comparing to the time where you have a stable income and need not worry about not having money to buy bread for the table. If you are the sole breadwinner for the family than this would be a very difficult and stressful task indeed.

Why is stress bad for you?

Well the main reason why stress is bad for you would be that stress can give you bad health conditions and they are particularly bad for the heart and blood pressure. Of course we will not go into the details of these health problems that might occur directly from high stress levels. However, it is very important to know that one needs to be very careful with their health in order to be really successful in life. There is no point to have a lot of wealth but at the same time suffering from zero health. One of the things that bad health will affect you in your business is that you might not be able to work effectively and efficiently… not to mention all the sick leaves that you will need to take away from your business.

High stress level can stop one from thinking in the right mind and more often than not, with a very high stress level, you might occasionally find yourself making mistakes when operating and building your business. Therefore as an online business owner, you owe it to yourself to try your best in managing your stress level and learn how to cope with it so that you can be successful with your business ventures. Below are some great ways to help you control your stress level.

Be Optimistic and stay positive.

One of the best ways to control stress in life is to learn to be optimistic and stay positive. If you are not born as an optimist, don’t worry because being optimistic can be earned and trained. All you have to do is to constantly remind yourself to be happy and think in the positive direction. Always try to surround yourself with people that are supportive and optimistic. Being with people who thinks positively can help you think the same ways as well.

The truth is that life is just too short to be negative and sad about. We need to constantly be grateful and appreciative with what we already have in life. Learn to count your blessings. Every time your business meets a roadblock, you can tell yourself that you are that much closer to your success. In fact, that’s how most of the successful gurus think when they are met with a roadblock in their business. Know that a small defeat now is merely a temporary setback. As you grow and as your business grow, you will find that all the setbacks that you have experienced have actually made you so much stronger than what you were initially when you first started your online business.

Humor is a great stress reliever.

The next thing you want to do to relieve your stress is to surround yourself with good humor. Humor, jokes and laughter are the best cure you will ever find on a gloomy day. Hang out with people who jokes a lot or you can crack some jokes of your own. Life shouldn’t be just about work and more work. Learn to prioritize your working hours and when you are off the working hours, just forget about the stressful things and enjoy your resting hours. Play and laugh your stress off whenever you can.

Another great way to relieve stress is to actually listen to good stress releasing music. There are a lot of good songs out there can bring happiness and empower yourself with good motivating music. Avoid yourself from heavy music or sad music. When you do this right, you will find yourself in a much better and relieved state even in the midst of a struggling climb to success. Remember, a man’s worth is not measured by his performance on a sunny day, but they are actually measured when they are faced with a challenge in life.

Online Business