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you heard richard mentioned the referral plan and the technical part of this is that it is a referral plan let me just see what happened there this thing’s clicking forward here so technically it’s a referral plan i like to call it a business plan and the reason i like to call it a business plan because i’m going to show you this super short presentation that i do that shows you the amount of money that you can make and without putting a big effort in it and it can replace your job and if you have a business you get freedom with business and if you remember we’re all putting in what we’d like to get last week what do we want one click to get us and some people said cars and some people said travel and sleep some people said uh they just wanted to get out from underneath everything and i told you i want freedom i want freedom because then i can do what i want when i want as you can see in the background on my slide i’m about my cottage right now and that’s what i love about here because you know this one click you can do it anywhere in the world i can be in any of those coastal states that uh richard was asking you to name of the united states i can be in any one of them and do this presentation and it works just beautiful and we talk to people all around the world here which when you have a business you treat it a little different it means that what you’re hoping for as you can see you can obtain you just have to put it in your plan and go out and get it because what i’m showing you is super simple and most you’ve got the right answer you combine them a little bit but when i did super simple the person who said get one is the winner because that’s the super simple part of it now you can see at the top of the slide the affiliate program is 149 a month a customer is 99 a month now you may or may not know but a customer is a person that all they want to do is take the services that richard does on the trading side they want to make passive income if they learn how to compound it it could be quite you know efficient it could be quite completely all they want they may not want any more money from it from then but the idea of the referral program is so you can actually share this with other people because when you start making money at this and you find out how super simple it really is you are going to tell people you’re going to tell your your relatives for starters and if some of you have been in some of these businesses before and the business required you to sell a product or a or a service or something you go to your relatives and he says i don’t want any super soap i don’t need no diet plans i don’t need none of this stuff and they and they want to hide from you okay one click is not that one click is going to show them how they can make on the average between five and ten percent a week in they when they invest their money versus you could make five to ten percent a year if you want to leave it in your bank so look at plan a you can do it weekly plan b you can do it yearly now if you’re doing it weekly you’re going to tell people and the best people to tell are the people close to you okay and then you go and go out from there four ways of making commission direct referral commission indirect referral commission a super affiliate commission and a pro affiliate commission so as i show you how simple this is you refer someone that signs up and subscribes and it doesn’t matter whether they’re a customer or an affiliate you earn fifty dollars and i call the first guy we sign up bob okay so this is you up in the corner and right underneath is bob you told bob hey bob you want to make a little extra money and he says yep how do i do it and so bob signs up so you’ll receive fifty dollars not only when he signs up but every month that he pays a subscription you’re gonna get another fifty dollars and this fifty dollars comes in instantly as he pays his subscription it goes in one door in the description and out the other door it goes to your account so you’ll have it so all you gotta do then is teach bob here’s bob down here and bob over here all you’re going to teach bob is bob go get somebody and you’ll get 50 bucks also so that’s what he did bob went out and he found anne so what happened with and got a 50 payment sent to bob but to you who introduced bob you’re gonna get ten dollars because ann joined up under bob and then anne went out and got joe so here we are we’re getting we’re starting a little string here uh you know you introduced bob got your fifty dollars bob introduced and so bob got the fifty dollars so and got you got ten dollars because of anne and then when ann introduced joe and’s going to get the fifty dollars because joe signed up but you’re gonna get the ten dollars because we call that indirect commissions so everybody who joins up under the people you sign up directly going down six levels are going to pay you ten dollars each and every month that they pay their subscription so that starts to add up and that’s pretty nice when it adds up like that so i think my mystery my sheet machine went backwards there here that’s right that’s it you can never watch what we’re doing with these zoom things they flip around so just to explain it just a little bit farther so that was the simple way get one person and you’re off to the races so here’s the one that laura mentioned laura mentioned if you share with three and they join join up it doesn’t matter whether they join up as a customer or an affiliate but if they sign up and they want to be part of one click you get three you’re going to get 50 from each of them and that 50 times 3 is 250 it covers your basic subscription fee each and every month so here’s you up here you went off and got bob you remember bob and then bob he went out and did the same thing you’re gonna teach bob do the same thing first you tell bob get one and once bob gets one he gets comfortable and says this is good this is easy he’ll go get the other two and so he’s gonna have three people and why does he want three he wants three so that it offsets his subscription so it basically means that he’s doing the referral side or the business side of one click for free so then your second person you brought in was jim and so jim did the same thing if you concentrate on now you got bob going he’s gone out got us three now you’re gonna help jim you’re gonna say jim let me do how can i help you do you want me to come over to your house and talk to your family while you show this do whatever you can do zoom with them show them how simple the business is get jim off to the races and he gets his three and again why does jim want to do that because it covers his subscription fee and then we don’t want to leave the ladies out so we went and found sue and sue joined and sue found three people so here we are look at what happens with you right now here you are at the top you’ve brought in bob you brought in jim he brought in sue each of those people are this are worth fifty dollars i don’t say they’re worth fifty dollars that sounds kind of cheap what i’m saying basically is they they get involved they pay their 149 subscription or 99 subscription and you get 50 of that so once you’ve signed up three people you have your subscription covered but look at what you got now you taught bob to get three and jim to get three and sue to get three right now we have 12 people in your little group and so if each of these three people down here repeat what you just did they each are going to go and get three people because bob wants to help them and they’re going to get three and they get three and they get three and the whole idea of this it goes down for six levels and it starts you lose control because you don’t even get to know who this guy is probably because you want to help bob all along because he’s the direct person to you and then bob will help the people underneath you but look at what happens to this now you brought three people in you got your fifty dollars worth a hundred and fifty dollars that’s what you got and you’ll get that each and every month if nothing changes you get that each and every month but when you have three people who get three people who get three people because all we’re teaching them to get three people and it goes down for six levels if you do the math you’ll see it’s going to be a thousand and eighty nine people down there and a thousand and eighty nine people times ten dollars is ten thousand eight hundred and ninety dollars and you add the two of those together and you are making eleven thousand dollars a month eleven thousand dollars a month puts you in a pay range higher than most people i don’t know i was going to say the world but i don’t know the world but i know canada and i know the uk and i know the us the average person is only making approximately 60 000 and so just by finding three people you know you’re not just going to find three people you want to find three people that want to grow a business and if you find three people that want to grow a business you’re going to obtain this very very quickly but there is no race you can do this at whatever speed you want to do it when you sort of tiptoe in it takes a little longer but if you jump right in and call a person up and he says no i don’t want to get involved that you call the next guy and the next guy you’re gonna find three people and it’s gonna happen and you’re gonna tell those three people i’m gonna help you get three people because that’s the that’s the magic of this the three people and then you’re into 132 000 a year last time we did the presentation i mentioned watched the news and they mentioned that half of the people in the united states are living paycheck to paycheck now will you believe it that’s a funny statement to say because what i heard in the news this morning i’m listening to the news they’re interviewing business owners and said they can’t find any employees nobody wants to work all they want to do is sit around now i got to tell you that’s probably not the person that you want to go and get going in the business because they’ll just want to sit around you want the people that want to get ahead in life and they want to have a dream and they want to go after that dream so it’s pretty pretty simple so let’s recap the recap is very simple you receive 50 monthly commission on every person that you directly introduce into one click whether they’re a customer or an affiliate and as soon as they pay their subscription you get your fifty dollars now everybody under those people that sign people up and introduce them into one click you’re going to receive a ten dollar monthly commission on all of what we call the indirect referrals as soon as they pay their subscriptions so this starts adding up fairly quickly now when you are an affiliate and when we just changed our our program up to 149 we didn’t want to just do it and say we want more money for you what we did we went out and actually put together what we call a done for you full marketing suite now this is rolling out very soon it’s already started to go but with that suite you’re going to have things like websites and including the landing pages auto responders follow-up email programs and a lot more that’s going to be involved to help the people who want to grow their business now you got to remember these are tools you got to use them if you don’t use them you won’t get anything out of them and and mention i might as well mention right here now we’re creating a team builder webinar and we’re going to probably launch our first one on tuesday coming so watch your emails we’re going to want to take probably the first six people that say hey i want to check this out and the reason i say six people is because it’s brand new we sort of just put it together we want to go over it with a small group we want to get some really good feedback and say did you learn anything or what else would you like to learn would you like to learn this would you not need to do this and maybe when we only have six we can keep the mics open so we can talk to each other and then it will grow from there so if you want to put in the chat that you like to be part of that maybe that will help because we’ll have to email you so we can uh give you the link to go to it um on top of all that information we also get what we call a messenger bot now the messenger bot is a it’s kind of like a little computer uh software program that you can send out to people and it when they click into it it actually is going to tell them all about one click we sort of have one similar going on right now in facebook if anybody’s on telegram the people who are members are ready and you see them they’re coming out almost every day you can click on it it takes you to the one click facebook page and it tells you a little story and then it says like the page make a comment share it and then hit the robot the bot comes back on and starts asking you hey you hit this and ask you a bunch of questions and you follow it through and it actually the the reward for doing that we’re putting you in what we call a rotator which means that everybody who goes through the process gets put into a into a little account and when people come on the site and said i want to know about one click it’s going to click them off and it’s going to just distribute them to you so every time you see that message and it does come out every day you can do it every day just go through it every day so between the done for you program and the messenger bot they’re really two great tools that are going to help you get ahead and grow your business and along with the team builder webinar that we’re going to get going for you so on top of those commissions that i mentioned we have two more places where you can make commissions uh we call it super affiliate and pro affiliate and the only difference to become a super affiliate you need to get 10 direct people to join up to become a pro affiliate you got to get 20 people now you know you can make lots of money not even getting these guys involved but these ones just sort of just happen you know because as you grow your one-click business it’s not going to happen in a week and a half you know it might take a couple of months but who cares what if it took you six months what if it was a good christmas present he said holy man i just become pro affiliate and what does it mean to you it means then when i told you you get fifty dollars and ten dollars it means that when you become a super affiliate you get another five dollars on top of all that and when you become a pro affiliate you get another five dollars so you’re gonna have a fifty dollar a ten dollar a five dollar and a five dollar and they just keep on adding up so and you don’t even have to really work any harder it’s just doing your goal and get one at a time because once you’ve done your three and you’re free all you gotta think of is go back and say i just gotta find one more guy and you find one more guy and you teach him to get one more guy and tell him about the three and three then you move to the next guy you find another guy and then you get him going and he says all you got to do is get one and you help them tell them about it show them get them to the webinars show them how to how easy it is and let them come on board and as soon as they do that um hang on a second i tried to let somebody in and it made me go backwards but that’s okay um so all i’m saying is you get them to bring one person in one at a time so if you’re done year three to be free then you got another guy then you got another guy now you’ve had five directs you’re halfway to through being the next super affiliate so that’s how easy it comes there’s one thing to make sure that you’re able to qualify for this and it’s not a toughy it’s just being an active subscription that means that each and every month you pay your subscription like richard said it is a subscription service this is where all the people are paid all the pro traders are paid and all that stuff so you just make sure that you keep your subscription up to date um you can refer as many people you know like i talked about three and four and five but you can you can recall you can get 10 people 20 people 100 people 50 people whatever you want to do i think once you start rolling along because any of those levels that i’m telling you that you can do people who are working and you’re doing a nine to five job once you’ve done this from month after month after month and you see the money coming in you’ll probably want to take the jump and say you know what i’m tired of somebody else telling me what to do telling me when i can have my holidays telling me anything you want to do this on your own and because all you know already all i’ve got to do is go find another guy i get another guy he’s going to get another guy and then get another guy he’s going to get another guy so it just grows for you and as we mentioned before you’re paid daily and what that means is that if you had your first direct today pays you get paid and tomorrow you get another direct when he pays you get paid so this could happen daily you if you just work the way that you you sign people up every day you go into your account in the back office and you’re going to look oh i got paid again so that’s how easy it is and we let you put that commission wherever you want you can leave it in the back and of your office and let it grow you can send it over to your trading account you can send it to your wallet you just tell the system where you want it to go and away it goes and of course this is always was my bugaboo about any of these businesses now i got to tell you 99 out of 100 of them they want to call you your money out of the out of your pocket and will they last maybe i don’t like maybe because i got maybe twice and that meant they took my money and left okay so this is the only thing if we don’t control our own crypto you don’t even want to even talk to them i don’t care if they tell you i’m give you a bitcoin every month okay because they’ll take it one hand and take it and lose it out the other hand so if you control your bitcoin you’re going to love the business you get to withdraw when you want to withdraw you don’t have to ask anybody you just go and do it you have unlimited income potential again i think most of you know i didn’t even tell you who i was so you know al cunningham i’m a real estate broker i’ve been selling real estate for many many many years i’ve always been 100 commission by what that mean to you means if i want to make money i have to work if i sit at home and watch tv and don’t do it i don’t get paid so this business is kind of the same you have an unlimited income potential here it just means when you get up in the morning you say you know what i’m gonna go and share one click with one more person where do you do it go have your coffee at i don’t know where you guys all are but starbucks is probably everywhere go have your coffee in starbucks take your laptop with you get a deco on the back that says one click sit there drink your coffee and somebody says what the heck’s one click thank you sir you tell them all about it and this is how your business grows um we use compression basically that’s just the kind of a terminology to let you know that all of the money is paid out at all times we don’t take any of it and the nicest thing about one click is you can earn money both ways you can earn it just by putting it in into rick or richard’s side and richard is looking after the trading and you can make as much money as you want there once you start compounding it’s going to grow but you get a taste of making money and then you’re going to think if i just had a little bit more you maybe start sharing it with other people i think a lot of people that make a lot of money do share a lot of money they share it to a lot of charities and it’s nothing better than making you feel good to be able to do that and so you can build your money through the trading and you can build your money through the referral base and look at how simple this is remember what i’ve said i’ve said it five times but i everybody didn’t get it right next time i do the presentation i bet you everybody gets it right what you gotta do just find one person get one person and show them how simple it is and to help them get one person and help them do it again and again the same as you do and everything’s rolling along for pretty pretty free now i think richard already mentioned the 14-day fry up of trial so this is for the all the new people on board you can get on board very simply um and just sign up and during the 14 days the person who helps you get into the business will get all your accounts set up for your get your wallet set up get your exchange set up and even get a few clicks maybe and you get a couple of clicks coming in and you could make a few dollars during that 14 days but i say this is not a quick what i’m going to say a quick rich program this basically is a program that once you start this is the last i was going to say job now but it’s not really a job it’s the last program you’ll ever want to get in because all it can do is get better and you got to remember the majority of people in the world they don’t even know what crypto is yet we guys are pioneers of this we’re going through this ups and downs and sideways stuff but we’re coming out at the other end and people are just going to start wanting to come in more and more people are going to want to talk to you so just to grab on to them and start sharing and then it’s going to be able to get going and grow your team and with that i want to welcome you to the trading system and help you join and help you become one of our family members and i think that’s about all i can really tell right now richard

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