Back-linking? Time To Be Choosy

Back-linking? Comments Section Time To Be Choosy

Back-linking? Comments Section Time To Be ChoosyOne of the main and important aspects of SEO is link-building. No matter how much SEO has evolved throughout the years, backlinks are still just as important as it was back then and it is just as important now.

But over the years, what has changed the most is WHERE your backlinks come from and HOW it is acquired. It is now more important than ever to find links which are relevant to yours.

This is also makes perfect logical sense because a website about car repair will seem out-of-place linking to another website about gardening. When you have a similarly-themed website linking back to yours, that link is going to be very valuable one.

But here are some other factors which you should consider before placing your link on a website…

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Ads Galore

Ads are not necessarily evil and I do believe that every website owner is free to put up ads up on their site. After all, they have to make some money in order to pay for the hosting bills after all. But they have to be careful where they place their ads and also how much of it.

If every corner of the website is littered will all kinds of ads with varying sizes, themes and whatnot, then you can have a general idea of what kind of site that is.

Sites with too much ads will not gain the favor of the search engines and you are only going to waste your time and effort if you want to put your link there. No matter how easy they make it for you to do so, it’s simply just not worth it.

No Moderation

One great trait that all successful blogs share in common is activity. All great blogs are active in terms of content and visitor’s interactions.

But having a very active comments section doesn’t mean the blog is a good one. Even though the comments section seemed to be getting tons of attention and activity you have to find out just what kind of activity is going on.

Because if the comments section activity is made up of purely spam, then this is one blog you should totally stay away from.

When there is no moderation or spam filter, the blog is going to attract every kind of link bombardment from every kind of spammers out there. Sure, you can toss your link in there, but getting your link sandwiched by adult-themed sites is not a great way to advertise your site assuming that your site is indeed a family-friendly one.

The best thing that you can do when it comes to blog comments is to find similarly themed sites which moderate their comments section. And if you can always be one of the first to leave your comments to a fresh post, then it is a great way for people to see your website first because they don’t have to scroll far to see your URL.

But do maintain proper commenting etiquette at all times and do leave a sensible comment which is a genuinely helpful, friendly, or a thoughtful one. Spamming will only get your comment deleted on these kinds of moderated sites.

Low-Traffic Sites

Low traffic sites don’t really deserve your attention as well because there must be a reason why they are experiencing low traffic in the first place. Let’s dive into the possible situations these comments section sites experience to get a better picture.

Firstly, maybe their content is not search-engine-optimized provided if these sites have any content in the first place. Another reason is that maybe because their content is extremely out-of-date and that they have stopped updating their site for months. The search engines love fresh content and search engine spiders frequently crawl the ones that provide fresh content frequently.

Another reason is that some sites ignore the potential of promoting their content on social networking and social media sites. Maybe these sites do not bother to have built a presence on these kinds of sites and thus missing out. Therefore nobody knows of their content and existence. Either way, backlinks from these kinds of sites will not be worth much and most probably won’t be worth the effort.

No Quality

Some sites do look legit at first glance but their contents may very well be plagiarized from other sources. If you know for a fact that the site is full of content copied from other sources word for word, then you should avoid these websites like the plague.

It’s better for you to look elsewhere for your backlink to call home. No matter if that website is a niche-related one or has a similar theme with yours, if they are using black-hat methods then its best you avoid it altogether.

At the end of the day, the best kind of backlinking methods now when it comes to SEO, is one that uses logic. When placing your link on sites which are similarly themed or ones which is the same niche as yours, not only will the search engines give more value to that link, you are also going to attract your intended target audience, which is the best kind of traffic a website owner could ever hope for. It’s all about backlinking the smart way now.

Back-linking? Comments Section Time To Be Choosy

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