Tips For A Killer PPV Landing Page

Tips for a killer PPV landing page Website Traffic Choose Quality Over Quantity.PPV ads literally stand for Pay Per View Ads. Many marketers are slowing turning their heads towards using PPV ads to advertise their offers online. One of the most promoted offers on PPV ads are CPA offers. This does not come as a surprise because conversions with CPA ads are much easier and PPV ads are rather cheap so it is still possible for people to actually profit from the small commissions on a CPA offer. Nevertheless let us explore more into the facts about PPV ads and the kinds of landing pages that one should use for their affiliate campaigns.

PPV Landing Page traffic psychology.

The first thing you will want to know about PPV traffic is the psychology behind the PPV viewers. You need to know who are they, their demographics, and how they are receiving the ads. So be sure to actually contact your PPV platform managers and ask them the appropriate questions above and get them answered.

Once you understand more about your PPV traffic, try to think of how you can get their attention. One thing about PPV is that people are getting ads in a more or less intrusive way. Hence it is vital for you to make sure that your landing page loads fast and it is not annoying. If it is annoying and since it is already intrusive, your landing page is almost always going to fail.

Try to be subtle and try not to use auto play audios. If you have to use auto play audios, make sure the audio is not annoying or too loud or people will just rush towards the close button. Just remember the most important factor with PPV traffic is that you will want to your visitors properly and make sure they get a good and fast impression. Another thing you will want to do is to actually grab their attention very fast.
What are your goals for your PPV Landing page?

The next thing you will want to consider when you are planning to create your PPV landing page is to actually understand what your goals are. Most of the time, your goals will be to get clicks and that you want people to click through your landing page and get them to the merchant’s landing page. For this, you do not have to actually use a landing page full of text or explain too much stuff. Instead one of the best ways to grab attention and then get them to click to find out more is to use an attention grabbing picture and then place a nice call to actions caption on the picture itself.

For example, if you are promoting a car insurance ad, you can find a good car accident picture that catches attention and then place a little snippet of words such as ‘Good car insurance will get you through just about ANY accidents… CLIK HERE for the best Car insurance’. With the proper attention grabbing picture and caption, you will be able to grab a lot of clicks for your ad. The more clicks that you get the better because in PPV traffic most of the time you are paying for every impression (view) that you get. Therefore, when you have a good PPV ad that pulls clicks, you are actually going to be paying less for the amount of clicks you get. If your ads are bad at getting clicks, you need to stop that ad immediately and try to find out how to get more clicks to your ad.

Another great way to create your landing page is to go to viral sites and watch out for viral pictures that are getting a lot of attention and comments. Use the pictures with your landing page to pull a lot of clicks. It works wonderfully when you understand your target demographics.

PPV Landing Page

Use similar landing pages to your merchants.

One of the best ways to design your landing pages is to actually copy the landing page of your merchant as much as you can. It is very easy to do and it is very effective as it is with its speed of getting it done. The way you go about doing this is to actually take a screenshot of the merchant’s good looking landing page and then move on to edit the form area of the merchant’s landing page and place a call to action’s caption on it. This way you get a great landing page that redirects to a similar landing page and this relevancy can help improve your conversion rate.

The more you do this, the more you will find that the results are great because the merchants have already spent a lot of time and money to test their landing page for conversions and it only makes sense that by using their exact landing page you will be able to grab a quick click and then it might lead to a conversion. This is very similar to a direct linking method but with a landing page you of your own, you will be able to take control of your captions on the page to improve conversions and click through rates.

Keyword relevance landing page.

Make sure that your landing pages have a keyword on top of your landing page or on the headline to help the visitors relate to your offers. Let say you are targeting people who are searching for the keyword ‘investment’ so naturally on your landing page you need to make sure that you place the keyword ‘Investment’ where it gets seen by your target visitor. Of course you can get creative and use the keyword in a catchy phrase or something to get them to stop and find out more.

The more relevant your landing page is for your visitors, the more clicks you will get. You can ever target your visitors geographically and then on the landing mention their location. For example, for people in Houston, you can place a phrase that goes, ‘Welcome To Houston’s best insurance company’ or something similar. When you do this right you’ll get a surge in your clicks.

PPV Landing Page

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