Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes.

Facebook Likes

Facebook is the center of attention on the Internet these days. Wherever you go, you will see someone holding some sort of electronic device like the IPad either playing with games or fiddling with their Facebook account. People of all ethnics and ages are flocking onto Facebook to pass their time, and naturally, we marketers have started to move in on this source of traffic.

Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes.However taking advantage of Facebook Likes for your business purposes today isn’t as straight forward as it was with PPC or Google Adwords. You are dealing with a social platform where you need to learn how to interact with the audience inside Facebook and ultimately try to convince them to spend money on your products. Facebook Likes utilizes a ‘like’ function in their features to encourage the people dwelling in Facebook to determine if your content or posts are worthy of their time or not. A Facebook like is as important as a normal ‘click’ in your other marketing ventures.

In fact a Facebook ‘like’ could possibly mean a new Fan on your page (and in some way a fan could be deem as an equal to a subscriber on your list).Here are some important questions. Do you have a Facebook page? Are you having trouble getting enough likes to your page or posts? Below are some ways to get more likes to your Facebook page or posts.
Quick Fans ? Use Facebook Likes Ads.

Using Facebook Ads can quickly add fans to your Facebook pages. And if you are doing this the correct way, you can even do this at a very low cost. Many marketers have successfully gotten likes for a measly $0.01 or less because they realize that inside Facebook Ads, you can get a very low cost per click (CPC) if you could get them to click on the ‘Like’ button next to your ad.

This means your viewers will not need to click through on your ad and they will be automatically added to your page as a fan without ever having to click on your ad link. All they have to do is to click on the like button next to your ad. To do this, experts have been using very ‘catchy’ pictures to get the attention of the viewers. When the viewers saw your image of your ad, they will then be asked a question with a natural ‘like’ answer.

Let’s say for example, you are running a cake Fanpage, and you want to add fans to your page using Facebook ads. All you have to do is to run an ad with a nice looking picture of a delicious cake and then on the description you will ask a question like “Click ‘like’ if you like to eat cakes.” This way when you target cake lovers, they will click on the ‘like’ button next to your ad naturally.

Try this method today, and you will love it! Yes it takes a fan to attract a fan.

Yes it does… when people arrive at your site and you have Fan box that shows all the other fans who have already liked you, this is a good motivator to get others to like you as well because this would mean that you are doing something right. Such is the power of social testimonials.

If your blog or website already has a decent amount of traffic using a fan box can easily get you more fans when compared to an opt-in form because to become your fan all they have to do is click on the like button. However, to become a subscriber of your site will usually mean that they have to go through the usual opt-in process where they have to fill in their name and email address to get in.

It is obvious then that a Fan box not only entices and encourages people to become a fan, it will also make the process a much smoother one. However, it is still a best practice to include both an opt-in form and a fan box because this will usually help you maximize the amount of ‘members’ and fans whom you can get from your existing traffic. The fan box can usually help improve the trust level and branding aware ness on your blogs and post. Therefore, it goes to say that having a Fan box on your website is a must.

Get your fans to post on your wall.

This is a fantastic way to get other potential fans to notice you. When you are able to get fans to post their pictures that are related to your fan page on your wall, the chances of these post going viral is good because their friends and their friend’s friend stand a chance to see their posts. This in return will get you more exposure and the viral chance here is much better as well. This is the true power of a Facebook fan page.

Constant ‘Attention Hungry’ posts.

Your post matters. And that’s not all, because you need to be constantly posting interesting topics to get the ‘heat’ level on your Fanpage up so that your popularity and ‘Edgerank’ (Facebook’s Fan page ranking) is good. When you have a very good Edgerank, this usually means your Fan page’s popularity and engagement level (interactions and activity) is rather high and Facebook will reward you dearly for this.

Therefore, always try to post in a consistent manner and always try to encourage people to comment or like your posts. Sure this might agitate some of your fans as they will be annoyed to why you are constantly asking them to like your post, but the majority of the people do not mind it especially if your post is something that connects with them.

When you are able to get a sizable amount of fans, you will be able to see your fans size and ‘like’ numbers grow almost exponentially. This is because the viral factor in Facebook is working hard to get the exposure that you deserve (provided that you have been posting constantly and getting enough interactions on your page). Using these few tips, you should be able to add hundred (if not in the thousands) of fans to your fan page in no time.

Facebook Likes

Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes.

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