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Hi, Wilson, Phillips here today, I have a new webinar tool that will boost your business and save you time and trouble as well as save you money and I’ve got an insider’s dashboard demonstration to show you plus a very unique bonus that will show you the best Practices for webinar mastery proved tactics that will provide you with the maximum chance of success with webinars before that, though, please click subscribe, click, the bell, icon and select all notifications, so that all future review videos I create you – will see two all destined for your success To help your business prosper, okay, now, let’s see the webinar demonstration, hey guys, brett here and in this video I want to give you a quick overview of the webinar software. So, as you can see, I’m logged into my webinar members area, but first what I want to do is show you exactly the kind of webinars that webinar produces. So let me go ahead and take you over to a demo, webinar and then I’ll show you how I set it up. So right here is a demo webinar of the webinar software, and this is an evergreen just-in-time webinar. So you can actually see.

I have my title for my webinar. I have my video, which is optional. I have my webinar text. I have the countdown time telling people when the webinar is going to be starting, and I have my button for them to sign up for the webinar now. What’S important to remember is that these are evergreen just in time webinars.

As I’ve said what this means is, every time a person comes to this webinar they’re, just in time. It’s just about to start. I can actually set that countdown timer to anything I want. I can have it be five minutes, I can have it be three minutes I can have it be anytime, I like so that way when people visit the webinar sign up. Oh, look.

They just got here in time to see the webinar in progress and, as I said, they’re evergreen, which means they constantly run for everybody, and this way you have a webinar sales machine selling for you automatically without you actually needing to be there now, of course, people Can go ahead and click to secure your spot. They can sign up for the webinar, which captures their name and their email address for you, and once they continue, they will then go to the webinar which functions just like a live webinar, with a chat box with a presentation with handouts with everything you would expect In a live webinar, only it’s not actually live because you’re not actually there. Now. You may think that this is actually a little bit deceitful, not doing a live webinar, even though you’re presenting it as a live webinar, but you’re actually doing your site visitors a favor because with Webinaro webinars there are, never any tech issues. Your audio never goes up on your internet.

Never has problems with the Webinaro software, never crashes. Anybody that’s ever been on an actual live webinar knows that they’re generally plagued with tech issues. However, with webinaro, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It runs perfectly. You give them a perfect smooth presentation, every single time.

You’Re actually giving them a better experience, and because you can answer people’s questions that are on the webinar in the live chat from any device. Even your mobile phone you’re, giving them the full live experience without needing that worry about any of the tech issues that come with live webinars, so setting up a webinar is incredibly easy. The first thing you want to do is go over here to the video section and upload the video for your Webinaro webinar has built-in video hosting that way. There is no branding over your videos like they would have for Youtube or Vimeo, and the webinar looks like a live video so upload. Your video for your webinar in the video section then head over to webinars and click on create new.

Once you create a new webinar, you can then edit the webinar and fill in all the settings. Now I’m not going to go through all the settings here, because this is not a tutorial video. This is just a quick overview of the system, but the settings allow you to fully customize the webinar you can put in your headline text. You can put in your sign-up text you can put in your video. If you want to have a video on the signup form, you can have retargeting code, you can have Facebook share images.

Everything you need is inside of here. You can also decide if your webinar is going to have simulated attendees to look like there are other people inside of the webinar. If you’re going to have live questions and answering if you’re going to provide a handout to people who sign up for your webinar and attend it, you can do everything in webinaro that you would expect from a live webinar platform. Only you don’t have to deal with any of the hassle of a live webinar platform now mike, and i realized that this is great for people that have webinar presentations. But what about people that don’t have webinars?

What about people that don’t have something to sell of their own? Well, we didn’t leave those people out. We included a done for you, webinar that allows people to sell our high ticket coaching and earn juicy 495 dollar commissions from every sale, with a webinar that they didn’t even have to create, using webinaro to run webinars that they don’t actually have to intend and loading. This done for your webinar is super, easy, simply go ahead and click on the load done for your webinar button and that’s it all of the settings are now filled in for you for this done, for your Webinaro webinar. That will allow you to earn 495 dollar commissions selling a product that you didn’t have to create.

Using a webinar you didn’t have to run. Webinaro is quite simply the most powerful, automated webinar platform. I have ever created it’s perfect for anybody who wants to run their own webinars and it’s perfect for anybody who wants to run a done for you, webinar that is proven to sell that has personally earned mike and myself over 22 thousand dollars in just 30 hours. Using the webinar platform, thank you and enjoy, and so, as you can see, it’s very easy to start a webinar using webinaro. Now here’s the thing you can upload any mp4 video to webinaro software to use as your webinar.

That’S right. Practically any mp4 video will work in the Webinaro webinar. You can also add handouts at any time if you want in the webinar. These handouts need to be in a zip file and can be documents, videos, mp3 files, etc. Webinar automated webinars are top-notch.

Webinar workshops, teaching portals, and marketing tools that will greatly enhance your audience reach and then, in turn, make you money. Your webinars are all done on autopilot running whenever you need them to run. There’S no software to install and all the training and tutorials are inside the member’s area to get you up and running in no time at all and the best part is there are no monthly fees to use webinars. If you are camera shy like me, then Webinaro is perfect for conducting webinars. It’S all you need.

In addition, you can add any call to action that you want to show your audience right inside the actual webinar. While it is running, as you can see, a webinar is ready for you to start using right away. If you are not using Webinaro webinars, or at least using your videos as simulated webinars, then you are really missing out on one of the best marketing and or showing to a live audience. Whatever you want tools, you can get your hands on it right now. The webinar online software is available for the lowest price possible, but the price will be rising shortly.

It’S time for you to get started with a webinar

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