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Have you ever wondered how professional copywriters write their email promotions? I mean almost everyone should know how to write an email to their friends or people they wish to connect with. But when you talk about writing for money, now that is a different question. When it comes to email marketing, a lot of thoughts have to be put out in order to write a good email promotion. Obviously you need to understand your subscribers and know your niche very well. But how can you start writing good promotional emails like the pros? Here are some guidelines that will definitely be useful when you are going to write your next promotional email to your list.

What is the goal of your email?

The first question that you should always be asking yourself when you are writing a promotional email is to ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with your email. Now the common goal of writing an email to your list is to get people to click on your link. Some people will just want to presell their subscriber and while some would just want to educate or prepare them for the email tomorrow. There are people who use emails to build up hype and anticipation (commonly seen during a product launch).

There are people who write to get more subscribers or to thank you their subscribers. Or it could be a simple goal of getting people to sign up for a service. Knowing your goal is the most important thing for you as the writer and once you know what you want out of your email broadcast, you will be able to move on to think about how you plan to achieve your goals. One quick warning is that you should always keep your emails’ goals to one single goal so that all the focus on the email is going to work on trying to achieve your main goal. Never try to focus on more than one purpose for your emails.

What are the benefits if your subscribers choose to respond and act?

Oh… copywriting… it never fails to leave the field of benefits. That’s right, make sure you know the benefits that your subscribers will enjoy when they respond and act to your email promotions. Highlight them on your body copy and make sure the first few sentences that they get to read is full of benefits. That way, they will know that it is worth the time to find out more. More often than not, that mediocre email that we get every day inside our inbox is not doing the right things. This is why we find ourselves closing and delete those emails almost as fast as we are receiving them.

As a list owner, you do not want that kind of thing to happen to the emails that you send out. Hence make sure that your emails are worth your subscribers time and make double sure that the benefits are amazing and presented very well in your emails. Only when readers feel that your email could be worth their time will they start to read and it might result in a click to your sales letter/landing page and ultimate turn into cash for you.

Headlines oh headlines…

Are headlines important in email marketing? Yes. Where should you place them? You will place them on the subject headline of your emails. The goal of an email subject headline is to get people to open up your email. That’s the ultimate goal. Unlike some sales letters where the headline can be very long and it has the room to promise the world, a subject headline needs to be short, interesting, and precise. Your headline needs to get people interested enough to open up your email for the next steps to ever happen.
Ok so now we know where to place your headline and what is the purpose of your headlines. The next question is how do you get that email opened with your headline? This is a rather subjective question because it could differ from every niche but the most important thing you need to know is that you need to get people interested and curious for more. If you refer to some of the greatest headlines ever written (available twenty four seven on the internet… just hit the search button) you should be able to find a lot of headline samples that focuses the curiosity or interest factor. Use the as a guideline to write your headlines if you have no idea where to start.

Other guidelines will be having you go about and understand the biggest fear or a problem that your target niche might be suffering and on your headline, promise them your solution. For example, young teenagers with Pimples are afraid of one thing… and that is not the pimple… it’s the fear of being rejected by the person they secretly admire. Therefore armed with this knowledge you can now use it as a bait to hook the fish. You can write something like ‘You look amazing… that’s what my secret admirer said to me after I got rid of my zits’. Of course that’s just a rough draft and you need to further shorten it to fit your average email subject headline length but you should get the point to how to write a powerful email subject headline that gets your email opened.

The Postscript.

It is said that the brain only remembers the beginning and the end of the things that they come across daily. This explains why people usually remember the beginning and the end of the movie that they’ve watched before. Hence, you should always end your emails with a good postscript that recites your best benefits or if you have any extra benefits that you have yet to slit it in… that should be fine as well. Make sure that your benefits are legit and you will be able to deliver and you should be able to get those sales coming in (considering that the landing page or sales letter is doing a good job) and have your subscribers thanking you. Write a good email and you can sit back and enjoy being the hero that made your subscribers day.

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