Affiliate Marketing Tools That Help in Boosting Sales

If affiliate marketing is the path you have chosen for your business and are wondering how to go about it to increase sales, there are a few things you are required to keep in mind. Without a doubt, you need to have access to the proper plugins and tools if you want your affiliate efforts to be fruitful. These affiliate marketing tools will ensure that your company’s time and resources are used judiciously.

Since marketing efforts are elaborate, a lot of planning goes into formulating a marketing strategy. Tools like these help in each step of the marketing journey, from the time you plan the campaign for how you choose to optimize your content and when you ultimately come down to tracking your brand’s performance. These affiliate marketing tools will help save a lot of time in understanding all this.

Another thing you need to be mindful of being who your competition is and how they are doing. You need to be updated on all industry trends and see how well your competition’s campaigns are performing. What creative strategies are they implementing? How are they getting their traffic? All of this should be known by you if you want to make it as a brand.

How easy is it to make money using affiliate marketing?

The common assumption is that affiliate marketing takes no effort from the brand’s end and that it is easy money. This is a misconception because in no reality can you do nothing at all and make money easily. However, this does not mean that this marketing technique is so complicated that you cannot try it. It just needs some thought, to be put into it along with some effort.

Just like with any marketing effort, you would have to conduct research, make content and come up with leads. You would have to work on a marketing strategy to encompass your affiliate campaign. Let us discuss a few affiliate marketing tools and techniques that are gaining momentum with businesses today because they are visibly increasing sales.

Spy tools

This can be hugely advantageous in today’s world. Earlier, the only way a brand would know how its competition was doing was by visiting their site to see what affiliates have promoted and see what is displayed there. Spy tools make this process easy. You are made aware of pre-landers, offers among other things that your competition is using; you will even be able to download them.

You can even use these tools to check the statistics of everything your competitors are doing, from their targets to their conversion rates, all of which can be essential data to come up with an approach for your brand which will be effective. That’s not all, you will be able to compare and find the great offers to give you that competitive edge that will make your company stand out.


This is considered one of the best email marketing tools available today. It is affordable and upon purchase, you get a bunch of perks like extensive A/B testing opportunities, a wide range of tools, single click list segmentation, and extensive reports. It works like a charm for digital marketing because whether we admit it or not, email marketing is still very impactful, especially when you are trying to increase affiliate sales.

The technique here is to build rapport with the target audience, it is important to build trust and establish a long-lasting relationship. As your list grows, so will your affiliate sales because now, people want to be made aware of what your brand has to offer. With this tool, you will get a trial period, a good number of subscribers to begin with and you do not have to enter any financial details during your trial period.

A landing page will be provided where around 1k visitors can be accommodated every month. There are different plans you can choose from. Apart from this, you get storage space, chat services and options for editors as well to create an effective campaign. The mobile-friendliness of your mail can also be checked, you are provided with a range of templates for your designing needs. The reporting style is also efficient because you will get details on basic and advanced stats concerning your campaign.


This is the tool to go for if you want to enhance an affiliate campaign without spending much while doing so. You can try it out for free till you get about 2k subscribers, once you have decided to scale up, you can opt for their premium plans. You can increase your mail list drastically while sending people creative affiliate newsletters.
WordPress SEO

Optimization is the key to gain traffic. Without website traffic, you cannot get your affiliate sales. It’s a simple relation. You need to be able to get your brand an organic rank because that increases its visibility and profitability. People searching for services or products similar to what you are providing will be able to find it easily.

So, your aim as a brand should be to be in the top list of search engines like Google to get good results for your marketing efforts. This plugin, WordPress SEO is not free, but it surely increases the search traffic by page optimization. This can show you how your content looks when anyone searches for it on search engines by giving you a preview via a snippet. Your website might even be verified by Google. You will be ranked an SEO value per page on your website with recommendations to improve those rankings if they are bad.

This is done by counting keyword density and noting how frequently your focus keyword tends to appear on your pages, description and the site or page content as well. When you publish any content, this plugin notifies search engines that this has been done.


This is especially useful if your brand runs a WordPress site. It improves affiliate traffic, although you cannot consider this a traffic tool. This tool can turn long and complex links into a snackable content, short one to not put anyone off. Smaller links are just easy on the eyes, simple to remember and are not a hassle to share. This is a plugin you could use to hide affiliate links, categorize them and arrange them accordingly. ThirstyAffiliates can help in the overall management of all your current affiliate links with ease.

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