Selling Low ticket products to high ticket products.

Internet Marketing Selling Low Ticket Products to high ticket products.

In today’s internet marketing the ways products are marketed online are changing rapidly. 4 years ago almost every product out there was priced at $97. This is quite a good amount of cash for each sale. However, those days are now long gone. If you try to sell a $97 product right off the bat today, you are going to have a hard time to convert the item and you are going to get a lot of refunds if your products do not meet the expectations of the buyer.

Selling Low ticket products to high ticket products.Yes internet marketing has changed… in fact, evolved seems to be a more appropriate word. As competition becomes stiffer and more and more people coming and trying their hands in internet marketing, everyone seems to start lowering their price. This in a bad way has spoilt the market. And fast forward to today you see everyone trying to give away their product first or sell their product at a low price of only $7.

It is generally very hard to sell internet marketing products at a higher ticket offer now… or is it?

Expert internet marketing take this change and adapted many ways to convert a lead from a low ticket offer into a lead that actually buys high ticket items

Here’s how.

Low to Low

This is the first step that you should do in your internet marketing funnels. Your product’s front end should sell at a low ticket price say $7 – $10. And then immediately you should upsell them a product that is worth $27 – $67.

This is a very important step because you will want to separate the freebie seekers from the buyers who actually have the money and habit of buying in your list. This is done with the $7 priced front end. With that said, you absolutely need to build a list if you want to sell high ticket item these days.

The OTO (One time offer) is then presented to the buyer as an upsell and hoping to maximize the amount of money that you will earn from their first contact with you. If they spend money right off the bat that is good because psychologically you are training them the fact that they can expect good-quality content or product they can use if they are willing to pay.

Low to medium

The next step is that you should slowly move these customers into medium priced products, which are around $97 to $297. These mid ranged priced products should be introduced after a few weeks of interaction with the list that you build.

From this list you should treat them well and try your best to make sure that they’ve spent time to use your low end product which they bought earlier. The trick here is to get them to see that your products can actually produce results. Show them how your product is working for others. This will build a lot of trust and get you noticed.

When you have sent them sufficient amount of quality content, shift your marketing strategy and start selling them a product that has a lot more value and priced it at the middle range. If they are buying and converting well then congratulations, you have a very valuable list, and you should be careful not to burn your list with too many offers or spams.

Medium to high

Now that you have successfully trained your list to buy products on the middle priced range it is time you move on. The plan is to hammer them with a lot more ‘free’ contents that shows them how to solve their problems, but the key is that in order to truly made it work, they need to purchase a tool that you secretly use. This tool will be priced at a very high price say $500 – $1000.

Show them a lot of proof on how you are using the tool to improve your life. This creates a need that if they want the results that you are enjoying, they will need to purchase the tool.

With that said, make sure you show them how hard it is to develop the said tool or software and how rare it is on the market. This same tactic can be applied to selling high end coaching where you show a lot of benefits and results to make your buyers feel that they are losing out if they miss the chance to work with you.

This technique is widely used by expert marketers. The key here is to have a list that is tight with you and understand that every penny spent on you is worth the money, and you will soon find yourself making a lot of money using the least amount of traffic.

Internet Marketing Shifting from selling Low ticket products to high ticket products.

Shifting from selling Low ticket products to high ticket products.

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