6 Reasons Instagram Is Perfect For Your Business

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Although Instagram is the last of the social media titans to emerge, it has performed exceedingly well as a dynamic mobile app in the market. This social media platform allows users to take and upload photos to the web with edit and filter features. There is even a branded tilt-shift feature which offers a unique 3-D effect to enhance the photo presentation.

These versatile features work to set Instagram apart from other social media networks, especially in its accessibility on mobile devices using the available mobile apps developed. It is an addictive practice of using Instagram to click on any item and post it up immediately using iPhones and Androids. This has opened up a new and exciting way for Internet marketers to leverage on their marketing endeavors to promote their brand and business.

There are specific reasons in which Instagram is perfect for branding the business for a committed indulgence by business owners and marketers today.

1. Instantaneous Marketing

Instagram to business owners and marketers means instant marketing where, no waiting is necessary to execute the brand or business promotion. As long as there is an iPhone with the right mobile app, a picture could be snapped and posted on the web immediately to promote the brand or product. This convenience is so dynamic that more and more business owners and marketers are indulging into it anytime anywhere all the time.

Photos could be edited through various filters with a comment using #hashtag to share with preferred circles of contacts. The post is readily available in a matter of seconds with an equally fast response time.

2. No Accounts Duplication

It is easy to set up a working Instagram platform immediately without the usual tedious personal profile account or setup as with Facebook or Google. Once the platform is downloaded, its features could be manipulated immediately without any consequence. The business brand could be immediately displayed with relevant photos that are appealing and instrumental in drawing more traffic and likes.

Without the tedious accounts duplication, marketers need not waste further effort and time in setting up and maintaining the account which must comply with the platform’s rules and regulations as with Facebook or Twitter. So, many marketers find this to be a great advantage.

3. Innate Photography Skills

It is easy to use Instagram even for the young or old. There is no complicated skill or process that must be learned before operation. Everyone is capable of using Instagram with a simple click on the item as a photo to be posted on its platform. There is always an innate photography skill in every business owner or marketer to be successful at Instagram marketing.

Instagram provides a dynamic channel to grow the customer base without much marketing knowledge or skills. No cost is incurred with the simple posting of photos in business branding and marketing. Taking photos is easy and also fun for business owners and marketers. A lot of savings could be enjoyed on marketing the brand and products through Instagram. This social platform’s features are sufficient to send out interesting or spur-of-the-moment pictures that would inspire and compel web consumers towards the brand and company.

4. Positive Vibes in Business Branding

Instagram marketing offers the right platform to showcase any brand or business product/service. It provides good vibes in promoting the brand or business through easy posting. Its wide range of filters enhances the brand or products to be cool and attractive in the market.
Even business owners and marketers would be deemed as ‘cool’ and ‘modern’ when they indulge in Instagram to market their corporate culture through candid office moments. Brands are attached with a cool personality that is highly desired to stand out in the crowd especially with a stiff market competition.

5. Creation of Business Location Page

Business owners and marketers today understand the importance of Google Places tool or the new Google+ Local Pages which enterprises could leverage on drawing more potential prospects from across the globe. The physical location of a business must be readily identified to relate to the online brand presence.

Here, Instagram is well integrated with the location database of Foursquare to activate its Geotag feature by identifying the location in which the photo was taken. The information is added into the platform’s location page database. From thenceforth, Instagram users browsing the photos could check on the location to make a visit to the store. This generates a potential new customer for the business.

6. Easier to Generate Prospects

Links are not allowed on Instagram; hence, users would not be bombarded with unnecessary info that crams their phone or space. Anyone could follow the brand account without information that clutters their lifestyle.

Frequent posting of interesting pictures, photos or images even those that feature the brand and products, helps to win more followers on Instagram. Hence, it is easier to build stronger brand awareness in the market with acknowledged public recognition when more followers are found in the brand account.

However, Instagram could easily link to the marketer’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to attract more fans and followers from those social media networks. Brand awareness grows much faster with a wider coverage on these platforms. Marketers who engage Instagram must be proactive in frequent interactions on the platform with a lot of following on others who are likely to follow back.


These reasons suffice to convince a modern business owner or marketer in using Instagram as a dynamic marketing tool today as market competition rises rapidly. The many versatile features of Instagram help marketers grow in confidence when seeking potential business leads quickly with or without a big budget.

Although there are no linking opportunities with Instagram, this platform is easy to get the simple marketing activities going without much ado. As Internet marketers get the hang of Instagram, they would find it fun and effective in sharing their brand pictures at anytime from anywhere all the time. This great convenience is a huge motivator in marketing the brand and business as a dynamic marketing tool.

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