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Video content is easily the most popularly consumed form of information and media thanks to the access to smartphones and other devices that people have today. Every major platform has something entertaining to offer that keeps viewers hooked. It only makes sense that the marketing industry takes advantage of this too by putting out their messages and pitches out to the public to soak in.

Used intelligibly, the videos could be the best way to engage users because just the nature of the videos is fun and enjoyable to consume. The operative word here being ‘intelligibly.’

What is important to remember is that though every video will have its audience, it takes some amount of hard work and preparation to come out with this form of content. Any brand knows that video marketing does the trick in capturing its audience’s attention. This is one great way to maximize your brand’s outreach and bring out its potential.

The result of your efforts is almost immediate when compared to other marketing channels like SEO and whatnot. Marketing strategies of brands are subject to rapid and constant change. People earlier would spend huge amounts of money on TV commercials and billboard advertisements, the current ad scenario is seeing a shift from this mindset. The money is where the video is, and that is the age’s truth.

Why video, exactly?

Video is the most entertaining form of consuming media. It is unique, stimulates almost all the senses and can be highly influential to viewers. Video marketing has become a game-changer in the ad world today. Videos are being used to entertain, educate and even connect with audiences around the world today.

Unlike print media, videos are not static. There is an interaction involved. People feel like they are a part of the experience and they can share this experience with others making this a very powerful tool for marketing.

Video marketing is a necessity today for any business that wants to be on par with its competition in the industry because the industry was and remains fiercely competitive. Frankly, your audience too does not have time to sit through a whole article. They want quick, informative and snackable content which is fresh in perspective.

Something to tingle the senses. Videos tend to have the power to do this. If pictures say a thousand words, imagine what moving pictures can do. With video marketing, any brand will get online visibility and that means, more customers are engaged and there is more traffic, resulting in more sales. This is definitely what brands are looking for, especially the ones just starting, profit. Hence, the video should be part of any business marketing strategy without a doubt.

Let’s get into some facts about video marketing

The statistics surrounding video marketing for the past years since it has popularized as a platform for marketing is mind-blowing. It indicates that videos are here to stay and they are a very effective medium for brands to get their messages across to the public. With the advent of new and reformed technology, people have varied tastes. Social media trends are crazy in today’s world where anything can become viral.

So, video marketing seems to have a promised future that truly looks bright. As long as there is the internet, there will be videos and people will not stop watching them. Video consumption has increased dramatically over the years.

Videos are representing a large percentage of internet traffic today. Most marketers of this age use video as a marketing strategy for sales and communication because they believe that brand awareness becomes easier. The rate of online engagement they see due to this is very high and interestingly, brands have also noticed that just by mentioning the term ‘video’ in the subject lines of their emails has brought a rise in their opening rates.

Clicks are getting boosted and the number of unsubscribes has also reduced. And of course, websites with videos have noted that people linger on their sites and interact a lot more if they have videos in comparison to websites that do not have videos. Customers are also being encouraged to buy the products that the sites offer due to this.

Brand recall is yet another aspect that has to be considered in video marketing because customers seem to be able to easily recall the names and products of brands based on the video content that they have viewed. Mobile users who consume this video almost feel compelled to share whatever they like, thus making marketing efforts fruitful. It seems to be the best way to communicate, connect and relate to the audience.
Video trends to watch out for!

Since videos are being consumed left, right and center today, it is best for brands to keep tabs on what type of video consumption is rising, what formats are on-demand and what the user finds most engaging.

Vertical videos are more popular today due to the mass of ownership and usage of smartphones in the world. Almost every person you see owns one and you will find him or her constantly tapping through stories and watching videos on social media. For such smartphone users, vertical videos are the most practical and comfortable to watch because of the device they are using.

Another interesting addition to the video world is the 360-degree video. Thanks to the advancement in technology, users can now control the scene and the direction in which they are viewing it from. The orientation is completely up to their discretion. It is a truly immersive experience and viewers find it an innovative step that was taken by companies.

Live streaming is something we are all familiar with. Viewers no longer want to be passive consumers of information. By allowing them to participate, they feel like they are a part of the journey and thus, have a memorable and enjoyable experience. From influencers to celebrities, you will see them using live-streaming videos to engage viewers. It is a personalized experience where viewers can comment and react to show how they feel.

Virtual reality is also a relatively new technology that has come into play in terms of marketing. Here, the viewer becomes the main character and the line between what is real and what is virtual becomes quite blurred. This is a way to directly immerse a viewer into your content for them to get a wholesome experience. Since the experience is unique, they are likely to remember and recall it easily once it is over.

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