Stop Procrastination Its Your Enemy

Stop Procrastination

Stop procrastination its your enemy learn how you can beat it! Any online gurus or success coach would tell you that success in life and business comes from your character and mental health. That’s why self-help gurus emphasize on the mentality of a human before they even talk about what you should do or how you need to execute your plan to reach the success that you have always wanted. One of the biggest killers of dreams has been identified as procrastination.

Stop Procrastination Its Your EnemyTo stop procrastination as most people are not born with the ability to just take action with no questions asked. In fact most people will procrastinate and wait for the ‘right’ time to take action. Ironically, gurus and self-help coaches will tell you that the ‘right time’ to take action is actually now. This is true because if you keep waiting and hesitating in life then you will lose out most of the time. One needs to learn how to improve on their methods to help eliminate procrastination and take control of your life. This includes us internet marketers as well. Here are some great steps that can help you improve yourself and stop procrastination once and for all.

Understanding thy-self!

The very first thing you need to do before trying to stop procrastination is to learn more about yourself. You have to understand why are you procrastinating in the first place? Are you suffering from any trauma from the past? Have you experienced some sort of failure in life that is causing fear in you? Or are you just afraid of losing? The better you know the source of your procrastination, the better your chances are at beating it.

Try to dig deep within yourself and think back on all the times when you were procrastinating. It is always best to deal with the problem at the source so that you can be sure that it will not ever come back to haunt you in the future. One needs to be mentally strong if you want to be able to beat your fears and stop procrastination once and for all. Once you find what’s stopping you, it’s time for you to sit down and think of the best possible ways for you to stop the problem.

Take for example, if you are procrastinating because you are afraid of losing then you will have to keep reassuring yourself with facts to why you have to make the decision that you are going to make or why you should be taking actions fast instead of hesitating. Make a comparison chart of all the pros and cons of the task ahead and you will be able to see clearly what is going on.

You will be surprised at just how much cons you will be able to come out it at times because most of the time, your mind is controlled by your emotions and when you focus on just one con, your mind gets confused and start telling you to back off. However, when you list out everything in a comparison chart, you will see that the pros heavily outweigh the cons and it is worth the risks. Therefore, make a habit of listing out the pros and cons of the task or decision that you are about to do so that you can make a firm decision instead of waiting and hesitating for no apparent reasons.

Risk management.

In every business venture, you must understand that there will always be a certain amount of risks involved. You can will it away obviously, so the best thing you can do is try to manage the risk and only take calculated risks. Understanding yourself also means understanding your current situation and how much risk that you can allow upon yourself. For example, if you have $10,000 in your budget. And after some calculation you realize that you can take a 10% hit on your budget and it will not have an effect on your business.

Knowing your risk level can help you use risk management tactics to help you feel more secure when making big decisions. Hence when you are able to manage your risks, you will be able to engage into new task with a much higher confidence and minimizes your procrastinations.

Get support.

Sometimes we procrastinate because we lack the confidence to move on in our life. Hence at times like this you can try to get support from friends or families who truly understand you. Stay away from people who are negative because they will only hinder your growth and may cause you to procrastinate even more. Learn how you can work with people who are optimistic and try to hang out with them. These are the people who will be able to push you higher than you will ever be able to go. Try your best to learn from them and ask them for advice on how to avoid procrastinating.

Take small steps.

If you are still unsure of your decision, the next best thing you can do is to take small steps at first towards your stop procrastination goal. This way, you can get started with whatever you are doing, but your risk is going to be much smaller than jumping right in. For example, in the Forex niche, you are encouraged to use a demo account first before going to trade on a live account. That way, you can minimize your risk and learn as you progress. You will only trade with real money when you are confident and understand the market properly. This kind of small steps helps minimize your risk and also reduces your stress level. Therefore you should learn from this and try your best to only start small and take baby step so that you if you fail, it won’t hurt as much as it should.

Stop Procrastination

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Poor Man’s Method To Successful List Building

Successful List Building

Poor Man's Method To Successful List BuildingIf you are someone who just got started online and is operating on a limited budget, then you absolutely need to pay attention here. One of the most important tactics you will find that works to help you grow your online business is to actually build a sizeable successful list building. Now building an opt-in campaign does not take much money. All you need to get the campaign ready is to create your own landing page, get hold of an affordable autoresponder and slap some email newsletters into your autoresponder. You are ready to go.

However, the true pain here would be to get the traffic that you need to check out and finally opt-in to your newsletter. Getting these subscribers can be a very hard and it can be a costly task as well. In fact, one of the biggest problems that you will face is to pay to get the subscribers first without knowing if they will ever convert into a profit. Hence, the best way to do this especially if you are new and low on budget is to actually find cheaper methods to build your list to  successful list building. Below are some conventional ways to build a list that does not cost you a bomb.

Cross promotions ad swaps.

One of the most common ways to increase the amount of subscribers on your list is to use the cross promotion method otherwise known as ad swaps. With ad swapping, you will first have to look for partners who are willing to do an ad swap with you. An ad swap is nothing but you and your partner mailing for each other hoping to get more subscribers from each other’s list. Hence, it is obvious then that you will need to have a list first in order to use this technique.

Usually, some marketers will buy paid solo ads to build a small list first before starting with an ad swap. With paid solo ads, you will be able to quickly build an initial list. You should be able to start ad swapping when you have a list of 200 people. Of course the bigger your initial list the better and faster it is for you to build your list successful list building with ad swaps later on. One of the best places to find ad swapping partners in the internet marketing niche would be a service known as safe-swaps. The faster you find swap partners, the more time you can save for other important aspects in your business. You can also find swap partners via a search on Google search engine or on forums related to your niche. You can even take a look at some of the Ezine directories because they should have a database of list owners who might want to swap with you within your niche.

Give product bonuses.

Essentially, building a list is based on giving away something free in exchange for an email contact. Hence, a clever way to boost your opt-in rate conversion is to actually rake up the amount of value in your incentives. If your competitors are giving away a free report, then you should try to give more than just a free report. Use bonuses or limited bonuses to help your visitors convert into a subscriber. When you are operating on a limited budget, it is very important for you to attract subscribers effectively for a higher opt-in rate. This way you will maximize the results even when you are getting a fixed amount of traffic every month. The good news is, tweaking your opt-in landing page is pretty much in the low cost and you can do it in a very fast manner.

Use Viral Reports.

If you are looking for free traffic then viral traffic should be an interesting kind of traffic for you. Essentially you can use a viral report as your giveaway form people opt in to your list. successful list building What happens here is that when they read your report and they like it, they are offered ways and rights to distribute your report to people that they think needs it.

This word of mouth viral traffic may explode your traffic without you having to do anything. The most important key here is to write a very good report that people will be inclined to share and when you give them the rights to do so, plus a little of encouragement on your part to get them to share the report, you will definitely be able to gain a lot free traffic this way.

Another thing to consider here is that you should not stop with just one viral report. Go for as many as you can and when your viral report piles up, so will your traffic and your subscribers. The more you do this, the more you will find your list successful list building works becoming effortless. However, a good start is the key so make sure your viral reports are of absolute quality and make sure you have provided instruction on how your readers can help you spread the word. Do try and use some sort of tracking to help you monitor the growth of your traffic and how well your reports are doing.

Make guest posts.

Another great way to gain traffic for your list building efforts is to make guest blog posts or guest article posts on other reputable websites. If you think about it, these sites are already enjoying a lot of great traffic and if you want a piece of the pie, you need to get involved in the content of these sites. The good news is, many of these reputable sites do encourage guests posts because they are constantly in need of new contents to keep their visitors happy. It’s how they grow and this can be an advantage for you.

However, you must first approach and befriend the publishers. This networking and connecting with the publishers will help you get your content published with a link back to your site. Master this and you will be able to enjoy traffic from their site and rank higher on the search engines for organic traffic. Therefore successful list building, try your best to work on your writing skills and networking skills because your guest posting efforts will definitely pay off.

Successful List Building

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Methods to improve your networking efforts.

Earn Affiliate Commissions @ SmartRebrander

Earn Affiliate Commissions @ SmartRebrander many people take online marketing as a refuge from the real world where you can hide behind a computer and hope to make an income without having to deal with people. However, this is far from the truth. Although you can hide behind your personal computer and make some money online without the help of others, it is going to be a very hard and daunting task to grow your business fast and in a larger scale if you do not work with others and build your network accordingly.

One of the saying out there goes like this , ‘It’s not what you know that matters, it’s who you know that will get you the success that you’ve always wanted’. And this statement rings a bell in the internet marketing world. This is not just any statement that is made up by just anyone, in fact this statement holds a lot of truth and it comes from real people who have been there and done it. One of the best ways to grow your business is to actually try your best to build a network online so if you socializing and building your network is not your strong point, then pay attention, because you will learn a thing or two about how you can improve on your networking skills online.

Makes You Smile more.

First of all, before you start any networking, always remember that the basic to good connection and relationship is to smile more. This can be done digitally as well. What this means is that you should always use a smiley in your chat or messages or even in your emails. This helps to improve the impression on you that you are actually a very outgoing and friendly person. This is the basics of the most basics so you have to make sure that you get it right.

Whenever you place a smiley which is very easy to do, people will notice the emotion when you speak to them. And with a smile people know that you are in a good mood and being friendly. Joke around with when you are networking and bring a sense of humor to your communications. You will find that by doing this, you go a long way to connect with others. Because on the internet, you are rarely communicating face to face with the person that you are trying to reach out, and most of the time you are a complete stranger to them, the smiley can help break the ice and help them ease up when responding to your messages.

Make time to contact your partners.

Networking takes time. And if you really are sincere to become a friend of your partners or the people who you are trying to connect with, you absolutely need to make time to contact them. Try to engage them on their social network accounts such as on Facebook or you can just contact them via chat softwares like Skype.

It is very important to understand that you need to elevate your communication from email messages and slowly move on to communicate using chat messages or Facebook messages. From there, try your best to actually become their friend and as time goes by you will have to move on and take things a step further. The way you can do this is to actually get them on the phone and talk to them. If you are actually living somewhere near each other you can actually ask them out for a drink and buy them a cup of coffee. This kind of real life interaction can actually secure your success in the future.

The more people you connect with the better your chances to huge success is. And the best way to do this is to actually aim for people who are ‘strong’ enough to help leverage your business to a whole new level. One of the best networks in the internet marketing game today was asked a question about how he was able to befriend so many big time marketers and get them to help him out and promote his business. His answer was that everything was part of the plan. Yes, even if you have motive to become a friend of another marketer, the important thing is that you need to be sincere in helping each other out. That’s what friends are for!

Help them out without being asked.

When you are in the process of befriending fellow marketers and trying to connect with them, it is always a good idea is you can help them out in their business without ever being asked to do so. You have to take the first step and ask them how you can help them out. Ask them about their current project and see if you can lend them a helping hand. The more you help them out, the more you will leave an impression in their mind and the more they will be inclined to know more about you. Needless to say they will want to help you out as well when you need it the most.

Do extra for your partners every single time.

Every single time you decide to help out your JV partners, you should try your best to go way beyond their expectations. Give them extra help and opinions. That’s how they will realize that you are someone who has a big heart and it is worth being your friend. Make sure that you do extra and show them your sincerity and wow them every time you do something for them. In fact, this is also the time for you to show them your talents and capabilities so that they will be attracted to work with you the next time you decide to find a new partner for a new online business venture.

One at a time. Try to focus on

Earn Affiliate Commissions @ SmartRebrander 

Building relationship with one marketer at a time. Of course this will take up a lot time before you can get a sizable amount of network. But focus is the key. When you devote most of your time and attention that you can spare on one single person, they will be unable to ignore you and they will without a doubt notice you more as no one else is willing to do what you are doing for them. Remember, connecting with others online should never be something that is in the short term. If you plan to become friends then make sure that it will be a lasting one and you will be rewarded more than you could ever imagine.

Earn Affiliate Commissions @ SmartRebrander

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Low Cost Tactics To Promote Your Online Business

Promote Your Business

Low Cost Tactics To Promote Your Online BusinessFor any small online business owners, we are constantly troubled by the question how we can promote our businesses and get more exposure to our businesses without having to spend too much money and budget online? This is not an easy task for most because most of the time, to promote your website as well as promote your business for free would often mean that it takes time, and to speed things up one will usually have to spend money to get more traffic to a website fast.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to promote your website to promote your business online at a low cost. Some of them are paid methods while others are free. Mind you that the paid methods mentioned below will be at the lower cost as well. This is because we know that it is essential for small businesses to be wary of their budgets and spending. One of the keys to success for a small business is to keep the cost low while maximizing the returns. If the returns are low you could potentially be in the negative profit zone if you are not careful with your business budget. Here are some of the places that you can go to promote your business.


Facebook seems to be the center of attention these days. Most of the people online are on Facebook and they seem to be spending a lot of time every day hanging out and socializing in this virtual world. This huge amount of traffic and crowd on Facebook makes it a great place to spread the words about your online business. You will have to be extra careful here though because many other marketers have recognized this rise on Facebook and have tried to exploit Facebook for traffic. Because of this Facebook is now coming out with very strict rules to protect themselves and it’s users from spam and other unethical promotional methods.

The good news is, with these strict rules, you get less spam on the platform. What this means is that you will be able to promote your offers legally and still get the attention that you deserve on Facebook. There are two main ways to promote your product or offer on Facebook and it is the free method or the paid method. With the free method, you can build a fan page or a Facebook group to gather traffic. You will have to rely on viral traffic to increase your exposure to your website. With the paid method, you will utilize the Facebook Ads system where you pay for every click that or impression that you get.

If you know how to use the Facebook Ads properly, you can get the cheapest paid traffic in the industry. However, do your research first before plunging head first into this because if you do it wrong, it can cost you a lot of money advertising on Facebook ads.


LinkedIn is another great place for businesses to network and connect with other business owners or workers. This is because LinkedIn is one of the top networking websites for B2B (business to business) types of relationship. Hence, if you are selling a B2B product instead of a B2C (business to consumer) product, then LinkedIn will be one of the best places for you to meet business owners worldwide. All you need to do is create an account and set up your profile. The next thing you can do is keep adding new people to your list of friends like how you would do on Facebook or any other social media sites.

Tweet your way towards your fame. Start following and get followed by others today. As your following grows your traffic and exposure for your website will also grow. Twitter can be a very important tool to get your business name out there gets it recognized. With every tweet you will get a lot of viral traffic to your site and links. With every re-tweets that you get from your own tweets you will get even more traffic and the numbers will just grow exponentially. However it is not as easy as it sounds because there are a lot of work to be done.

As long as you are willing to go through the learning curve and start raking up the numbers of your twitter followers, slowly but surely you will move closer to your traffic goals. Promoting on twitter is very cheap and all it takes is your time and creativity to get people interested to read more about you. With Twitter, it is also possible for you to carefully target your traffic as well but you will need to understand the demographics of your target market and aim first before you shoot.


Using forums can also be a great source of traffic to your site. A good and popular forum should provide you with many ways to promote your business for a small fee. Hence, check out the forums within your niche and then try your best to get in contacts with your forum owners. Negotiate for a good price to advertise on their forums if they do not have a fixed price for advertisements.

Do a quick search online to see what forums are available within your niche. Try to focus on active forums and try to focus on the forums that are ranked high on the search engine. This way you can potentially get traffic coming from search engines as well. Of course you can try promoting your website for free in the forums as long as you follow their rules. You can use your signatures as a link back to your site and all you would be doing is helping people out on the forum. As your reputation grows, so will the traffic that clicks on your signature to go back to your website.

All in all, there are many ways to promote your business with a shoestring budget. This is because there are a lot of companies out there who realizes this demand and try their best to provide the means to help people just like you to promote on a low budget.

Promote Your Business

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Learn To Maintain A Growing Online Marketing Campaigns List

Online Marketing Campaigns

Learn To Maintain A Growing Online Marketing Campaigns List‘Build your list!’, ‘Build your list!’ and more build your list chants… That’s what you see and hear every day from internet marketers everywhere. It’s true however that building your own list is very important. With a sizable list of your own, you can have money on demand. This is where things get rather interesting because with a list you can attract big JVs to scale your online marketing campaigns, you can create or promote affiliate products and earn a fortune each time you hit the send button. You could even get your subscribers to help you increase your exposure!

It is no wonder then why most people are raving about building a online marketing campaigns list of your own if you wish to succeed online. While building a list is very important, one need to remember there are other factors at play here in order for your list to be responsive. You must know that your relationship with your list needs to be cultured as well. Also when your list gets bigger you will also need to understand how you should manage your growing list and how to make it much more effective and efficient. We will address these issues today.

Section your online marketing campaigns list to be much more targeted.

When your list is growing, your autoresponder will be full of online marketing campaigns lists of different sizes especially if you have multiple list building campaigns going on at the same time. Or if you only have one list campaign building all this time, you will need to start being more organized. To be more organized you can use your autoresponder to section your list. Most autoresponders will come with a feature to do this easily.

The good way to section your online marketing campaigns list is to split them into a freebie section and a buyer section. This way you can treat your buyer section a lot different from those who only opted into your list for a freebie. For the freebie list you can keep trying to promote low end offers to them in hopes to convert them into buyers. When they do, you will have to set your autoresponders to move them into your buyers list.

And the way you treat your buyers list is that you will handle them with care. You do not want anyone on your list to leave your list if possible so you will try to please them most of the time. Another good tip is to gradually increase the price of the product that you sell to your buyers list. This way you can maximize your profits and you can also train your buyer list to purchase higher priced products. Of course there are many other ways to section your list.

You can section your list to have a ‘test’ list so that you can test out some of your email swipes first before sending it out to the entire list. You can see the response of the people from this test list and if the response is not good on the offer, you can change it and resend it to another test list. This way you can be sure that when you do send out to your entire list, you will get the maximum return every time and you can also keep your unsubscribes low.

Reduce bounce rate by deleting worthless email contacts.

Another great trick you should implement to your list when it is growing bigger is to actually reduce your bounce rate and increase your email open rate by deleting worthless or unresponsive email contacts from your list. Many people would think that doing this will waste your effort and money that you have invested initially when you build the list but think of it this way, if the email contact is useless or unresponsive there is no point to keep them inside your list anyway.

Besides that if your bounce rate is too high you run the risk of getting your emails flagged by some ISPs (internet service providers) or email service providers. And when that happens you might get banned from some of the services and this could be bad for your business. Same thing goes for a small email open rate. Things could go out of hands and turn sour if your list gets too unresponsive and that the ISPs think that your emails are spam because of your low email open rate.

Create Remarketing campaigns.

Creating Remarketing campaigns are a very smart and easy way to engage people who do not open your emails. A Remarketing campaign is where you send out an email and then track it. You will then go back and check for people who never opened your emails and create a new section out of these people. You will then resend the same email to the same people with a different subject headline this time. Keep doing this and you will improve your email open rate.

Another benefit of doing this is that you are not sending the same email to those who has already opened and taken a look at your offers. This will help you reduce your unsubscribe rate. Also by doing this you can maximize your email open rate without having to write a new email copy every single time. All you have to do is tweak or change the subject line and you are good to go.

Give inactive subscriber a second chance by giving them an incentive.

Lastly you can even try to engage unresponsive subscribers with an incentive or offer. You can send them an email hoping to get back their trust and loyalty. Send out an email and tell them that you are cleaning up your email list. Tell them that they have been found by the system to be inactive and that if they want to remain on your list, they should reply or respond by clicking on the link which will take them to a special offer that is found nowhere else, or a free gift as a thank you for staying with your online marketing campaigns list. Those who do not wish to remain on your list can either do nothing or opt-out from your list right then right there.

This gives your subscribers a choice to stay or leave. This little bit of respect gives them a different view of you and you will surprised to see just how many people can be re-activated with this technique. There are of course many variations on how you can do this and it is up to you to test them and find a variation that works best for you and your business.

Online Marketing Campaigns

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