Want To Spy On Your Competitors? Use Twitter!

Twitter Account

Who would have thought that the ever popular Twitter social network’s site can be used a s a spy tool right? Well, we are here to tell you that you can in fact use Twitter to spy on your competitors and it is pretty much a very legal thing to do.

Observe these ways that we share below.

Want To Spy On Your Competitors? Use Twitter!Follow your twitter account competitors.

On twitter, you can choose to follow your competitors and your competitors will not mind it at all. By doing this you can watch their every move that they do on twitter and learn what they have been up to lately. Just by doing this you can gather a lot of precious Intel on what they have been doing or what they are planning to do. You can then make your move based on the Intel gathered.

Hey… all’s fair when it comes to war right?

The beauty of it all is that you do not even actually need to follow your competitor directly. All you need to do is to create a private twitter list and add your competitor’s twitter account or accounts onto this private this. This way, you will be able to get all the latest news and updates from them and by doing this you will be able to catch their business strategies and learn their every move.

Stalk their replies.

What we are indicating here is merely to monitor and learn what they do on their @replies to some of the questions your competitors might get. When you do a search of your competitor’s username, you will be able to see what everyone has been saying about your competitors.

Again by spying on this, you will gather some of the most precious Intel about your competition. If people are praising their products, you can learn what others like about your competitor’s product and try to implement it into your own product. This way, you can take away all the bad things that people stay away from and improve your products with knowledge on what people adore.

Using this method you can even locate all the suggestions and questions that the general public might have on your competitors and using this super important Intel that you have gathered you can instantly create a F.A.Q sheet for your own product so that you can educate your own customers more effectively about your own product.

Now that you know how to do this to your competitors, you can also use this method to do a search on your own twitter username and find out the same kind of information that you need to further improve your own product and services. Here’s where it gets tricky. You can monitor your competition and see if they are tending to all the questions that have been asked. If they are missing out on some of the replies, you can jump at this opportunity and answer the questions that are being asked, and this could help you funnel some traffic back to your own site. If your product is proven to be better, you will see that people will start buying you product instead.
More information from their followers.

There’s a service out there called Tweepi where you can actually use it to spy on your competitor’s followers. This service is simply remarkable. It is remarkable because you can use this service to find out a list of their followers and learn more about their biggest fans. You can then try to approach them manually, or you can even compare the statistics you have on your competitors with your own.

Another great service you can use is a service called Twitter counter. This service literally tells you how fast your competitor’s followers are growing, and this gives you a rough idea of how healthy your competitor’s growth is compared to your own.
Using these tools and services you can approach your competitor’s main influencers and with proper relationship building, you might even be able to win them over in favor of you and get them to start helping out in spreading the words about your business. You can even strike out some special deals with them so they can get some sort of extra benefits if they choose to help your business instead.
Other social networks

All your social secrets are mine! Yes, many twitter users actually connect their twitter account with other social network accounts such as Facebook or YouTube. What this means to you is from their Twitter account alone you will also be able to find out their other strategies that they have been using on other social network platforms.

The next logical thing you can do from here is to make sure you and your business is not left behind, and you should try to do the same thing they are doing and improve on what they have been doing on other social networks.
Check out their blog posts
Again via their twitter account, you should be able to gain access to your competitor’s blogs or articles that they have published. From these articles and posts you can find out what are the main focuses of your competitors and if they are doing the right thing.

Obviously not everything that your competitor is doing would means that it is working. Some strategy that they are implementing could be harming their business and even they do not know about it. Hence it is up to you to filter out the information that you have gathers through your own snooping around and try to put what works into your own business and weed out the bad things that harms your own business.

If you keep doing this to most of your competitors, sooner or later you will rise to the top and be the leader of the industry. This is all good, but you should never stop growing from there because just as you can spy on your competitors, you must understand that they could be doing the very same to you right this moment!

Twitter Account

Want To Spy On Your Competitors? Use Twitter!

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