PPV (Pay Per View) Marketing Explained

Ppv Networks (Pay Per View)

The demand for traffic online is getting higher and higher every single day. And if you are one of the marketers who are constantly looking for more leads or a different traffic source to grow your online business then you probably have tried Cost per Click Advertising also known as pay per click and even Banner Advertising.

However most marketers are not aware of PPV marketing and most who knows about it have never tried it. If you are an affiliate marketer for several years now, then you’ve probably suffered from Google Adwords’ mass affiliate ban. Many super affiliates are left without an option and thus people are scrambling everywhere looking for an alternative to Google.

And thus the popularity of PPV begins as more and more people are searching for an alternative. Although PPV platforms is said to have less traffic compared to the giant known as Google, it is still sufficient for affiliate marketers to grind it for a lot of cash.

So what is Pay per view marketing? I am sure many of you are curious as to how PPV marketing works right? Allow me to briefly explain In short, PPV ads are actually served by Adwares. Yes, I know it sound discouraging, but in fact many people are confused with Adwares and Spywares.

Spywares and viruses are a big ‘no no’. They sneak onto your PC without permission, and they cause you and your PC much harm. Adwares however, are actually softwares that serve ads to people who agree to receive ads in exchange for the use of the software. And most of the PPV networks are eTrust verified and are doing things the legitimate way.

Further research on the net will show you that Adwares are commonly associated with a bad reputation due to other spywares or viruses basically, the use of PPV network’s concept is similar to those of PPC networks. When you sign up to PPV networks such as Direct CPV or Traffic Vance, you are allowed to bid on the keywords that you choose and you will get your traffic when these keywords that are triggered.

When a user is searching for the keyword that you are bidding on, a window will pop up on their screen displaying your ad or your landing page. It literally interrupts the user when they are searching for the keyword and your ad will show up. The good thing is, your ad or landing page is shown directly to the viewer. They will not have to click through an ad first, and better yet your ad is not served along with other competitor ads.

The highest bidder gets all the glory you can even choose to bid on a URL instead of a keyword. Let’s say you bid on the URL ‘www.golf.com’ and when the user decides to open that page directly by typing in the URL on the URL address bar, your page is shown first.

Many marketers swear that this is very advantageous to the advertisers because you get the most attention from the user (assuming that your landing page is cleverly designed and not pissing off the viewer at any time). You don’t even have to worry about your competitors for example, if you are promoting a CPA Car insurance offer, you can bid on URLs such as autoinsurance.com and people within the PPV network that are visiting on that URL will get to see your offer.

More advantages there are tons of ways to make use of PPV and some of the best marketing tactics can be learnt and seen from expert PPV marketers. Let’s go back to our Auto Insurance example. Expert marketers would design their landing page to mimic the site of the URL of their choice and put up a ‘special deal’ offer on their landing page. That way people who landed on the site will think it is an actual ‘special deal’ created by the URL that they were originally going to.

Very sneaky? Yes. Does it work? Absolutely one of the biggest advantages of using PPV ads to advertise your offers is that the traffic is very cheap. The lowest cost per view can be only around $0.025. You simple cannot get deals like this anywhere else. And if your website or landing page design is done right, and you get a very high click through rate, you’ll be enjoying very cheap visitors with very little competitors.

This explains why many CPA marketers are doing the majority of their advertising on PPV platforms. CPA offers aren’t exactly very high on the profit for every conversion. But the small advertising fees on the PPV platforms make it easy for CPA marketers to churn out a handsome profit even when the offer which they are promoting pays out very little.

Some downside now the downside of all of this is of course, you need to deal with the fact that you are advertising on an Adware. The other downside is there have been reports that several larger affiliate network companies are no longer allowing their affiliates to drive traffic from PPV networks. So be careful when you decide to use PPV networks. Make sure that your affiliate company allows PPV traffic before you decide to put in some money and start a campaign.

PPV (Pay Per View) Marketing ExplainedThe key to success in PPV is to understand how PPV works and learn what others are doing. You need to be able to do better that other advertisers, target your biddings correctly and think out something that can catch the attention of the viewer to prevent them from closing your window as soon as it pops up.

There are also numerous PPV courses out there that teach the many ways to use PPV platform to market your affiliate offers and product. Most PPV experts will tell you that you won’t profit right off the bat but when you get it right, the passive income will be very satisfactory indeed.

Ppv Networks (Pay Per View)

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