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Your Online Competitors

The competition on the internet marketing arena is getting higher with each day. Think about it! If you were too do one thing that can help you get a major advantage over all your online competitors (and that would mean a lot of them), what can you do right now and achieve that significant advantage? The right answer would then be to stand out from the crowd or some might call it being different. When you set yourself to be different from the crowd you will get noticed. It’s just the nature of how things are. If you put a picture with four dogs and a cat, the cat will always be the center of the attention. If you have a picture of 4 dogs and 1 black dog in a picture, the black dog will get noticed more than the other 4 white dogs.

You Can Make $12k (or more) in 12 Days...So it makes sense then to try and be different and stand out from the crowd in order to be the victor of the race amongst the competitors within your niche. If you take a look at some of the biggest names in the industry you will realize that these people are good at distinguishing themselves from the crowd. Some will try to be a pioneer, and some will try and do things entirely differently. Now being different don’t just have to be seen in your character. You can be different in your contents for or in your sales message. If everyone in your niche is using the normal text sales letters to sell their product, you can try to use a video sales letter instead. If other competitors are using the normal long sales letter headline, you can use a one word headline or a headline with only a few words.

Be different and you will definitely see the momentum shift towards your business. All eyes will be on you instead. With that said, let us that a closer look at how you can be different and win the hearts of your market and take your business all the way to the top.

Being the same as everyone is bad news.

When you are average and doing what everyone else is doing, you are making a huge mistake. A typical customer will never remember you and since you are offering what everyone else is already offering out there. And to make things worse, people will be able to go out and buy the cheapest or the best deal available. Hence when this happens in order to get sales you will need to price yourself lower and this could mean doom not just for you but for everyone else who is doing the same thing as you. Hence your best bet is to do a thorough research on your niche and your online competitors and do things entire differently. If your online competitors are giving out a valuable bonus, you will want to give out 5 valuable bonuses. If your online competitors are doing a good job, you will want to be so awesome that all the good testimonials will point out to you.

If your online competitors are only doing email support, make the effort to give extra support via phone and live chat. All these little extra things that you are doing will set you apart from the rest. And you do not stop right there. You will try to use a different color theme. You will try to get your sales letter to show a different side of your prospects problems. And you must show why you can fix their problems better than any of your online competitors could ever hope to do for their customers. Lastly you will want to be setting a price that is competitive and at the same time not setting yourself as the ‘cheap’ option as well. When you are providing the best value, more often than not you can get away by pricing yourself a little higher than the rest and still get a lot of sales. The key here is to convince your customers that every single penny spent on your business is worth a lot more than whatever your online competitors are providing.

Standing out on social media?

When playing around with social media, you will notice that in order to stand out from the masses of boring bloggers who are just mindlessly trying to get traffic and monetizing their sites, you should try to put some characters in your blog posts. Being humorous is a big plus, or you can insert other interesting characters that you are comfortable with and express them in your blogs. Even with YouTube, it is obvious that most people are not happy with the boring and annoying amateur video bloggers. However, there are some who are loved by millions and you are clearly seeing that they are full of themselves and they believe in themselves. They express themselves just the way they see fit, being humorous, smart, and attractive and making a point that matter in all their video posts.

Remember, getting famous on YouTube is never as simple as getting yourself in front of a camera and talking pointless things that no one cares. That will only get you labeled as a ‘Douche Bag’. Your job is to present yourself so well loved, so funny that people will subscribe to your channel. This is exactly what you need to do with your other social network efforts in order to stand out from the crowd. Only the best will be remembered and there is absolutely no point in being second!

Your Online Competitors

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