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Ask everyone and everywhere you will find that the one main goal that people are looking for as an online entrepreneur is to get more clients. Clients are the people that will be paying you. Your wealth and success will be directly connected to the amount of clients at you are able to get online. If you are able to get a lot if clients that pay you every single month, then you are close to what we call financial freedom. The more clients you have the better. However, the question is how can you get more clients faster?

Traditionally, for an offline business, the key to getting more clients would seem to be the ‘location’ of your business. However, for online business, a location isn’t something you could aim for. For an online business, to get more clients, you will need more exposure of your business and you need to create a pathway back to your webpage. In other words, you need to build multiple streams of traffic back to your website in order to convert them into clients.

Know your target market

Before you go about looking for more clients, you must first understand who your target market is. Obviously, not everyone will want to buy your product and not everyone will be interested in your niche. You need to be able to understand your target market inside out. You will have to make sure you understand the demographics of your target market.

What this means is that you need to have a clear picture of the people who are most probably going to want and need your product. For example, if your product is about how to get your ex-girlfriend back, then you will know that the age group that you are targeting has to be someone in the age where people are still in the look for a partner in life. Next thing you will want to find out is the gender of your target market.

For example, if you are selling women’s handbag, then it would be obvious that your main market will be females. Knowing as much detail as you can about your target market allows you to find the proper traffic source that will be key to getting the clients that you want. The internet is full of sites where people of the same interest will hang out together. For example, you can make use of forums, video sites and even specific magazine sites that will contain your target market.

Does your target market want your offer emotionally and logically?

The first question that you need to ask when you understand your target market is to see if your potential clients will be going after your products due to emotional reasons or logical reason. The reason to why this is important because you will be using these emotional or logical triggers in your sales funnel.

If you could identify the reason why they will buy your product weather it is an emotional or logical reason, you can then exploit it legally to help them make the buying decision. This is a very important tactic that you need to use for your product sales message.

Bundle your products in a package that will attract your clients.

To improve the mount of conversions, one of the most effective ways it to offer a good deal or package or even bundle your products properly in a more valuable fashion. For example, you can offer a ‘get more for the price of one deal’ or a limited time offer for two different products at 70% discount.

These kinds of offers usually help people decide to buy fast before the offer is gone. If you are not doing a special offer or if you are just doing what your other competitors are doing, and then you will find yourself making a big mistake and thus your conversion rate and sales volume will be mediocre.

When we said ‘special’ offer, we really mean special. You need to make sure that your offers are not the ordinary ones that you see everyone all over the internet. This is your chance to get creative to make sure that your potential buyers will see your offer as an advantage or an offer they could not resist.

Follow Up consistently

When you are marketing online, most of your potential customers will be gone forever when they click on the close button to leave your site. This is why most expert marketers would recommend you to build a list from your traffic so that you can follow-up with your customers and sell more good stuff to them over and over again in the future.

Studies have shown that a lead will usually only convert after getting exposed to your marketing message for 7 times. If you are trying to sell your product the very first time they reach your site, your conversion rate will be low. But if you have a strong follow up system in place then you will be able to market to them in a more effective manner and your conversion will definitely shoot up.

It is also important for you to have a ‘close the sale’ plan in your marketing funnel. For example, you could have a 7 days newsletter with the 7th day of the newsletter be an offer they could not resists just to close the sale. Using a deep discount, upsells or downsells are also a great way to squeeze more out of the clients that you have already acquired. The bottom line is, getting more clients is very important to your business and you should spend at least 70% of your time trying to get more clients instead of doing something else that will not impact your business as significant as getting more sales.

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