Common Content Outsourcing Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Cost.

Common Content Outsourcing Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Cost.

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Writing content for your website or blog is very important for your business. Your content does two things essentially. One is to help you connect with your audience and next is to place yourself on the good side of Google. Now to those who had never written content for their website you might know the agony of writing content or even the amount of work that is involved. To those who have been there will surely know the tedious work that is involved in churning out constant quality content for a website.

This then will naturally lead a business person to think about outsourcing their content. The good news is, outsourcing is very easy on the internet today because it is readily available, and you can find talented workers on freelance sites such as, or etc. However, there a few common outsourcing mistakes that you should know before trying to outsource any work online. Good outsourcing can improve your business while bad outsourcing could actually harm your business and waste your budget. Let’s take a look at some of these common mistakes business owners make when trying to outsource their work and content to the online freelancing community.

Hiring The Cheapest Workers.

It is easy to fall into this category when trying to hire people to do your ghostwriting work or pretty much any outsourced work online. This is because most small business owners are operating on a very tight budget and it makes sense to save every penny you can on your content and then use the remaining budget on advertising your website. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Although hiring the cheapest workers or ghostwriters out there might be the first logical choice, you must understand that there is reason why there are cheap.

As the saying goes, you get what you paid for… and this surely rings the bell of truth when you are outsourcing on the internet. One may get lucky once in a while where you can get quality work for a very low price but most of the time you will find that you will not have this luxury to get cheap work with a satisfactory quality.

If you use those cheap freelancers, not only will you find a lot of careless mistakes on the work that they provide you might even have to deal with delivery delays or in the worst case scenario, they might even run away with your hard-earned money. Hence, placing your bet on these cheap workers is certainly risky.

Common Content Outsourcing Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Cost.

What you should be aiming for if you are operating on a tight budget is go for the medium priced workers and check on their work quality. Negotiate for a cheaper price if you are planning to buy in bulk or if you want to procure their work for long term. Remember to plan out your budget properly and understand that you will need to be firm on your decision and follow the budget accordingly. This way you will be able to find quality work at a comfortable price. You might find yourself having to do some simple editing but you should be able to free up a lot of time.

One thing to remember is that there are workers out there who are new to the scene and can provide quality work at a low price because they are just starting out and trying to build their reputation and portfolio. You can actually ask them for a sample work, and if they are keen on doing business with you, they should be able to provide you with a quick work. It is then that you can judge whether or not you can trust in their work quality.

If you are not tied up with cash, and you are looking for the best quality of work, then you should definitely seek for experienced workers or ghostwriters to get the job done. It will save you all the work, hassle and any worry. In the best-case scenario, these experienced workers might even help give you extra ideas and input on your business that might ultimately help your business grow even further.

Not checking the portfolio.

Often times, business owners get lazy and just trust all the nice little words that they read on the resume. The thing is, a resume can be faked, and it can be ‘outsourced’ to make it look really good on paper. However, the true colors of the workers will be reflected with their work especially if they show you ‘real’ work that they’ve done for their past clients. Don’t be afraid to ask to look at their ‘entire’ portfolio.

If they are reluctant to comply, then you might want to avoid them at all cost. This little communication with your potential outsourcing workers should tell you a lot on their responsiveness and turnaround time. If you can, look into their history, reviews and comments that they get from their past customers. This information should be readily available on most outsourcing platforms or websites these days.

This task can take up a lot of time, but you must understand that doing this is going to save you even more time in the future. Getting the better worker and paying for worthy work is what will make your business fly. Don’t be penny wise pound foolish, instead check the portfolio carefully, and if you can you might even want to chat up with some of their previous clients and see what they say. Pay attention to the ‘negative comments’ as that will tell you more about the worker you are thinking of hiring more than any of those positive comments could ever tell you.

The good thing is, once you have found a steady and quality producing worker, you won’t have to worry about switching to another provider for a long time unless the worker decides to quit on you. All in all, try your best to the work of absolute quality and try to get them work done at a good affordable price. Doing this the correct way one time will save you tons of time and effort so that you can focus on other important areas of your business.

Common Content Outsourcing Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Cost – Your Business

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