Prospecting Your Customer

Prospecting Your Customer when you establish a relationship with a customer, you want that relationship to have many levels, not just one layer from one sale. We all have our sales goals to meet on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. This doesn’t mean that once we get a sale out of our customer, that we hurry them out the door and move onto the next one.

Listen, Analyze, Respond: The Virtuous Cycle of Social BusinessBuild a relationship with your customer. As you close the deal on your sale, talk to your customer, find out what it is they need and can use that you can provide them with. People love to talk about themselves, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get them talking.

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Ask about their job, their family, their pets, their hobbies, etc. Of all the tasks associated with content advocacy (I have never actually liked the term link building, and my business card has never included those words, plus doesn’t ‘content advocacy’ just sound better than link building?), there are a few tasks that are a genuine PITA.
There have been many tools created to help manage the processes of link building content advocacy. Most of the tools are designed to help analyze backlinks, help pre-define link prospecting query strings,  provide some sort of page scoring, or identify a contact address. Some tools are costly, some are free. There have been many great write-ups about them, none better than Debra Mastaler’s Big Roundup of Link Building Tools.

Yet some of the simplest browser based link building tasks remain a real pain. Here are a couple free tools I couldn’t live without….More at Must-Have Browser Tools For Link Builders – Search Engine Land

The next time you have a customer in front of you, prospect them. Find out what they do and do not have with you. Once you have figured this out, offer to explain the benefits and features of products you have that you believe would be good for them. Make notes of the conversations you have with your customers, than follow up with them to talk about the products you had discussed.

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