Graphrank Facebook’s New Algorithm.

App Developers

Facebook is using a new algorithm to determine what app news goes onto your newsfeed and what does not. It was once known as the Edgerank where this algorithm determines everything that goes into the newsfeed, however, now a newer algorithm has been released to govern over the application feeds and it is known as the Facebook’s Graph Rank. This new algorithm is said to be a direct response to the many complaints where users were getting too much activity from application that they are not interested in at all. Apparently, this new algorithm is gear to show you applications that you are directly connected to so that your newsfeed will not look like a spam board.

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Adsense Survival Tips For 2013.

On Site Optimization

Adsense is a great way to make money online. Not only do you not need to ‘sell’ to earn, you will find that the only marketing you will be doing is to please Google. Yes, the fact is this; Google owns and pretty much the majority of the search engine traffic. And if the keywords that you are targeting on keywords that does not pay a whole lot per click (not all keywords pay the same price and rarely there are high-paying on site optimization keywords with little competitors), this makes it hard to use a paid traffic strategy although in some cases it might still work.

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What exactly is Facebook’s Edgerank

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the place to be for both marketers and non-marketers these days. Even Facebook creators had no idea it would turn out to be such a huge success where they were able to overtake MySpace. Facebook had made a very wise decision when they decided to use Facebook fan page to monetize the traffic because traffic monetization is a key to their success.

What exactly is Facebook's Edgerank?Facebook Fan page is created for users to build a page to attract people with the same interest so that these people with a mutual understanding can have common ground to hang out with. Hence when you have a Facebook fan page, you can actually use it to grow your business. Facebook has employed strict rules (much like Google Search Engine Results) to ensure that your Facebook fan page posts get distributed to the public. The amount of people who sees your fan page are determined by what Facebook Calls the Edgerank (not to be confused with Google’s Page rank) and Graph rank.

What is important to know is that Facebook’s Edge rank is not just bound to the fan page but also to posting of your own profile pages as well Let us look into Edge rank and see how it effects your business.

What is Edgerank?

Most active Facebook fan page users will have tons of Facebook friends. People in Facebook are also allowed to become the fans of a lot of Facebook Pages. Now imagine this, if all your friends and all the Facebook pages that you have followed is posting on Facebook at any given day, your Facebook profile is going to be stuffed with so much activity it might explode. Now the thing is most Facebook users won’t even have the time to View all the posts so Facebook filters only the more popular posts and show it to you. This is done via the Edge Rank.

Most people think that all their posts and announcements on Facebook will be seen by everyone. This is not the case. There have been cases where Facebook users who post wedding announcements on Facebook but was never seen by any of their actual friends.

What actually happens here is that Edge rank has filtered out your posts and was not shown to all your friends and only those who visit your wall can see your post. The thing is Facebook Edgerank will decide what is worthy to be displayed on your newsfeed. What this means is that this is not good for those business owners who are not doing the right things to get on the good side of Facebook’s edge rank.

Facebook Edgerank algorithm is defined by the three basic factor which is your Affinity, your Weight, and the Time Decay Factor. Allow us to explain this in more details. What Facebook ultimately wants is interaction and activity. This is because with all the interaction and activity going on, people will keep coming back for more which ensures that Facebook will stay alive for a very long time.

Affinity simply refers to the relationship, interaction and the activity of any given Facebook user to the creator of the Facebook Post. This means if you and ‘Larry’ have been constantly connecting via Facebook and you have been interacting on each other’s post, your affinity level is very high and Edgerank will place priority to show your post to people who you interact with a lot. Vice versa to the situation mentioned, if you and ‘Harry’ have known each other for long, but rarely connects via Facebook or even visit each other’s profile for a long time, then the affinity ranking here would certainly be low.

Hence if you wish your business posts from your Facebook Fan page to be seen more often, you have to get people (your fans) to connect with you on Facebook regularly. The more activity you have the higher your affinity value would be.

Weight however, is how much people value your posts. Every time you post a video, image or links Edge rank is watching for activity. If your posts gets a lot of click through or if a lot of people are commenting or watching your videos, then the weight of your post is considered to be high. Facebook will think that your post must be interest if there are so many responses to your post each time, hence, never post boring posts. This is to ensure that you get a high weight value for your posts. When that happens, Facebook will show your post to all your friends and start showing them to others as well in a viral manner. This also means that if your post gets a lot of ‘likes’ you your post will be viewed highly as well.

One have to remember that some activity is just more important to Facebook than other acitvities. For example, a Like to Facebook’s Edgerank weighs less than a comment. This is because it is much easier to click on the like button than writing a comment which takes up more time and effort. So if you have a post with 10 comments, it is going to beat a post with 10 likes every single time.

The last factor ‘Time Decay’ would indicate how old the post is. The older your posts are, the more likely it will be dropped out of the news feed so that it will have more chances for newer feeds to appear. However, if your post has a very healthy amount of activity even after a long time since it has been posted, Facebook will still continue to show it virally to those who have never seen your post before. This can help you get a lot of new fans to your page.

With this knowledge, you should adjust your Facebook Marketing strategies accordingly so that you can be sure that every single time you post on your Fan page, your post gets notice by as much fans as possible. That’s where you will get the most traffic and that’s how you can get the most of your constant Facebook postings.

What exactly is Facebook's Edgerank?

Facebook Fan Page

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Marketing On A Budget.

Marketing On A Budget Small Business

Most small business start small. And usually when your business is still in the start-up phase, your budget is limited. One of the most important things a small business owner needs to worry about is the operating cost of the business and therefore as a business owner you need to plan ahead and set yourself a reasonable budget. Without proper planning one would definitely be having trouble with all the spending and things could go out of hands and before you know it, your initial capital or budget will be all gone.

Marketing On A Budget Small BusinessBe careful not to go over budget

One of the rules for small business owners with a small budget is to be as clear as possible what the consequences of going over that budget that you have set. Besides that, one should be very wary of what he is spending the small business budget on. Be very careful not to spend too much on anything that has no guarantee of return. Learning this the hard way can be very painful as we are talking about a lot of cash. One good example of over spending on the wrong area is to create a Facebook fan page and spending thousands of dollars on the Facebook Ads just to find out that there is no good way to monetize these fans.

Another example would be to spend a lot of money on a CPA campaign that is too old to work anymore but has a very good historical statistic to back it up. If a CPA offer has gone stale and saturated, conversions will definitely suffer and it will be hard to profit from such a campaign even when you are seeing huge EPCs numbers on the statistic boards.

Know your small business market.

Knowing your market is the first thing you need to be doing if you want to be saving on your cost and marketing within your budget. If you can drill it down to the demographics and the exact type of people that you want to target, you will be able to locate these people at the right place and time and try to monetize them without having to waste money on people who are not targeted at all.

There is absolutely no need for you to hire a marketing company to do a thorough research for you on your target market. You can easily find out your target market by looking into your existing customers or think logically who will most likely to buy your product. When you know who they are you need to confirm this by browsing into forums and the Internet and seek out where these people are lurking about. You can ask questions and see the response of the market regarding your niche, and you can even try to communicate with them to find out what they are really seeking for.

When you know exactly what they want, you’ll be able to naturally give them what they want and that’s when a sale could likely happen. Find out what are their troubles and see if your product has what it takes to help them solve it or not.

Plan ahead.

The best thing as you can do for your business is to plan ahead. This way… things get done in an organized manner and that you will know exactly how to respond to the situation that you will be facing ahead of you. Plan on your traffic strategies and make other plans in case your initial plan is not working very well. Find out what others are doing and adjust your plans accordingly.

Always include budget setting in your planning phase. This is to ensure that you are clear where and when you want to be spending money and how much can you afford to lose in order to gain. When you are just starting out, you should never try to lose money first and hope to earn money back on the back end. This is because you cannot guarantee the return. What you can do is to spend some money (without losing too much) and try to earn back your investment as soon as you can.

Only when you are sure that your funnels are working on the specific traffic source should you be making new plans on how you would spend to make more money based on your initial test.


Branding for small business may seem like useless task to some, but the best businesses out there brands themselves for a reason. Even for small business with a tight budget, branding awareness is totally achievable with very little cost especially if you place your efforts into churning out good contents and social networking.

Use a mascot or a good memorable logo (you can choose to use your own picture) to help the brand awareness going. Use videos, and audio instead of only text contents to show people that you are very established and this will help you get a lot more trust towards you and your brand. When people perceive you as the expert that’s when you will see people putting their money and trust in you in hope for a solution to their problems.

Cheap Traffic Strategies.

There are a lot of cheap traffic strategies out there which a small-business owner with a tight budget can go for. One of them is of course as mentioned above before is utilizing social networks to get your traffic. Another great source of traffic is to use Article Marketing to spread the words about your business out into the internet world far and wide across the globe.
Viral video strategies are great as well as long as you have an interesting content that will appeal to the masses. Lastly, look into search engine optimization strategies because it will surely provide you with a lot of targeted traffic for free if you are able to rank high. In fact, it remains until even today that people believe the best converting traffic will come from search engines and one of the ways to get search engine traffic is to use SEO and rank your sites high for the correct search terms.

Marketing On A Budget Small Business

Marketing On A Small Business Budget

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Can I Really Make Money Online Without Money

Money Online

Making Money Online has become a very ‘huge’ topic all across the globe in recent years. This is because everywhere on the internet you can see people telling you how they made fortunes with very little work. Most people who see these ads will jump to the conclusion that making money online is indeed easy, cost very little to start up and will only require minimum effort to make it run.

Can I Really Make Money Online Without MoneyHowever, this is very far from the truth. Putting aside all the hyped sales message aside, Internet marketing is a real business and most people will initially fail in their first few attempts to make money online. So making money online is in fact not so easy for total beginners and there is a learning curve that one needs to go through before making their first buck online.

As for making money without any effort, this is untrue as well. You can automate a lot of work and you can outsource a lot of the work, but this by is by no mean indicating that life is going to be easy where you can party all day long and still make a lot of money. Of course, if your business is already successful, then it is possible to work only a few hours a week, but this is definitely not the case for beginner marketers.

So how about making money with little to no cost at all? Is it truly possible to make money online without any initial startup? For starters if you ignore the cost for a laptop or a desktop pc and ignoring the fact that there is a cost for using the internet, then the answer is yes, it is possible to make money online without any sort of capital at all.

Here is a good example of how you can make money without any cost at all. You can actually sell affiliate products where you can essentially start at no cost and have a product to sell within hours. Next you can use a free blog or a forum post or even a social network site such as Facebook page, Twitter or even a Squidoo lens to set up your landing page or sales message.

When you have everything set up properly and ready to go… you will only have to drive free traffic to your site and if people buys via your affiliate link you get paid. Free traffic strategies could be SEO strategies, Article Marketing Strategies, social network strategies or even as simple as posting an ad on craigslist or on

So then the answer to the big question is yes it is undeniable that it is possible to make money online without any sort of cost at all. This means you can actually start from nothing and earn some cash. However, this free strategy is usually deemed as a short-term money money-making strategy. It works as a short term or initial capital building method but if you want your business to grow and turn into a powerful cash machine, then you need to look into the long term strategies and this usually means that you will have to start investing some sort of money into your business whether it be in tools, Domains, Autoresponders or even paid traffic.

Why Can’t I Stay Free?

Most people who made their first buck online will want to stay in the ‘Free’ Zone and quite frankly speaking, most of them never made it big. If you want to stay free, then you cannot outsource all your work. You won’t be able to make use of paid traffic which will skyrocket your profits. And most importantly, you won’t be able to build a list.

What a business owner should be doing is to think in the long term and how to grow their business to a whole new level and to do so would usually mean that you have to move out of the safe zone and start investing in proper tools and domain names or hosting. All of these will help you build brand awareness for yourself and your business and you will soon be able to make a lot more money than you ever can from staying as a free marketer.

The advice to heed here is to start investing into your business on a budget and only spend on necessary items that will surely be able to help your business grow to new heights. Surely by now you will realize that making money online the ‘free’ way is a very good way to start but is not a good way to sustain your business for long.

Also, free methods usually involve a lot of work especially in the traffic generation part. So when you start to make some income using your free methods, be sure not to spend it all but instead you should put some of this cash that you made and reinvest it for even more profits. This is what is known as letting your money work for you instead of you working for money.

No cost is not the key to freedom.

Your business is ‘work’. However, you can always hire experts to help you get things done. Only when you can be ‘hands’ free from your business will you be able to call yourself successful and be financially free. Learn to outsource your business because it is the key towards freeing your time so you can enjoy life with your family and friends.
This is probably the hardest stage to overcome for most marketers because they are afraid that quality will be sacrificed once they start to outsource their work. Therefore when you are outsourcing your work, be sure to look for qualified personnel and do not look for the cheaper options or you will not get satisfactory work done for you.

Investing in the proper tools is also a great way to ease up all your work and help you get more things done for your business. Start free… and seek freedom when you can by spending the smart way.

Can I Really Make Money Online Without Money

Can I Really Make Money Online Without Money

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