Advertising Your Offer with YouTube Ads – What’s Next After Dialing in Your Organic Content Strategy

So in this video, I want to talk about why you should go to YouTube ads first,  instead of Facebook ads. So this video is for if you’re deciding, should I do Facebook ads,  or should I do YouTube ads, maybe you’ve seen success with organic, whether it be building a  following over here on YouTube, building a YouTube channel, or organic on Facebook, or maybe even  LinkedIn, where you have people coming in there buying your offer, you’re scaling your business,  you have people interested. But now it’s time to turn on paid ads. And where a lot of people go  is Facebook.

But you’re probably familiar that when people say you should zag and vice versa.

  So what you want to do is you want to use YouTube video ads. And what we’re going to be doing is  breaking down in this video why YouTube ads are a viable first paid traffic source and  the traffic source you want to go to first. Obviously, as you continue to scale and grow,  you know, you probably want to add in Facebook, especially with retargeting and maybe some top  of funnel to get some low hanging fruit.

But the problem with Facebook is it is a major red ocean  versus YouTube, which is a blue ocean. So what I’m going to transition over to is a clip from a  recent ama on our YouTube ads for entrepreneurs Facebook group, but you can, of course,  join using the link down below where I covered this exact question.

Somebody asked,  should they start with Facebook ads or YouTube ads after building an organic following,  and I said YouTube ads for the following reasons. Let’s get into it. What if you have an offer that’s validated organically but not through paid ads? Is YouTube  a good place to transition from organic paid ads? That is a great question.

We have had many people,  and this is a more recent development, to be completely honest, you know,  and when I say recent, I’m talking more about like the last six months or so,  you know, we’ve had and more.

And we’ve always had people like this; we added more and more people  just bypassing Facebook and going straight to YouTube. And the reason for that is people see,  you know, also because of what I’m talking about here when I talk about YouTube as I dive in,  and I’m doing all this education is what I love. People see just how powerful YouTube ads are.  And so they’re just going straight to YouTube, they’re not going over to Facebook first, right?

  Because a lot of people see now on Facebook, lead costs are going up and up. It’s not intent-based.  So it’s really an interruption. So you just pop up at a random time. It’s all based on an  algorithm to be great one day; they’re not great, the next you have a risk of getting banned or shut  down.


Not to mention the fact that it’s you know, you pay for every impression every time somebody  looks at it versus on YouTube, you’re only paying when they watch more than 30 seconds of your ad,  you only pay if they watch 30 seconds or more of your ad. Just incredible.  So on YouTube, you have all of these benefits over Facebook, and Facebook costs are higher.  Not only do I know that if it were an even playing field in terms of competition, YouTube would still  beat out Facebook, because of the intent-based targeting 30 seconds you know, you only pay if  someone watches 30 seconds or more the 3d YouTube ads, we talked about the fact that it has not just  visual but also audio enabled from the beginning. Unlike Facebook, we have kind of tap it, you know,  unmute the audio.

And so YouTube ads, even if it were an even playing field, would do better. But  it’s not an even Plainfield; YouTube’s much more of a blue ocean, Facebook’s a red ocean. So that’s  why YouTube is so much more powerful.

And that’s why more and more, just like you’re asking Joe,  people are going they validate on organic it is a good idea to validate an offer on organic.  And we do have help with offers that people aren’t quite there yet.

And so we do bring on  some clients who are looking to validate it still. But if you have a validated offer, especially and  you’re looking to launch paid ads, going straight to YouTube is an excellent strategy. Honestly,  it is a sage strategy with what’s going on right now in the ad marketplace. I hope you found this  video valuable. And if you want to learn how to use YouTube ads for your own business,  go down below.

And we actually have our YouTube ads webinar, where we show you exactly how this  works. Now, if you’ve already seen the webinar, and maybe you’re interested in actually booking  a strategy call for YouTube ads, you can, of course, click the link down below to schedule your  strategy call with our team, one of our advisors will get on a 45-minute complimentary strategy  call with you to walk you through your current marketing and how you can implement YouTube ads.  To scale your business.

We want this to be one of the most valuable 45 minutes you spend on your  business all year. Now.

You also saw a clip from our recent ama asking me anything right here in  our YouTube ads for entrepreneurs Facebook group. So if you’re not already a part of the group,  go down below into the video description and join the Facebook group. That way, you have an  opportunity to ask your questions live. The next time we do an AMA, we usually do one or two of  these a month. So you’re gonna want to make sure to join the group to get notifications on when we  are going to go live.

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And we have a brand new omnipresent retargeting machine webinar on how  to become omnipresent, retargeting your leads everywhere to get them to convert  and become clients if you’re interested in that, actually put a link down to that webinar in the  description below as well. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video..

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