Twitter mistakes you should avoid

With over 500 million users and gaining rapidly with each passing day… should an online marketer ignore the power of Twitter marketing? The correct answer is no. Twitter has become a real force to be reckoned with. Even though they have not surpassed the use of Google or Facebook, but people are seeing a more effective response from their prospects when they engage their prospects via Twitter. What this means is that you need to be using Twitter to strengthen your social marketing strategies as well.

However, using Twitter to improve and grow your business isn’t so straight forward. There are many unspoken rules that you should know and you need to understand the psychology involved when you engage your followers. Nevertheless, below are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when using Twitter as part of your business strategy.
Tweeting about your business in every tweet.

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone could commit when using twitter to promote their business and build a following is to include your business in your every tweet. There’s no need to plug a link or your business into every single one of your tweets. In fact if you are doing so, you need to stop it right now. It does not look natural to the followers and people will feel as if you are trying too hard. You need to sit back relax and enjoy life a little. Show your followers that you are not a robot and show them that you are human. It’s ok to talk about something entirely irrelevant on your business sometimes. Tweet some jokes and your personality once in a while and you will see just how fast people will respond to your tweets.

If every time your tweet is about your business, you will be labeled as lame, and boring. What happens next needs no explanation. Your followers will leave you one after another and you will have a hard time trying to retain your followers. A good Twitter user will have a mix of professionalism, wisdom and also personal seasoning in their tweets. Keep your tweets short at times and put up some lengthy tweets at times. Don’t be a twitter user that is easily predictable. Be unpredictable and stay mysterious and you will see the magic working well in favor of you and your business.

Not tweeting regularly enough.

When you decide to use Twitter to promote your business, you should be committed to a regular tweeting schedule. Be sure to set a minimum amount of tweets per day to keep the conversation and updates coming. If you rarely tweet, your followers will not grow as fast and you won’t be able to get your tweet out in a viral manner. The more regularly you tweet the more chance people will get to know you and the more they will retweet your tweets if your tweets are of value.

Taking up the responsibility of tweeting is like taking up the responsibility to build a relationship with your followers. You need to get your voice heard regularly and consistently for them to remember you and learn more about you. If people like you, your attitude and your tweets then you are building strong brand awareness and more people will do business with you. You cannot expect to build a strong relationship with your followers if you hardly ever contact them or express yourself towards them. In their eyes, you are but a total stranger to them. This is why you should use twitter to communicate with your prospects and followers because in the past, where there is no twitter, people view a business as a business and nothing more. But today with the power of twitter, you can get people to view your business as a friendship and this can help you build a sense of loyalty unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the history of marketing before.

Using an automated response.

This is considered as a mistake because the real purpose of using Twitter is to close the gap that exists between a client and your business. You are trying to make friends by getting close to them and trying to get people to become a friend to your business. However, using an automated message defeats this purpose. It tells your followers that you are lazy and not willing to engage them personally. Social media should never be misinterpreted as an easy way out to build relationships. You need to pave a way between your followers and your business and the only way to do that is to apply personal care and genuinely good intention that will melt the hearts of your followers.

Asking for a retweets every single time.

Some marketers will urge you to ask for a retweets on your every tweet. While this might sound logical to some, it is not a good thing to do. People retweets your posts for a reason. And most of the time, that reason would be that they feel your tweet is worth sharing. So instead of asking people to retweet your tweets in your every tweet, you should choose your tweets wisely. Make sure you ask for retweets only if your tweets are important and that it will make an impact in the life of others.

This will encourage your followers to retweet your tweets because they understand how worthy your tweets are. People will listen to you instead of ignoring you for being a robot. You need to be very smart when you are tweeting and you need to think in the shoes of your followers. Do the right things and do the things that you want others to do for you as well. This mutual respect is what your business needs in the relationship building with your followers. In fact if your tweets are really that worth and great of a retweets, you will find that people will retweet your tweets without needing to be asked anyway. Hence focus on the right things on your tweets and you should be able to grow your followers and your business towards success.

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