YourTube Eliminated Music Stores

Here are several reasons why digital music has eliminated the music store with most people:Why Free Music Downloads Virtually Eliminated Music StoresCost – With free music downloads available all over the place, spending the money for a CD just makes no sense any longer. Once you have a digital copy, it is easy enough to listen to in any situation that, paying for music is largely outdated. Even when you do spend the money on digital copies such as iTunes or the like, the cost is still a fraction of what it costs to buy multiple CDs to get your favorites. Convenience – How can you possibly compete with an mp3 player or digital options? You can carry literally thousands of songs on a little device as big as your hand, or you can carry along hundreds or thousands of CDs that have a ton of music you would never normally listen to anyway. Most CDs have one or two songs you want them for, and the rest are wasted space. Digital allows you to have what you want when you want it.Flexibility – Digital music acquired from free music downloads can easily be converted into whatever format that you need. With CDs, you have to literally have a CD player available to listen. We all know the difficulties involved with trying to do that while jogging or in a car. No such worries exist with free music downloads of digital music. There is no skipping or jumping, and it goes with you anywhere that you want.Instant Gratification – A music download is instant for the most part, whereas finding your favorite CD might take weeks, months or even years. Once a song is digitally offered, it can be found in literally thousands if not millions of places. You can be listening in minutes and never have to leave your computer desk.Only Get The Songs You Want – Without a doubt, this is one of the best reasons to use digital music and mp3 downloads. Back in the day, we would spend hours and days putting together mixed tapes that only had the best of our tapes and CDs. Now that can be done in minutes via the Internet, iTunes and an iPod. There is no real competition here.

Source: YourTube Eliminated Music Stores

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