The Role of Keyword Research In 2013.

The Role of Keyword Research In 2013. On Your Website.We use to hear a lot about keyword research a few years back. However internet marketers who are starting just today will barely be reading or hearing much about Keyword Research. It would seem that keyword research is not as important as it was back then while some would argue that keyword research is dead. This is not true. Keyword research still holds an important role in internet marketing. Just because it is not widely discussed anymore does not mean Keyword Research is essentially dead.

In fact keyword research is still being actively used by many successful marketers and it is also still used in many online marketing tasks. Although there might be changes to how keyword research is being done and how to use it in your marketing campaigns we must understand that keyword research remains one of the essential ways to help you improve your marketing efforts.

For PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising).

As we all know PPC is what made Keyword research famous. As the popularity of PPC dying down, it is no surprise that keyword research isn’t as much discussed as it was before when it was in the glory days of PPC. But one thing is for sure, people still use PPC, whether it be using the Adwords platform or other ppc platforms. And there is a good reason for this. The reason is PPC still remains as one of the best traffic sources for internet marketers and affiliate marketers.

Sure Affiliate marketers are staying away from Google Adwords for now, but that does not mean that other PPC platforms such as Microsoft Adcenter (and Yahoo Search marketing), 7search and many other PPC platforms do not work for them. It is no surprise then if PPC is pretty much alive, then Keyword research is involved.

With PPC, you will almost always need a sizable amount of keywords to bid on in order to get the best traffic for your ads. You will normally start with one keyword and expand from there. Some marketers prefer a longer list of keyword and some does it the other way round. Well, the general way to go about deciding the length of your keyword list would be to start with a small amount of keywords first and slowly move on and expand to a larger keyword list when you see results from your keywords.

You will have to bid on keywords that are closely related to your product and make sure that you understand your keyword searchers’ intention when they are doing the search. The more you understand the fundamentals behind the searcher’s intention, the better kind of keywords will you be able to find. When you are expanding your list, you won’t expect all the keywords to perform, which is why you will have to test and track every single keyword for conversion. When you find them you will keep them and delete the rest of the keywords that do not work. For Market Research.

Some internet marketers use keyword research as a way to research on a certain niche. They will use keyword tools to draw a huge number of keywords and then expand it further with relevant keywords. These keywords will then teach the marketers a thing or two about what is the niche about, what are the benefits that people are looking for? What are the intention and psychology behind the people within the niche? What is the main problem that needs to be solved?

For example, if you are looking into the weight loss niche, if you find keywords such as Lose Weight Fast and Lose Weight Naturally. You can understand the niche and the demand by looking at the search volume. If the monthly search volumes for the keyword ‘lose weight fast’ far surpasses the search volume for the keyword ‘lose weight naturally’ then you will know what the market’s real demand is. Hence with proper keyword research, you will be able to tell immediately that your goal or product should be aiming for.

For SEO. It makes tons of sense for a good SEO marketer to actually rank high for the right keyword. When it comes to the right keywords, one needs to do a significant amount of research on the keywords. Of course the best scenario would be to actually rank for all the keywords. But we all know that is almost impossible. Hence, an SEO marketer will always have to be very selective of the keywords that they choose to rank.

This is very important because the right keywords will be the key to your conversions when your site is finally ranked high. You don’t want to rank for a useless keyword because most of the time, it takes a lot of time to actually rank a site to a desirable ranking. Imagine getting your site ranked high for a keyword after months of hard work just to find out that the keyword does not convert.

Another important factor that will be at play here is that you will want to understand the keyword that you will be ranking for first. What you are essentially looking for is the competitive level of that keyword. Some keywords are just too competitive while most are just not worth your time even if they are easy to rank keywords. Therefore it will definitely pay off if you do your keyword research first before embarking on a journey in optimizing your site for the search engines. You’ll be glad that you do your homework beforehand and you won’t be wasting any ample time, effort and not to mention your business budget. It is then without a doubt that keyword research still plays a big role in the world of internet marketing even though it has lost a lot of its popularity to date.

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