Inspiring Batman Quotes For Business Success Part 1.

Inspiring Batman Quotes For Business Success Part 1

With the recent hype of the new Batman movie, everyone seems to be talking about it. Director Christopher Nolan did a great job of closing the trilogy of his Batman series as well. If you are a Batman fan and have been following the trilogy closely you will find some of the quotes below quite familiar, and you will realize that the quotes are related to our daily lives and business ethics in many ways.

When you are able to reflect on all these inspiring quotes in your own life, you will find that these quotes are meaningful, and they will be able to teach any entrepreneur an important lesson be it for online of offline business owners.
Without further of due… let us look at the first quote below.

Inspiring Batman Quotes For Business Success Part 1.The Joker: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

The Joker is a villainous character in the Batman world but in this trilogy, people have learnt to ‘respect’ his ingenious mind. His quote in the movie “If you’re good at something, Never do it for free” rings a bell in many business owner’s mind.

Yes in internet marketing you are taught and trained to constantly give away free gifts and content in order to gain the trust and loyalty of your audiences. However, there are times when if you are doing something so good that others will find it hard to imitate, then you must never devalue yourself and do whatever it is that you are doing for free.

In fact, you should charge accordingly and let people see the value in your work will definitely pay you to help them in their business. Recently, a subscriber of ours came and asks us for our opinion on his business. He was into graphic designs. We found out that his work is way above the average quality that you can find on the internet, and yet he is earning measly dollars and having a hard time meeting his ends every month.

Quickly, we took the initiative to brand him and help him charge for a much higher value that he usually charges for. Sure he loses some customers. However, a lot newer customers came to him. More and more people realize his talent and start to ‘appreciate’ his work. The value that he is charging now gives out a psychological signal that he won’t just work for mere pennies or does he have the obligation to work for you. It gives an impression that he is a busy man and will only work if he is well compensated.

Now he is happily making a comfortable living online, and he deserves every bit of it because he is good at what he does and he makes sure his quality is maintained at his level best.

What this tells us is that you should learn to charge the appropriate value for your work (if you are good) at the right time to the right people. Sure you could give away some free bonus once in a while for customer loyalty or getting new customer leads, but never devalue yourself by charging lower and pricing your product or service below average just to try getting more sales. Think profit instead of sales and you will go a long way in your business.

Alfred: “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Exactly, what Alfred says… not everyone is born equal and certainly not everyone is thinking on the same page. Some people want to earn money the legitimate way while some just want to stop you or the world from earning money. And worst of all, some would go all the way to destroy the market and even go as far as to spoil the reputation of internet marketing by creating bad products and rip people off.

The most important lesson here is that no matter how much you whine or complain about these ‘bad’ seeds, you won’t be able to stop them at least not entirely. There will always be people trying to pirate your products. What you could do is some prevention from it to be shared online illegally or stop some of them from sharing it too ‘easily’. At the same time, you need to realize that you must not dwell on this problem for too long and learn to move on.

If your product is good… the more the reason why more people want it, and some people will always try to share your product illegally. With that said, you would be having a hard time trying to sell to freebie seekers anyway, so you will go a long way if you just keep your head straight and move toward your goals regardless of whatever is happening around you. Just make sure you are doing your part, and you will surely reach success, one way or the other.

Never use the ‘bad seeds’ as an excuse to give up or stoop so low that you become one of them. Instead stand firm on what you believe and keep marketing to those who appreciates you.

Alfred: “Bruce, why do we fall?”
Bruce: “So we can pick ourselves up again.”

Success and business are all about failing, getting back up and move closer to your goal every single time. In fact, you will rarely see any succeed without meeting any failures at all. If there is, then that’s good for him because it does not happen often.
In this quote, you can see how optimistic the character ‘Bruce Wayne’ is. He is faced with many problems in live especially when his parents died when he was very young. In this trilogy, you can see many times that he has fallen to a point that most people would have given up hope be he prevails in the end because he chooses to push on.

This kind of mentality is what every business owner need in their business. Sure you might have bad days every now and then, but you do not have to count them. What you should do is to actually take them as a blessing so that you can move on and be another step closer to your goals. No one ever said that starting a business is easy and effortless right? Take failure as a part of success and with each failure you get so much closer to the success that you’ve always wanted. Lastly, never give up as long as you know that you are doing the right thing.

Inspiring Batman Quotes For Business Success Part 1

Inspiring Batman Quotes For Business Success Part 1.

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The Importance of Overdelivering

The Importance of Overdelivering To Your Customers

As an online merchant, your customers cannot see your face. They cannot hear your voice when you are recommending your products, and they cannot see the emotions on your face when you are telling your customers what benefits they can derive out of your products.

The Internet is a level playing field for every Internet marketer and merchant out there. The sheer connectivity means that you can reach every individual in the world. You are not limited by geographic constraints and anyone can be your customer or client.

Your Customers The Importance of OverdeliveringThis is precisely why you should overdeliver. When every competitor of yours has access to everyone in the market, your only way of winning the battle is to overdeliver, again and again. When you overdeliver, you present yourself as a person with the customer’s interest at heart. You become a trusted friend and not a greed-driven marketer out looking for their money. Overdelivering is simply your only way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You can start overdelivering by providing superb support for your customers. How many times have you been turned away with rude answers when asking about a certain product you purchased? Compare that with the number of times you have been provided very good service, as if you’re being helped by a personal friend. The ratio is just off balance, proving how scarce good customer support is. By providing excellent support to your customers and answering to their every needs patiently, you will gain customers that are fiercely loyal to you because they know you have their best interest at heart.

When you provide excellent customer support, you’re already ahead of most of your competitors. Take it a step further and think: in what other ways can you over deliver to your customers?

One very good way is to give your customers a pleasant surprise when they make a purchase from you. For example, if a customer buys your cooking utensils, you might throw in a bonus recipe book for them. However, do not use the bonus as an incentive for the customer to buy your products. Your products must be good enough to make the customer buy it in the first place, and the bonus must serve as a surprise element; you must not announce it in the product catalogue.

The final way is to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. If a customer buys regularly from you, you should send greeting cards during birthdays and on every holiday, be it Christmas, New Year, Easter, even Chinese New Year! Your customer will again remember you as a friend, not a business associate, and will favour you above other merchants because of the warm relationship.

So, remember to start overdelivering today!

Your Customers The Importance of Overdelivering

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Preselling – The Art of Building Anticipation

Preselling – The Art of Building Anticipation

Preselling is the work you must start doing before you release and sell your product; that’s why it’s called pre-selling. It’s the work you do to convince your to-be-customers that your product has great benefit and only a fool will pass your offer without purchasing — all this without actually “selling” the mentioned product.

Preselling - The Art of Building AnticipationPresselling can be seen as selling yourself to the customer before you sell your product. When you sell yourself to the customer, you are making your customers think “okay, this guy is not one of those greedy marketers. He’s actually here to help me out.” so that they will let their guard down and listen to your sales pitch.

The Presell is also the art of building up anticipation. If a friend told you his chronic headache has been solved overnight by “some new medicine” but did not mention what it really was, would that leave you wondering what the medicine really is? More so if you’re having a chronic headache yourself! That’s why by mentioning a benefit which would get your prospects’ ears perked up again and again but not really revealing what the solution is, you will get your prospects dying to hear what you have to say next as you reveal slightly more about the solution each time. When you finally uncover the whole thing, your prospects will be crawling all over your website looking for the buy button!

However, preselling is not just about unveiling your product bit by bit. In fact, that was only one of the various ways one can preselling. For example, you might run a weekly newsletter on acne problems and coincidentally you have just written this great ebook called “10 Ways to Solve Acne Woes Once and For All”. In your newsletter, you can do Preselling – The Art of Building Anticipation by including a snippet or two from your ebook and mentioning it as a viable solution to acne problems. If people get good advice from your newsletter, they will perceive you as an expert on acne problems and naturally will be curious to find out the ways you can teach them to solve their problems.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to giving value to people before you ask people to buy something from you. If you can help people to solve their problems, they will, more often than not, be very willing to buy products from you.

Preselling – The Art of Building Anticipation

Preselling - The Art of Building Anticipation


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How to profit from trends?

How to profit from trends?

Everywhere you go, you have gurus telling you about niches. While niches are good, there are other ways to profit online as well. One of these methods would be monetizing the trends. Say hello to Trend Marketing. When it comes to trends, this usually indicates a certain time or time frame where a certain offer, product or item is hot and people want it bad. While some trends do die out pretty fast, you can be certain that there are some trends out there that come back every single year.

Seasonal Trends

How to profit from trends?One such trend would be the holiday seasons’ trend. Be it Black Friday or Christmas… these are the times of the year where a lot of money is spent on buying, and this is indeed a good time for any internet marketer to jump in and make a handsome profit during this time of the year. And thus if you are looking to profit on trends be sure to be on a lookout during these holiday seasons.

There are a lot of other seasons such as back to school trends or even Halloween. The most important thing is to be on a lookout on your calendar frequently and plan ahead before the trend starts. Christmas, for example, is a time where people prepare early. Hence do not start selling Christmas items on the eve of Christmas because by then everyone would have already done all the shopping.
Try catching the trend a few weeks earlier, and you will see a surge in demands for Christmas items then.

Proper planning is required, but the benefit is that your items will sell much easier and faster as the trend makes it a must for people to spend for Christmas goods.

Hot Trends

An example of hot trends could be like when Michael Jackson announced his comeback concert ‘This is it!’. If you search on Google trends for this term, you will find that a huge surge of traffic and search engine seekers that are looking for more information about this announcement.

Smart Marketers will notice this fast and make use of the short trend and make some profit out of it. There are many ways to do profit from this, and a good way is to sell old Michael Jackson CDs online, or you could use Michael’s music and turn it into a viral video on YouTube with a link back to your website and enjoy viral traffic.

Some marketer will even send out promotions with the excuse of celebrating ‘Michael Jackson’s comeback’ and thus giving out a discount to entice more buyers. This then would mean that the most important part of catching these trends would be in the timing. A great way for internet marketers to catch these timings and notice the uprising trend is to use Google Trends. Using this free tool you can monitor for uprising opportunities that can make you money.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you will be able to find seasonal offers such in affiliate networks such as commission junction. These offers could be strictly for the seasonal trends or even for the hot trends.

For seasonal trends, you could probably find Halloween costume products offers during Halloween seasons. What other better time than the Halloween season to sell Halloween costumes right?

Therefore, as an affiliate marketer, it would be beneficial for you to look into selling seasonal items and pocket a handsome amount of cash. The good thing about seasonal trends is that it comes back every year. This means you can easily turn your campaign off and turn it on again the next year with some minor tweaks. All you have to do is to set it up one time, and you are good for life.

CPA Marketing

If you are trying to sell stuff during the hot trends, then you will find a lot of offers that meet the hot trend category dealing with CPA marketing. You can get email or zip offer for trends like the iPhone, PS3 games or any of those short trends. If you time your campaigns right, you will make a lot of money with these fast trends. Be careful not to enter the trend when it is already too saturated. When it is too saturated and the offer is ‘stale’ then you are too late.

You will be better off looking for another new trend instead. Give away free items on special occasions.

Another way to profit from trends is to make use of trends to build you a list of subscribers. When it is Christmas, gift away a free and valuable Christmas gift, and you will see a surge in your opt in rate. Which is all good because if you could get a surge in your opt in rate then you will be able to build up your list fast.

Alternatively, you could take the ‘New Year’s’ excuse to do a fire sale. This way, you could actually get more sales off your ‘old’ products and make more money without much effort. People love package deals and sending out package deals during a ‘special’ occasion sets up the mood for them to buy your stuff.

Hence, the next time you wish to start a new project, instead of taking a look at niche marketing, consider looking at the trends instead.

How to profit from trends?

How to profit from trends?


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How to get quality content

Private Label Rights

Writing is not for everybody. There could be a lot of reasons why one would despise writing. Whether it be too time consuming, too much work, a writer’s block or any reasons at all, the fact still remains the same, a good website needs quality contents. Therefore, as an internet marketer, you need to get contents for your blog or webpage like it or not.

How to get quality content when you do not like to write?

How to get quality content when you do not like to write?Private label rights the thing about writing is that even if you are good at writing your own contents, you might get bored with it easily if you have to consistently and churn out content after content every single day. And if by any chance you do not get bored with all the writing, you might still get very tired from all the writing. Plus if you are not one of those rare people who can write a lot of content fast as if the idea is just flowing out of you at a constant rate, it will take you a lot of time just to write a small part of your content.

The thing is, writing your own content is not easy and quite frankly, not everyone can do it. If you’ve ever considered outsourcing your contents to someone else you might find yourself switching between private label rights content writers every now and then due to quality drops or inconsistently in their writings. Or even worse sometimes they take your hard-earned money but never gotten to get your work done.

Some people need to be inspired to write and when they are out of their creative juice, they won’t be able to churn out any private label rights content at all. Therefore, here are some ways to help those who are frustrated with all the work involved in providing adequate amount of content for their site or for those who do not like to write at all.

Outsource (Forums, Freelance Sites, Fiverr)

The first and most immediate way to get content for your site or blog is to outsource this tedious work to those who has more time and talent than you do. As I mentioned before, not everyone can write and you might even find it hard to find someone that can provide what you want and provide you with all the quality work consistently.
Meanwhile, I mentioned quality above and this is a key to your businesses’ growth. You cannot simply expect to use useless junk articles and put it up and think that it should work just fine. The thing about content in 2012 and many years to come is that junk content does not work anymore.

Google now hates junk content, and the worst of it all is that if your content has little to no value or that if it does not make sense to the human eyes, you get penalize and mind you… Google has never been ‘nice’ to those who do not play by their rules.
The good thing is that there is no shortage of freelancers on freelance sites or site like Fiverr or on the forums. There are people out there who could provide you with the quality that you are looking for and there will always be people who will be able to satisfy your need for content. The key here then lies in your willingness to go out and seek for these qualified people.

Always remember to check their portfolio and track record. The only problem is that most people with the better track record will charge higher than the rest. This means you will need to find those that have some record already but not as expensive yet. Keep a special lookout and see if they are writers from an English-speaking country so that you can be sure that their work has minimized mistakes and errors.

And then ask them if they include proofreading in their work or not. Be extra careful not to buy into those super cheap offers that have writers who are not competent. If in doubt always buy an article from them first with limited characters or ask for their work sample which they have done before.

Guest Writers.

If you are tired of writing for your own content, you can always get other people to write contents for you. You can do this by inviting guest writers or guest posting on your blogs. This method is gaining popularity these days because other writers can get a link back from your site, which means traffic and good backlinks from you, and you don’t have to do all the tedious work.

Just be careful with whom you ask to write and make sure that they are ‘legitimate’. Read through their articles first and make sure the articles are unique (not a duplicate content) and well written before you publish them on your website. Be sure that their link is working and points to a relevant site as well for best results.

PLR Content.

Another great way to get content for your site is to use PLR content. PLR stands for Private label rights which means you are allowed to use the content as your own. Plus you are allowed to claim as the owner of the content as well. This way, you will not have to use Articles that other people write that has a link that links back to their websites.

Plus, most importantly, Private label Rights contents allow you to edit the content to anyway you like to.
This means that you could take a private label rights content and edit it to be unique. This way, you save all the time required to research into the topic and the time to write it. All you have to do is to tweak the articles and make it look unique. Therefore, your article will not be deemed as a duplicate content by the search engines. Some PLR uses will even use ‘Spinners’ to quickly make their PLR Articles unique. PLR articles are a true time saver indeed.

With all the wonders and benefits that PLR contents provide, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking to use PLR contents for their sites.

Private Label Rights

How to get quality content when you do not like to write?

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