Using Graphics As Conversion Boosters On Your Website.

Your Sales Message

On the internet, the two most important metrics that you want to watch out for in your business is traffic and your conversions plus your sales message. For traffic, you have to get targeted ones and you need a lot of them. However for conversions, it might not be as simple as that. Not only will you have to be able to convey and present your sales message properly in a compelling way, you will also need to have good accompanying images to enhance your message for better improved conversion rates.

Using Graphics As Conversion Boosters On Your Website.Avoid Bad Stock Photos.

Using stock photos for your your sales message images are the way to go because you will not have to worry for copyright infringements. However… not every stock photos are created equally. There are a lot of free stock photos out there that just do not cut it. If you are using stock photos for your sales message then you should not try to be penny wise and pound foolish. Honestly speaking, most free stock photos out there are junk and they do not have the sense of professionalism and the angle that you want for a marketing message.

Therefore, when in doubt, go for the paid stock photos. They are not that expensive and you will be sure that the effect from these better quality stock photos to get the job done. Your goal in images is to catch the your sales message attention of your users, get them to see the main benefits of your product by providing the right visual image and get them to trust you. I am sure that after reading this, you will realize just how important your graphics are to your conversion rates.

What’s In It For Them?

That’s the bottom line. There’s nothing you can do or say in your sales message than showing your customers the benefits of investing in your product. How your product will make their live easier will always determine how well your product will sell. Hence, before you even think about conversions and your sales message, ask yourself this one question, is your product going to be able to give your potential customers what they want?

Hence when it comes to choosing the images for your graphics, you must always choose one that shows your potential clients the benefits of using your product. Is it going to be a happy ending? Are there smiles and happiness while using your products together with their friends and family? These are the elements that you should look for in your images and truth be told, if you can’t find what you want, you might need to take a photograph of your own or hire a professional photographer to create the effect that you want.

Testimonials and images

Testimonials are a strong motivator when it comes to boosting conversions, hence it is always a wise thing to do by placing captions and proper testimonials to boost your conversion rates. One recent report shows the test results of using captions on images and it is said that captions gets read 4 times more than plain text. What this means is that when you place testimonials on your captions, your testimonials gets read. This is a wonderful discovery for all marketers alike and thus taking advantage of captions in your images is a must if you wish to maximize your conversions via the use of graphics.

The Human Touch

Another great method to help improve your conversion rate is to include the human touch feeling to your images. That means you can edit your pictures to make it look like it has been edited by a real human being. This means your images does not have to look perfect and it should look like there is a real human behind the images showed.

An easy way to put the human touch on images are arrows and highlights of important messages on your images by using the basic paint software and draw an arrow or circle on your images. These simple yet effective ways to show and present your sales message will without a doubt improve your conversion rate.

Mascots Helps.

A mascot is fun. And a Mascot will help people get curious with what you have in store for them. A happy mascot can easily become your logo and brand so use a mascot to improve the overall attention that you get on your sales letter. When you have a mascot, you can be sure people can relate to your products easily. The best part, people will be able to remember your product for a much longer time compared to products that do not use a mascot.

Therefore, consider using a mascot to present your product the next time you design your web page or sales letter.

Tap into emotions.

Emotions are a very powerful tool that a marketer can use. Humans are emotional beings. If you can tap into the emotions of your potential customers, then you are in for a treat. Copywriters swear by it so including emotional triggers in your images can instantly show your customers what you need to tell them in just one glance instead of having them read a thousand words. A strong emotional image can easily help your customers decide to pay you money to solve their problems. Some of the more powerful emotional includes fear, worries, and happiness.

Of course negative emotions are many times more powerful than positive one because people are desperate to be rid of their bad emotions and move on to the happy ones. Nevertheless, there’s nothing stopping you from using both types of emotions in your images so choose your images wisely and enjoy a better amount of over sales.

Using Graphics As Conversion Boosters On Your Website.

Your Sales Message Graphics As Conversion Boosters On Your Website

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