5 C’s of Viral Marketing – How to make something go Viral?

Hi, so there are actually five principles that govern whether or not something goes viral and I’m gon na spend the next. Maybe five or ten minutes, maybe a little bit more talking about this. So I like to call these the 5c so bad viral marketing, and it’s because I came up with five certain words that would cover each and every principle, and so let’s get on with it. The first one here is a creativity, and I don’t know if you saw the volvo volvo trucks and barrel that, with the epic split and the biggest reason why that went. Viral meaning was shared amongst a lot of users and it also got a widespread media coverage. Was not so much about being a great content piece? Yes, it was a nice video. However, the main reason for it going viral was because – and it didn’t only have a story, but it had a lot of stories about the story, and this is one of the main concepts about using creativity for generating a viral. It’S not so much about hi. Did you see this video on YouTube and your friend says yes end of discussion? It’S, moreover, about hi. Did you see this video? This really cool video on YouTube and the company? Did the the person says yes and then you have to say, but did you know that if you’re able to say that about some content, then you know that it has a story about the story in terms of the viral? It was all about him having one you know, security line, the trucks are going backwards, so blue. The story about the story is not only generating a high quality content piece, but it’s also about generating a series of stories about the story that are surrounding this content. Piece and what this does is it enables you to actually reach out to several different media outlets, bloggers, magazines and get your video embedded there, because it’s still the fact that most of the views generated on YouTube are not actually generated on the YouTube website. But they are generated on other websites, a outside of YouTube, and so in order to get those high numbers and for your advertising for your campaigns, you really need to focus on trying to get in your content piece shared on to social media, but also get it Shared on the big high-traffic media websites out there. Secondly, we have a conformity and conformity is all about us wanting to be together or be alike. Now, if you create a viral campaign that builds on conformity, you really should have a look at all of those personality tests that are out there. So it’s what’s my stripper name like and how much am i alike. All of my friends, which of my friends is most alike me and apply the that type of knowledge into a setting of your own product. Now, if you’re able to build on conformity such as, for example, the ice bucket challenge managed to do, and you really own to something, because what it does is, it gives a person the right to say that I am like my friends, and that is one of The strongest reasons for ever getting involved in social media at all, and so, if you’re engaged in social media, and you want to drive a campaign and have a look at conformity and the underlying principles that we want to belong and try to create the viral campaign. That mechanism, so we have charisma and the charisma, builds on the notion that a not that we want to be together, but that I want to be like you so, for example, when a Gmail launched back in the days they created something called the super invite and The super invite actually gave you the right to invite others to Gmail and if no one would have known what Gmail was and they would have gotten an invite to invite others they would have been pointless. But if you’re good at using charisma. What you do is that you send out the invite to a lot of popular people or to people who seem popular in the blogosphere or Twitter or on Instagram, or something like that. A lot of following a lot of engagement, a first you send it out via email. You find your email somewhere by you, know, looking at the filter of their blog or just by you know, hacking the website or something and and once you have an email yourself in the invite, a what you do next is you go to the press and you Present your case, your and your service, and once you’ve done that now then you’re then you’re really ready to actually go back to any if they post it. Well me for Gmail, it was simple because it was a new service for Spotify, which used the same tactic. Was really simple to get publicity, it was free music for for for everyone, and what you really should be doing is then to take the link to the published article and get back to the blogger or the popular person saying you have an asset that no one Else has, and by telling others that you have this asset and you have the ability to give that to them. It will also increase your popularity, and this is all about. This is how you build something on charisma, so in the case of of Gmail in a public, they they create the Gmail they went out and they made press about it. They sent the initial invites and everyone who then got an invite, felt, hi, rewarded and so that day went onto social media platforms and they went like or into forums or talk to their friends and they’re like yeah, I have yeah, I have you know: Gmail Wow And I was like what what’s Gmail and it’s like: oh well, it’s a private network of people and it’s free email online. You know I actually have some invites that I could give to you in the case of Spotify. It became so absurd that people were posting. Oh, I only have one invite left. Who should I give it to you know, so this is the notion of building a viral campaign based on charisma. Now, the third or the fourth one here is is challenge a challenge. Really is it’s the most simple type of a viral mechanism out there and it’s the idea that I do something to you and then you have to respond now. There have been several challenges out there, one of the most famous ones being Burger King’s challenge. Where you had to remove ten of your friends in order to get a Big Mac or in order to get a whopper, and then a message went out to the ten of your friends, you had defriended saying this or that friend befriended you for for a whopper. Now, that’s not a very nice message, but there have been several different. You know everything from throwing a snowball in someone’s face to kicking up scoring a goal, and someone has to save a lot of those types of mechanics or or campaigns have been been launched throughout the years. That’S not very simple, or it’s not very difficult. However, you can actually optimize this to get to to work even better. The best case wants to actually dice like a challenge that you know just made huge successes online and the reason for it being so successful was that it had a limit first, it was. It was launched with both the idea of Conformity that we belong together. Secondly, with a charisma idea that we had really popular people, launching it and in the beginning, and third, it had a very strong challenge. As and the great thing about the challenge X aspect was that it was limited. It was said that only three people should be invited by each new person, and so it actually was a high-value asset that someone was given, although it was all about pouring ice cold water over your head, and so that was the first thing. The challenge was limited. So it felt special when you received it now. The second thing was that it had a time limit to it, meaning that you had to do this within 24 hours and so in order to ensure that a viral campaign goes on and on and on and on and on forever one of the strongest reasons or The one of the strongest causes there is that you limit the actual timeframe in which people can respond, and this brings agency into the matter, and so you limit it with three people and within 24 hours. You know that at least one of those three people will actually go about doing this, and so the viral never stops. That’S the whole idea about it, so limit it to increase value and add a time frame in order to increase urgency for people to actually get it done now, the fifth and most fun or generally, when I speak about this, is about cheating and the notion of Cheating really builds on popularity, it’s about using all the spam techniques that are out there in order to get your content up in vanity. Metrics such as views likes shares blah blah blah blah blah all of those kind of metrics that can be visible in the top list. By ending up on the top list, we can use the top list in order to go to journalists or in order to go to a blogger and say our content is really popular now, and so you should not make notice of it, because that will bring you More traffic to your blog or to your newspaper, this is what happened. Also in the in the case of the Volvo campaign is that they purchased the first, I think I don’t know like 5 or 6 million and viewers, maybe more and making it into a news piece and where they said that we just launched this. This video on YouTube – and it is the biggest talk in social media which is really wasn’t at a time, but they could say that because they had six million views, so their pitch to the journalist was we have the hottest chick on YouTube right now. It’S gotten! Six million views in three days, and so the journalist naturally thinks – or the person at the media outlet naturally thinks that wow this will bring me a model, add revenue because a lot of people who come to my site – if I put this on my site and Maybe journalists won’t admit being that cheap, but they are, in these days, click baiting and what what not they do and so yeah what happens now is that the only thing the journalist needs after they’ve been given the fact that if they put this on their website On the website they will become popular is a question of whether or not is relevant, and then the story about the story comes back into the picture, and so, if, let’s say Hollywood press would write about the epic split from from bubble, they would need to know Why it’s relevant for Hollywood and the main reason for it being relevant for all of would well it’s, because fandom has done that epic split in three different movies. If you search for that, you will find that article and that pitch was made to two to entertainment. Press that this was his third, he had done this epic speak in three movies, and now he was doing it in one of those. You know highly popular videos on YouTube. Then they did about the safety line. They did about trucks going backwards. They did all of those other. You know stories about the stories giving people a reason to say in a discussion with someone else. Hey did you see the vote? Rux video? Yes, did you know that he only had one safety line? Did you know that the trucks were going backwards and that became the discussion and that’s why it took off so fast? So this was a short just a run-through of the five Cs of viral marketing and I hope that you get something out of it. If not, then just ask questions here on my youtube channel, sanic or any channel in the comments or on the blog post, which you will find link to in this YouTube. Video and till next time have a good day.

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