7 Tips For Kindle Book Sellers.

7 Tips For Kindle Book Sellers.

The new craze in town these days seems to be selling e-books on kindle. Yes, it is the new trend, and it seems to be making some people a lot of money as well. If you are a publisher, or if you are selling information products of any kind, than you’ve definitely got to take a look at the kindle crowd as your new potential clients.

7 Tips For Kindle Book Sellers.It is actually not uncommon for expert kindle eBook sellers to sell more than 10,000 over copies of their books via kindle. There have also been reports that some sellers are selling over 60 books per day. I am sure after reading that, you can immediately see the potential of making some money using the kindle store and selling your e-books to the kindle crowd.

The thing is with kindle, the crowd is hungry formaterials and if you can provide them with what they are looking for then you will find your book selling like hot cakes. Not only that, you will find that if your book is of absolute quality and meets the kindle crowds taste, then you will have an army of readers recommending your book to each other and thus this viral factor will cause your book sales to go on an avalanche.

Let’s us dig deeper into what are the elements to help a kindle seller do well.
Buyer’s perspective.

When you are selling on kindle, you should always try to look at the buyer’s perspective. There are over a million books on the kindle store. It is very competitive there, and thus you will need to be able to get the attention of your readers. Traditionally, when people go to a book store, they will look for a specific book that is recommended by someone they know, or they will be just casually browsing on a specific section of their interest.

Hence a good way to catch their attention is to actually write in a category that has a lot of interested eyes in the first place. If your eBook is in a niche where there’s very little or nobody actively looking at, then you could have a hard time getting the attention that you need to make you a lot of sales.

Your Book Cover.

Since selling on kindle usually means you do not have a sales letter to promote your book, all you are left with is your book description and your book cover. Your book cover has to catch their attention fast. The sole purpose of your book cover is to grab the attention and get them curious on what your book is about. Only then can your book title and description get them interested enough to find out more, which then leads to a sale.

Expert kindle marketers actually think that the only place where you should spend your budget on is the cover design and the formatting of the book. This just shows how important it is for you to make a good impression using a very attractive book cover. Use the right colors to get quick attention to your book cover and use the right fonts and contrast on your book title so that your book can attract the extra interests that the reader needs. When it is all said and done, you should always include pictures that make sense and connect with your book title so that people will get the desire to find out more.

This is very important because an irrelevant picture or a complicated one will turn potential buyers off, and you will lose a lot of sale that way.

Infiltrate your readers’ hangout place.

Another great way to improve the sales of your book is to push your advertising at the right place. You can choose to push your marketing via those traditional methods where you promote your own book via reviews, tours or appearing in seminars or talks. But today, as kindle is closely related to the cyber world, you will find a lot of your target market handing out on blog sites or forums closely related to the topic or title of your books.

If your book is a mystery novel than it makes much more sense to advertise or even post a book review on any mystery lover’s website. Besides that by becoming one of them (your target market) and joining in their conversation you can actually learn a lot about what they love to see in the books that they read, which can be very useful when you plan to write your upcoming book.

Competitive Pricing.
The price of your book will always be a factor. Therefore, if your book is new, and you do not have a good reputation, then you should always sell your eBooks at a much lower price first. This way, you can cover some of your initial cost and get your books out to some initial readers first to get yourself some initial feedback.

Only increase the price of your books when your sales are booming and more and more people are interested in buying your book. When the demand is high, price it slightly higher than the market price and when the demand is low, price is very low as an introductory price to get the engines started.

It is always smart to go into the kindle store and browse in the appropriate category to find out the price your competitors are selling their books for. Remember to increase your price according to demand, or you will find it very hard to make up to the cost or earn a good income from the book sales especially when you are pricing it at only $0.99 cents.

Remember that your book is an eBook so be careful not to be more expensive than a paperback book or a hard-cover book. Most of the eBooks that you see with a price of $6 in the kindle store has a higher track record and has been listed in the book store for more than a few years. Hence, do your research and price accordingly, and you will always stay ahead of the pack.

7 Tips For Kindle Book Sellers.

7 Tips For Kindle Book Sellers.


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