13 reasons why most people fail to build a successful online business

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you it is tuesday it's the first of june already   we are almost halfway through the entire 
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start running grow online businesses and today i'm   going to be talking about why people fail because 
some people fail at this matter of fact most   people fail and i'm going to share with you why 
they fail looking forward to this richard brown   says well thank you richard i appreciate it buddy 
um i've got a list of things that i've made that   what i've seen over the year causes people to fail 
and i don't want you guys to fall in that category   so i put this list together i think it's a great 
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doing good um so today i am going to talk about   um things that causes people to fail however if 
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really am here to help you that's what this   channel is all about it's just helping people you 
know grow their business i have another channel   that's going to be starting in probably a month 
and a half two months it's going to be a cooking   channel i like to cook and i was like you know 
what i'm going to do a channel for that too so   if you're into that i'll let you know about it i'm 
still kind of toying around with the name of it   i cook all kinds of different stuff from chinese 
to mexican to italian to american to barbecue so i   have no idea what direction i'm going to go with 
that but i'm going to go some direction with it   maybe it'll be how to do this stuff economically 
because we all want to do that and you know i   cooked some ribs yesterday and i'm not to get 
off subject which i already am but i had so much   i mean it's like i bought this big slab of ribs 
and i've got like five more meals left off this   one slab uh because it was so huge but anyhow it 
was kind of cool and i could show you the process   uh for doing that uh that way you'd have to go out 
to the restaurants and pay you know 20 some odd   dollars for a tiny little rack of ribs i think 
this whole thing cost me like 15 16 bucks and   literally it would feed five people uh it was huge 
um so it was very inexpensive so maybe i'll go to   that route but i do want to talk about why people 
fail today um you know i started my business well   i've owned a couple businesses in all fairness 
uh but i started my online business in 2009.   um and from my experience you know a lot of 
people think well the reason people fail is   they don't have any time and they don't have 
money they don't have resources that's not   the case from my experience the reason people 
fail is that they aren't successful excuse me   in business not because they don't have resources 
but because of lack of resourcefulness glass   of resourcefulness um is the killer okay your 
psychology your mindset is going to determine your   success more than anything else okay that's what's 
really going to determine um you know i've worked   with a lot of people over the years and a lot 
of them have gone on to make millions of dollars   others have made thousands of dollars okay you 
know a lot of them have been able to quit their   jobs and have freedom um but you know the deciding 
factor was how resourceful were they um you know   i i get upset when people fail you know because 
i work really hard to help people uh and i don't   like when they fail so i had to start kind of 
looking at why did some of these people fail   why wasn't everybody successful now i'm not 
your your common one-line trainer and i'm   not saying everybody that does my stuff is 
gonna be successful that's not true because   i don't know what you're gonna do with it you 
know i don't know if you're gonna work i don't   know if you're gonna put in the time it takes i 
don't know if you're gonna put in the effort i   don't know if you're gonna get discouraged 
i don't know any of these things if if you   can overcome these 13 things i'm going to give you 
today you probably will be very successful okay so   as i go through them i want you to kind of look 
at them and say are these things affecting me   uh let's see richard brown chimichurri sauce ready 
for my barbecue ooh i love chimichurri i love the   piece of chimichurri i love the garlic and the 
oil and everything uh but anyway i want to make   a difference for you guys um and you know i was 
working this weekend and i was thinking about that   um i was working not because i had to i mean 
i've got enough money in the bank you know to   pay for my new house you know to pay my bills 
you know for years to come but the thing is i i   enjoy doing it i like doing it okay um and working 
online you can decide you want to make six figures   seven figures eight figures um you know i've made 
some really good money online over the years and   when i started out i didn't know anything i mean 
i'm no different than anybody else i didn't know   what i was doing i just i had this desire to do 
it um so what i'd like to do is kind of go through   you know and it is an 80 20 rule thing guys i 
want you to think about this eighty percent of   the stuff you do is not going to work out okay 
uh and i think the first thing that kills people   let's see richard brown says if you succeed 
that's down to you if you fail that's down   to you too yeah people don't want to look at that 
though they don't want to go you know i failed on   selling stuff on ebay or i failed at selling stuff 
on amazon or i failed at my drop shipping business   they want to say drop shipping doesn't work they 
want to say ebay doesn't work they want to say   amazon doesn't work when in fact there's people 
making money on all those things right now okay   so the first thing the first thing i'll tell you 
uh is people who fail don't have confidence in   themselves and they lack belief okay they don't 
have confidence in themselves and they lack belief   i think that is the number one reason out of 
all of them you know i'm giving you number one   first is if you don't have that uh you don't have 
that confidence in yourself and here's the kind   of confidence i had when i was looking at selling 
online i didn't know anything about selling online   i didn't know what to sell i know how to sell it 
i mean may have a product but i looked around and   i saw there were other people making money online 
and they didn't look that much different from me   okay they look like a human being you know they 
were all races they were all ages they were all   different sexes and it didn't matter and i was 
like well if they can do it i mean they didn't   look like geniuses or anything to me they just 
look like people who had figured out things to   do and i figured if i could just figure out 
the things to do i would probably be okay   and there's like so many directions you can go 
people's like what should i do to make money   online i'm like god news i don't know there's like 
a million things you can write a book you could do   drop shipping you know you could do coaching 
you could you know build websites there's so   many things you can do what do you like doing 
what do you like doing what is it you want to do   so when you think about it first off is have the 
confidence look at other people around you and go   they're doing it they're doing it okay don't say 
things don't work okay that's not true it's never   true things do work things work really well and 
if they're working for other people they should   work for you the number two thing i think i see 
is lack of patience uh people want it right now   and it's because of the society that the world 
has created now where it's this instant success   it's not instant success and it's funny you know 
i've been to concerts before i was at this one   concert and this these two guys you know have 
this group and they're really really popular   they're hugely popular um and it's like oh my 
gosh their breakout group they've done really   well and the guy got up on stage and he was like 
you know what i've been doing this for 15 years   we went to night clubs where there were more 
employees there than there were people watches   we've worked clubs in a van driving across country 
where we would have two or three people there two   or three people they were performing in front 
of now this particular night they were sold   out it was packed wall-to-wall and they were like 
don't let this fool you this is not how we started   guys you got to be patient you got to trust the 
process um i don't know anybody who just invest   uh in a training or starts a business and 
then all of a sudden it's like they're a   super success i don't know anybody like that it 
doesn't happen that way most people will fail   most people go through setbacks and adversity 
along the way but because they're focused on the   long term they're patient they're like i'll get 
there i'll get there you know when i started my   youtube channel um i didn't have any subscribers 
and then i had 500 then i had a thousand   uh we just broke five thousand and i don't care 
i mean i wanna i wanna i don't mean i don't care   about subscribers what i mean is i don't care that 
i don't have as many as i should have because i'll   get there i mean i know i'll get there i just know 
i will i know i will because i'll just keep going   and if i keep putting up a video every day if 
i keep helping you guys every day and i keep   growing my audience every day i'll get there 
that's how you gotta think you can't say well   i want it right now you know i did five videos 
where i did 10 videos and they didn't work out   well did you try to improve your videos did you 
do 20 did you do 100 i mean i would say on youtube   if you're trying to do a youtube channel you're 
going to have to have 2 300 videos to really get   going is it true that some people do 50 50 videos 
and it takes off sure probably not for you though   because it doesn't work that way okay so that's 
the next part uh by the way goya isn't a spanish   painter no nagoya's a manufacturer right 
for sure uh yes james need to take action   uh james breen says goya uh let's see mbw of 
course management by walking around i knew   that one for from all my management days 
let me go ahead and get a little sip here number three is a big one they're lazy that's 
it that's it they're lazy you know i talked to   a lot of people and they're telling me you know 
things didn't work out and i asked them what they   did i'm like you haven't put in enough work you 
haven't worked hard enough you haven't done enough   they're not fully committing themselves to put in 
the work that's required to create success they   want it takes a lot of work it might success 
is not easy you know it's a very lonely road   there's a lot of work to do that's why a lot of 
people don't achieve success because they're just   not willing to put in the work you have to want 
it so bad that doing the work is just something   you understand you do okay uh today i went and i 
worked out yesterday my wife couldn't because she   was doing a video and she was painting and all 
that but she'll be back today and we both know   we got to put in the work you know we're not 
going to you know i i'm not going to look like   mr atlas okay if i don't put in the work and i'll 
probably never look like that that's not the point   but the point is i've got to just put in the 
work and i'm not going to see results immediately   uh you know i've been working out off and on 
my entire life so is my son he's he's actually   a bodybuilder and going into competition um but 
that just takes work and you know you can go into   that gym for two months straight and hardly 
see anything at all and then one day you see   a little incremental increase that's how it is 
that's how it is online it takes a lot of work   um i've created a lot of success and i'm living a 
life that i want at this point okay but i want to   create more i want to make more of an impact i 
want to do more you know um we're all set for a   house in um texas and the money's all lined up 
and all that so it's all good but i'm doing a   big promotion today it started today uh it'll 
go out off at 10 a.m i've been working on the   promotion for three weeks three weeks because i 
want more okay so you've got to do that you've got   to put in the effort uh and a lot of days our days 
aren't glamorous we'll eat a sandwich at the house   because excuse me we have so much work to do 
um you know we don't get dressed up every day   you know i do these live things here with a 
t-shirt or whatever but the thing is it's not   a glamorous life either you know you're going to 
think well you know once you're this big online   marketer then you're gonna make tons of money 
and you have all these people working for you   i don't want a lot of people working for me i 
don't want that why would you want that now you   got to manage them i do have people working for me 
um because it's necessary um but it's just it's a   matter of me having to work you can't assign it i 
see so many people say well i'm going to start an   online business and i'm going to hire somebody 
to do the website i'm going to hire somebody to   do the seo and i'm going to hire somebody to find 
me some products and i'm going to hire somebody   to run this thing for me and i'm just going to sit 
back and enjoy the money it doesn't work that way   it doesn't work that way in a restaurant it 
doesn't work that way in a hair salon it doesn't   work that way online it doesn't work that way you 
can't hire yourself into success all these people   that you hire are going to way overcharge you 
probably uh and if not you know they're still not   going to know how to run a business you ultimately 
have to do it you ultimately have to put in the   time okay number four and that kind of since i 
was talking employees it kind of brings me to this   new people try to do everything themselves 
new people try to do everything themselves   this is the next reason people fail and this is a 
big one they try things on their own uh and doing   things on your own is just kind of stupid okay 
if if you say well i want to make money online   but i don't want to pay for one of jr's courses 
or i don't want to pay for joe blows courses   that's just dumb that's just dumb for you to try 
to figure it out on your own if i have figured   out how to do something and i'm willing to tell 
you for a fee you know hey take my course you   want to learn facebook ads take my course on this 
you want to learn emails take my course on this   you know you want to learn survival i have 
a course on that take my course on this   why would you go and try to figure out everything 
that's taken me years to figure out on your own   why would you do that you're like well i don't 
spend any money on it well that's just dumb you   can't do it on your own you can't i have bought 
a lot of course i spent ten thousand dollars   recently for a course on youtube ads 10 grand 
okay and i've been doing this for over 10 years   i'm still buying education i still read books i 
still learn stuff i look i watch people's videos   i learn stuff every day that's another 
thing you got to do give me another sip here let's see jr you have the slight edge it's 
mirrored in jeff olson's the slight edge   incremental advances over time yeah i 
mean that's what it is i don't expect   big things every day i've had a lot of big things 
but it's because of this little bit of work i'm   doing constantly tony robbins says beliefs and 
modeling are important 100 and that's one of   the steps i'm going to talk about uh in just a 
second and that is i'm still going through this   um number five i've got something else number five 
is having unbelievable unrealistic expectations   unbelievable unrealistic expectations another 
reason people fail a lot is they have this   crazy unrealistic expectations um this kind 
of goes back to number two when i mention   uh and number three lacking patience people get 
caught up in this short term thinking mentality   because that's kind of how our world is nowadays 
they want to get rich quick okay and it doesn't   work that way it doesn't have some people done 
that yes and some people pull the slot handle in   vegas and they win a million dollars but the odds 
of you doing that are not good you could pull that   slot handle a million times and probably still 
not win a million dollars the results is that   um you know i'm just going to start a business 
or whatever and i'm going to make millions of   dollars i'm going to make hundreds of thousands 
of dollars instantly it's not going to happen   guys if it was that easy everybody would be rich 
and successful think about it everybody would be   it's not easy oftentimes you know i've done videos 
on this where i'll recommend that people's first   goal is to make a dollar uh one dollar but now i 
was lucky when i first started i made ten dollars   ten dollars i got a ten dollar sale i didn't make 
a profit i made a ten dollar sale though and i was   so excited i ran in the living room i was a single 
dad my kids were little at the time and i said hey   i made ten dollars and i didn't exactly say that 
i said hey i sold something online and they were   like oh my god that's great they were like how 
much did you sell i said ten dollars and they   looked at each other like i was insane they were 
like ten dollars dad that's not a lot of money   i mean you know that's like our allowance but the 
point was i was able to make ten dollars and if i   could make ten dollars i could do that again and 
again and again and i could increase that amount   and that's what ultimately happened understanding 
um that you've got to have realistic expectations   if you're brand new if you're a newbie to 
something you can't expect the results of somebody   that's more experienced than you now the only way 
you're going to get better results is maybe listen   to somebody who's done it you know i have training 
so i you know train people how to do that stuff   um someone that's maybe already been in the 
business of building a business or life you   know somebody who has a background or more 
experience with computers or technology   which i do now but i didn't before um so that's 
kind of cool uh what's most important is you   have to have realistic goals for yourself so to 
make a dollar or ten dollars or something like   that that's a good goal that's good if you can do 
that that's really good all right so there's no   program there's no business that you can just 
invest in where you don't have to do any work   stop that way of thinking stop that way of 
thinking next thing number six is the big one   people don't want to invest any money they don't 
invest the money they're like i want to make money   online but i don't want to spend anything i want 
to do it without any money you know one of my   most viewed videos is how to make money online 
with no investment and it's funny because i tell   them in the video you do have to invest you do 
have to spend money uh let's see here i have my   first dollar frame on my office wall good for 
you richard i couldn't because mine was online   but whatever it was online um copy them yes 
copy those people do that uh another reason   um i'm gonna move this a little bit faster 
because you know i've got so many things to   say today and i'm really really on this today 
but people are looking to cut corners they're   afraid to invest here and there they're 
afraid to buy a course or read a book   you know spend the money spend some money i 
mean if you went out and started a restaurant   what would that cost you you've got 
no guarantees of being successful as   a matter of fact most restaurants fail most do 
as do most people online but the difference is   in restaurants you have to invest in equipment 
and stuff you've got to put some money into it   online you can get started pretty cheap but invest 
in the training learn how to do these things guys   you know especially from somebody who knows what 
they're doing you know buy their training figure   out what they did you know just do the same thing 
um you know in a restaurant you're gonna have to   spend maybe a hundred thousand dollars or fifty 
thousand dollars and take out loans okay you don't   have to do that online you can buy some courses 
for 500 bucks or a thousand bucks and they can   really help you along number seven they try to cut 
corners and find loopholes that's the next thing   while they're doing this they're actually hurting 
themselves because they're not learning things   it's not going to last if you look at long-term 
sustainable strategies not the short-term   loopholes people are always obsessed with that 
they're looking to get rich quick they're looking   for hacks they're looking for things like that 
for me it's a lot of short-term loopholes in   my business there are short-term loopholes like 
you can rank your youtube videos i work on that   you can attract more people to the 
search engines you can make more money   uh but you know that's short term okay like i said 
it's going to do more things for you if you do it   right okay if you don't look for these hacks um 
i don't want to cheat the system okay i don't   want to try to beat the youtube hack you know i 
try to you know our youtube algorithm or hack it   i look at what youtube wants what do they want 
they want quality content they want a video   that's over eight minutes long they want you to 
put your tags in there so they can help people   find your videos they want to have a title that 
actually matches the video if you do all these   things over time you'll do okay over time but it 
takes time you know you can't hack it number eight   this is a great one they learn from the wrong 
people there are a lot of people out there that   are teaching you how to make money online or so 
they say they are let me see a comment here uh   they want to be uh they want an out before they're 
in yes they do they do um but this one here number   eight we're learning from the wrong people oh my 
god i see this all the time uh a lot of people   that i work with they invest in my training and 
i'm trying to help them create success and then   they're learning from somebody else that you know 
is telling them that they're gonna get rich quick   uh i've created a lot of success i've done very 
well in this uh but and i've built a lot several   businesses success in several businesses 
and i've made millions of dollars right   now millions it's kind of crazy right i remember 
thinking when i was a kid a million dollars well   you know you were living in a palace and you 
had you know all these rolls-royce limousines   all that million dollars ain't much money uh 
but we've done multiple millions of dollars   uh and i've done it because i've learned from the 
right people and sometimes it would be a 18 year   old who was telling me something about my website 
sometimes it would be a 45 year old but you've   got to learn from people who really have done 
this and are still doing it and that's the key   there's so many people out there let's say sell 
a course on drop shipping uh and they don't drop   ship anymore they just sell courses well how are 
you gonna stay on top of it how you gonna know   what you're doing uh and i don't know that you 
really even know that much why'd you quit doing it   you're gonna make more money on drop shipping than 
you're gonna make selling courses why'd you quit   something's wrong with that make sure you learn 
from people who are still doing the same thing   i sell products online every day i'm doing 
it today i have a promotion going out today   so if you want to learn how to sell products 
i think i'm a decent person to learn from   again that comes with a downside of not trusting 
the process okay you're looking for the quick   fix guy you're looking for the guy that's 
shooting dollar bills out of a you know a   gun i've seen that and screaming and yelling 
and saying oh my god you're going to get rich   that person you need to run from you really do 
because that's not realistic that's not real life   that's going to make you feel good for a minute 
and then when you buy his thousand dollar course   you're gonna find out that you're selling his 
stuff uh and i know several people that do that   uh the next thing is number nine don't listen 
to advice from successful people people forget   and they don't listen to advice from successful 
people that's what you got to do they don't listen   to successful people because the successful people 
the people that really know it aren't telling them   what they want to hear they're telling them they 
got to work right this is where people save their   ego they're closed-minded they're too proud they 
think they know it all they think they don't have   to listen to anybody i don't care if somebody's 25 
years old if they're successful in doing something   i want to do i'm going to listen to them and so 
should you this is another important reason that   people fail i've worked with people coach them and 
i'm trying to help them but they're arguing with   everything i tell them to do because it's hard and 
they're like i don't want to do this hard thing i   don't want this you can't help somebody like that 
if they don't have an open mind if they're not   willing to do the work i tell them to do if they 
don't trust you they don't trust the process and   the process is hard that's why they don't want 
the process they have the experience they've   been going at it for years if they've already 
been doing it okay they've created the results   not just with themselves but with countless other 
people that's what i've done okay so it drives   me nuts when somebody just won't listen they 
will listen i see this time and time again with   people even when they invest in my training i have 
certain things i say i say okay do this do this do   this do this and i guide them step by step through 
the things they need to do and i'm blown away away   by how many people that don't even listen to it 
they don't watch the videos they don't go through   it they don't do the steps and they expect results 
it's craziness uh let's see here um yes they still   no yes still doing it so important uh they're 
very important if they've quit doing it there's a   reason for that uh they don't like when successful 
people are honest with them very true how do we   decide which course seller is worth following uh 
well you know that's up to you i always say google   them you know google put their name in google put 
in their scam ripoff we'll see what you find look   look up the people now keep in mind some people 
are just gonna have bad things written about   because they're trolls or something like that but 
i think i'd say also look at longevity how long   have they been online uh i've been online since 
2009 i've been selling successfully online since   2009 how long have they been doing it um so that's 
the thing you've got to listen to these people who   have already done it okay um that's so important 
there weren't that many people for me to focus   on when i started i had to make a lot of mistakes 
myself because there weren't a lot of people doing   training back then quite honestly training does 
not make me the majority of my money the majority   of my money comes from selling products um i like 
doing training but you know just doing training   if somebody's just doing training they don't have 
that many skills i'm telling you because there's   so many other ways to make money and training is 
not the biggest one let me get another sip here number 10 they're scattered they're scattered the 
next thing that causes people to fail is they're   scattered they don't focus on one thing they get 
easily distracted by what i call the shiny object   syndrome so there's so many opportunities 
out there to build a business to make money   that oftentimes people get distracted they're 
doing one thing they're building their business   and then there's this other opportunity comes 
up and they turn and they start working on that   they jump from one business to another business to 
another business and again it comes down to people   not seeing results fast enough they want these 
quick results they're not going to come quick   they're focused on the short term they're not 
having the patience and focusing on the long term   but you have to focus you got to stay focused 
on one thing i tell people when you sign up for   my courses and my training unsubscribe from 
anybody and everybody else that's going to   distract you because if you keep jumping 
out there and looking at different things   you can't focus on what i'm training you 
on it's only going to do you a disservice   um you don't need to be on 100 people's 
email list because they're going to market   and promote the different opportunities that 
they're trying to sell and if you're going in   all these different directions you're not 
going to devote enough time to one thing   if if mine isn't the thing then find somebody else 
but you know you've got to focus on it you've got   to focus on what you're doing you got to say 
no to everything else you've got to learn to   say no and focus say i am doing this thing okay 
i'm doing this thing i get opportunities all the   time every day i have people that want to sponsor 
videos they want me to do stuff on their products   they want me to coach them they want me to call 
them uh and i stay focused on what i need to do   they're sharing this business opportunity they're 
like oh my gosh you've got to check out this   business opportunity on on cryptocurrency and 
no i'm like no i'm busy with what i'm working on   and i need to stay focused on it they want me to 
do this do that i got to ignore all that because   i've got my own goals things that i'm working 
on this is what i've committed to number 11   they can't handle failure and adversity they can't 
handle failure and adversity guys part of success   is failure it's always been that way it'll 
always be that way that's not going to change   uh how do we just soar okay i went to that one uh 
my problem scattered my problem to be honest yes   and just stop that if you know what your problem 
just stop it and say hey i'm gonna focus on this   one thing until i get good at it and that's what 
i basically did i focused on singular things now   i have a whole bunch of different things but i 
had to make a profit a thing once i started it   i had to make a profit at it once i made a 
profit at if i wanted to you know veer off   and look at something else i could do that but i 
had to make a profit at it really important to me   how about paralysis of analysis yes yes they keep 
looking at stuff and keep reading stuff and keep   taking courses that's another thing but a lot 
of people can't handle failure they just can't   um there's no such thing as success without 
failure doesn't exist everybody that is successful   today has gone through failure everybody i don't 
care who they are i don't care who they are   they've gone through challenges adversities 
setbacks part of the process you've got to   realize is failure a lot of people might think you 
know to be their first time starting a business   you never encountered failure because you've had 
a job and there's just really no failure sometimes   in the job you show up every day and you're going 
to get paid you have that security you just show   up eight hours you get paid for your time doesn't 
matter what you're doing in many cases right   so when you have a business you don't get paid for 
your time it's not like that you get paid based   on the results that you produce so like today i'm 
sending out these emails i think it's going to go   out to about 15 000 people something like that 
and i'll share some of his results with you um   but um i'm gonna get paid based on how well i 
wrote those emails based on how well i built that   sequence based on how well i i did those sales 
pages those upsells those down sells the follow-up   the pop-ups all the things i did and i built the 
entire thing i had zero help on it nobody wrote   copy for me nobody did artwork for me nobody did 
graphics for me and i'm i'm 11 years into this   and people want to go out there and have other 
people do all this stuff for them i'm 11 years   into this i'm still doing it a lot of people don't 
have what it takes because they're so sensitive   they take failure personally i see this this 
this personally thing now with comedy it's like   everybody's afraid to even tell a joke because 
they're afraid of offending somebody i don't care   you're if you're a comedian and i'm a little off 
track here but if you're a comedian you can say   whatever you want i think you have the license to 
say whatever you want or some of the things they   say offensive to me might be to somebody else 
might be but the point is they have a right to   say anything they want and if the public doesn't 
like what they're saying they won't listen that's   how that should be judged people are too sensitive 
nowadays goodness gracious you're going to have to   go to the edge a little bit if you're doing comedy 
um and i see joe rogan opening a comedy club now   in austin and i'm gonna be one of the first people 
there because you know what every now and then i   get offended but i don't care i mean that's their 
job is to be on that edge you know comedians   should be offensive comedians make money making 
fun of people in situations that's what they do   that's what they do but we're so sensitive in our 
societies now it's so ridiculous okay just be a   good person and quit being so sensitive okay let's 
see edison declared that he discovered 10 000 ways   how not to make a light bulb you know what i don't 
doubt that i've heard he's had tremendous failures   but the thing is you don't really fail how can 
you fail if you're still trying you can't be a   failure if you're still trying right i mean i 
you know i guess i failed at cell phone case   sales because i didn't make a profit but i learned 
from it and i sold other items so was it a failure   i don't think so there's a difference between 
somebody who's successful and somebody who fails   the failure lets the failures in their 
life define them they say that's what i   am i'm failure they get discouraged they give up 
because of those failures the successful person   still fails probably just as much as the failure 
person does probably even more the difference   is he or she doesn't define them as failures 
he just views them as opportunities to learn   and actually sees them as a good thing number 
12 now we're doing okay on time i'm a little bit   over i hope you'll stick with me on this um fear 
of rejection okay so all right i'm i'm back to   reason 12.

Why most people fail is that they care 
too much about whatever other people think of them   they have a fear of rejection now listen in 
order for you to create success in your life   and your business there's always going to be 
people that disagree with you it's going to happen   there's always going to be people that make fun 
of you they are going to doubt you that you're   not going to be a success they're going to be 
negative they're going to try to hold you back   from creating success because if you're successful 
and they're not what does that say about them   if you notice once you become successful that's 
not going to go away you're deluding yourself okay   because the more successful you become the more 
people will dislike you there's a lot of people   that will like you yeah and love you but also that 
comes with a lot of people that will dislike you   they're jealous they're haters the people that are 
going to be negative are people who don't want you   to succeed because they're not successful they're 
going to try to pull you down because they feel   insignificant that's just the way it is there's 
two ways to have the tallest building in town   number one build the tallest building in town 
number two tear down everybody else's building   right and we know people like that right they go 
around they say well i'm gonna turn down everybody   else's buildings that's the way it is um you 
know i've been doing youtube videos now for   a little while and i have people who really 
really enjoy it and then i have people who   slam me they slam my looks they slam the way i 
talk they slam the way i dress they slam the way   i edit everything they slam me and i don't care i 
just don't care because if you've got time to put   something negative online that's really what your 
persona is you've got time to type negative things   okay i don't have time to type negative things i 
only have time to type positive things that's all   i got time for okay i only get so much time 
in a day i get to decide how much spend it   that's how i decide to spend it and now we're 
down to number 13 let me get a sip here real quick let's see here it's just depends on how you 
interpret what happens very very true number 13   some people have limiting or negative mindsets 
limiting or negative mindsets okay this is   another reason why a lot of people fail they 
have this limiting belief or negative mindset   attitude it's very important this kind of goes 
back to what i shared earlier low self-esteem   a negative attitude i see people like this 
they're just negative about everything if   you're always looking for what's wrong you're 
going to find it i promise you you're going to   find it whatever you're looking for you're going 
to find if you're looking for positive things   you're going to find it in every situation 
there's good and there's bad it's true it's   very true uh it's all how you interpret it and the 
meaning you create this goes without being said   um you just can't have a negative attitude 
about things you can't you've got to be positive   and i catch myself every now and then saying 
something negative and i say hey that's wrong   stop that they'll do that there's no point 
in ever seeing saying anything negative   ever ever there's no point you can't sell me on 
talking negative and why it's going to help you   you can't sell me on that look i challenge you 
put it in the put it in the comments put it in   the chat you tell me why saying negative things is 
going to help you in life i guarantee you it won't   so i find that i if i work on that i'm better off 
okay if people have that attitude they need to   work on that attitude first that's the first thing 
they need to do because their mindset is going to   control what's going to happen before they build 
a business you got to work on your mindset you got   to change that stuff if that's your attitude your 
mindset is negative then i recommend you read some   books on being positive that you start to feed 
your mind with some more positivity you work with   a part of yourself that's going to hold you back 
because you're going to need it to be successful   you cannot be negative and be successful online 
not going to happen another reason why a lot of   people fail going back to that is limiting beliefs 
was part of that and maybe you were raised that   way maybe you got your identity and beliefs from 
people you hung out with your parents a lot of   the beliefs that you have are self-sabotaging your 
success if you have a belief that you want to be   successful but you have another belief that says 
you don't want to put your work in or you just   want short term results it's not going to work i 
see how they're conflicting there that's what's   called an inner conflict one belief is positive 
one belief is negative they counteract each other   and they're going to pull you in two different 
directions so you've got to really identify   and limit your beliefs in that negative area you 
got to be positive even in the face of adversity   even when things are bad i go back to um i saw 
you put in there think and grow rich richard   unfortunately um he has some good stuff in 
the book i'm not gonna say he doesn't but if   you google scam um napoleon hill you're 
gonna find out that he ran from the law   he did a lot of scammy things and he never really 
did provide any proof that he ever interviewed   any of the steel magnets he said he did but if you 
google his name napoleon hill scam you're going   to find all this he was in a lot of trouble with 
the law and though a lot of the things in the book   sound like good affirmations and things you should 
do he is a person made up a lot of stuff he was   he was kind of a huckster in a way and a lot of 
people don't realize that we all quote from his   book and all that but we don't look into his 
background and his background was very edgy   and what the book is based on with these 
interviews with these rich people is not true   it's never been proven that he interviewed anybody 
so do check that out not not saying uh anything   bad about that but yeah uh stop tolerating the 
naysayers and negative people yeah you're gonna   get away from them even if they're family people 
say what if they're family i said well just don't   hang out with them as much they can still be 
family but you have to spend the majority of your   time with them you can't do that so that's what 
i got for you today guys those are the 13 things   that i think really hold people back 
that prevent people from being successful   if you're watching this live or if you're 
watching it as a recording do me a favor   hit that subscribe button down there that 
would mean so much to me uh our next goal   is ten thousand i know james breen's gonna 
help me get there he's gonna keep reminding me   uh and i'm sure you will too richard remind me 
what we got to do we got to get to 10 000 people   don't forget to ring the bell turn on all bell 
notifications so you're notified each and every   time i go live peace and blessings always everyone 
see you all tomorrow appreciate that james   i appreciate each and every one of you i 
appreciate your comments uh let me know about your   business put it in the comments section um thanks 
thanks re mr hill yes this is something you may   want to check out just google it you'll see what 
i mean there's been several articles written on it   and i hope this helps you out guys if this does 
help you out put a comment in that chat section if   you think this is useful to you put a comment in 
the comment section uh if it is not live because   you will have a comment section but you won't have 
the chat section uh while i'm live you won't have   access to the description or the comment section 
that doesn't pop up until afterwards but i really   appreciate you guys i really do it's really nice 
having you guys around it's really nice being able   to share this stuff with you i hope it helps you 
out that's the whole point of all of this uh james   brain easy does it i like it i like it a lot you 
guys are awesome you guys uh keep this thing going   uh and i really appreciate you very much thank 
you for being here hey you know what see you

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