Rapid Retail Profits Product Launch Steps

Rapid Retail Profits Product Launch Steps

Launching a product online is one of the best ways to make a great living online. The key to a great product launch lies in the planning of the products, and the amount of work put into the marketing phases involved in the launch. To plan a successful product launch, it is imperative to have all the below steps in order to enjoy a blissful aftermath of a product launch.
Choose a niche.

The first step to a great product launch is obviously choosing the right niche for your product. The rule here is simply to take your time and choose between 2 things. It can either be a niche of your hobby or a niche where you the market demand is huge.

Rapid Retail Profits Product Launch StepsOf course, this would work best when you are in both the categories listed above because you can understand your niche better and also have an existing crowd of hungry buyers just waiting to buy your product.

Be sure that the niche you choose has some buyers at least so that you’ll be able to easily sell your products later.

So choose your niche wisely because choosing the wrong niche can mean a lot of wasted time and effort.

Create your product.

Rapid Retail Profits Product Launch StepsThe obvious step to take next would be to prepare your product. Your product can be in many forms such an e-book, audio format or even video format. In fact, you could even set up a product launch for non-information products as well such as graphic packs, services and even softwares.

A great place to start planning out your product is to go to your target market and find out what the market really wants. This phase is usually neglected by marketers, which explain why most people fail online. This step is in fact crucial to your success. Never try to create a product that nobody wants.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and add your innovations into your products as long as you stay within your budget. In fact, if you take a look into history, successful products such as the iPhone or iPad are what creative and innovation looks like and at the same time, it happens to be something people living half their lives on trains need.

Create your bonuses, upsells and downsells.

Always launch a product with sufficient upsells and downsells. Make sure these are relevant products that people in your niche market want. The best kinds of upsell are the kinds that actually help improve the original product which you have created earlier.

Bonuses are usually used to help improve conversions. Expert copywriters believe that using bonuses helps increases the perceived value of your product. Say you are selling a $10 ebook. The value itself is $10. However, if you throw in a couple of $10 bonuses… for example 3 of them, then the total value of your product is at $40 and all people have to pay for is only $10 for all your products. I am sure it is obvious how this helps with your conversion rate. Be sure that the quality of your bonuses and upsells and even downsells match with the main product.

Price your product.

This is a rather easy step. If you are new to the market go for the lower price point first. Get your name and brand out there first before you decide to sell a high-ticket item. Without proper recognition, trust or branding you will have a hard time selling a high-ticket product. If you’ve been around for some time and really know what you are doing, then consider going for a medium price point. Lastly sell high-ticket items for fast riches when you have a high-value product that everyone wants and when your name is catching on.

Set up your download page and Joint venture (JV) page.

The easiest way to do this is to keep it simple. Your download pages should be easy to navigate and it should look clean. Make sure you have everything in there before the launch date. Next you’ll need to set up a JV page. Remember to include the necessary information such as the launch date, your contact info, and the benefits of promoting your product and most importantly what your product is about.

Include a picture of yourself or a video of you introducing yourself. What you are doing here is to actually try to bond with to-be JV partners and hopefully make a good impression of yourself. So your goal here is to look good and not look goofy or look like a person with a weird attitude.

Remember this as the golden rule, most of the time bigger JVs decide to promote your stuff only when they have some sort of relationship with you, and they feel bonded with you. Therefore, you need to go all out to try and reach them and touch their lives before you actually contact them to be your JVs. Bigger JVs almost never promote stuff from people who they do not know unless you get really lucky. Be sure to provide as much resources such as banners, and swipe files for your potential JVs and affiliate partners.

Plan your launch phases.

This part here is essential. Consider doing a pre-launch where you actually give away goodies related to your niche or teach people some great stuff during the prelaunch phase. The reason you are doing this is to gain trust from all the people coming into your website. This will pre-sell the potential buyers build a huge amount of anticipation towards your product launch day.

The more expensive your product is, the more presell you need to do for it to do well. Some marketers actually make use of the pre-launch phase to market and introduce themselves as a branding move to the visitors.

Gather JVs.

When it’s all set, and when you are ready to get JVs on board your launch, go all out and contact as many people as possible. Around 10% of the people who you will contact will promise to promote and about half of them will actually promote. So since this is a numbers game, try your best to contact as many JVs as possible. Use JV recruiting sites to help get more exposure to your product. You can even approach JV brokers to help you with JV recruitment. Unless you are confident with getting a lot of traffic by yourself, JVs will be your biggest source of traffic.

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Rapid Retail Profits Product Launch Steps

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