3 questions marketers should ask themselves.

When it comes to marketing online, you and your sales letter are your marketing team. Whatever the results that you are getting from your marketing effort are a direct return of what you place in your marketing funnel or message. To be a successful marketer online, you need to constantly be alert to what is going on with your business and check to see if you are doing the right things to help improve your conversions.

However, before you go into tweaking your conversions, you must be able to get sufficient amount of leads to your website or offer to see how your product and offer is doing initially. Hence as a marketer, lead generation is a very important skill to learn. And if you are particularly bad with lead generation, it would be wise to let some expert in this field to aid you in this matter. The ability to get the right leads to your offers may be the key to a marketer’s success in their business online.

Without further due, let us look into some of the important questions that you should start asking yourself once you have a constant flow of traffic going into your business and offer.

What makes a good and bad lead?

The very first question you should be asking yourself is if you understand what kind of leads will be suitable for your offers. Are you getting the wrong traffic to your website? Are your web visitors interested in your offers or are they just not that much into what you’ve got to show them?

Your leads need to be targeted in order for you to get some sales. Generally the more targeted your leads are, the better your product will do. However, you need to understand one thing. No matter how good your leads are, if you have a bad product or weak sales message, then no advertising or lead quality in this world can get you a good conversion rate.

What this means is that you will have to be sure that your sales funnel and message is at least decent so that the leads that you send in can convert. The balance has to be there where the quality of the lead needs to meet the quality of your sales message. When these requirements are met, you will get sales and the volume will depend on just how much leads you send in and how well is your sales message doing to close the sale.

Now the best kind of leads are the kind of buyers who wants your offer, has the money to pay for it (and more in the future), positively minded and absolutely adores you and your product. This kind of lead is perfect.. But sadly… these kinds of lead are normally in the minority. So you should be happy if you are getting leads that just want to solve their problems fast and effectively (without having to worry too much about the price of your product).

You should be able to target this kind of traffic easily if you know your target demographics and then try your best to get this exact kind of leads to your product offer page. And if your sales letter message is strong, you can find yourself swimming in cash soon enough. Bad leads are those leads where people are very fussy and want to pay very little money but demands the world from you. And if you are unable to deliver, these bad leads will start making a lot of noise and trouble. These are the kind of leads that you will want to avoid. When faced with these leads, it is sometimes better to just stop doing business with them. Of course you will need to reject them politely.

What is the number one thing that your leads like and dislike about your offers?

The second question that you should be asking yourself constantly as a business owner is what is it that your current leads are liking or disliking your product and offer? Is it the price? Is it your USP (unique selling proposition)?

Sometimes to get these answers you will have to engage your customers directly or use a social media page to help you fish out this important information. The more you know why people like your product, the more you can emphasis it in your sales message to help improve your profits.

Similarly, if you have information on which part of your product that is getting a negative feedback, you can use this information to tweak and improve your product and then explain it on your sales page. The more you do this, the less rejection you are going to get from your product. Get this part right and you will find that your business will soar.

What are the top reasons why you are not closing that sale?

Sometimes, people love your product, they know it is the right product for them and they are confident that it will solve their problem. However, something is just not right and you just could not close the sale. For example, remember back a time where you didn’t want to buy a product from a sales person because you did not like the sales person or the color of the product.

If you can just find out what is stopping your leads from buying and then fix it, you should be able to see a significant improvement to your overall sales volume. Ask around and seek out the opinions of people who did not buy from you. You can use an exit pop to gather the contact information of people who leave your site to find out later why they are not interested. Expert marketers will go to an even further step where they will gather the contact information from people who actually clicked on the buy button but leaves instead or making the final purchase. This will help them pinpoint the people who were almost going to buy and decided against it. If you can just find out what that problem is, then success is just right around the corner.

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