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Top page search engine rankings are highly desirable by all websites to gain more traffic and business opportunities. This is the first step towards web business success in today’s era of competitive markets. Higher page rankings draw more attention to provide enterprises more choices of potential leads that would boost business outcomes.

Good Page Ranking

A good page ranking is an important strategy for modern enterprises that want more traffic and greater awareness of their brand in the marketplace. A page rank is accorded by Google to a web page for its compliance to the search engine’s rules and regulations in page indexing and searching.

The page rank number indicates the importance of the web page as viewed by Google concerning the topic in which it is searched by. A higher page rank impresses web consumers surfing the web for their desired topic or information as most web consumers tend to click on the web links which are on the higher ranking especially the first page of the search engine’s SERP listing.

The high ranking is critical to web businesses today for more traffic and business opportunities. Even direct selling leaders must realize the importance of good page rankings for their business brands and companies to enjoy good web presence. This could be achieved through high quality articles which must be consistently produced. If business entrepreneurs or marketers execute the right tools and solutions, they would find their websites ranked well, even at the top of the first page!

Google Page Ranking Tips

Direct selling is very competitive today with more aspiring business entrepreneurs jumping onto the bandwagon as new dynamic marketing tools and solutions become available. Hence, it is essential for direct sellers to understand the factors of success that they must manipulate to enjoy high Google rankings to attract more web traffic with a high sales conversion rate which offers greater business outcomes.

However, a good page rank by Google is impacted by various factors that include keyword choice, page optimization and external factors.
Good keywords choice are instrumental in boosting webpage rankings by Google as the search engine manipulates a stringent search algorithm in identifying the relevancy and accuracy of chosen keywords in any search on the preferred topic or theme by web users.

However, good keywords must be preceded by intense keyword research. An in-depth research on the best of keywords helps direct sellers identify the most popular keywords or key phrases which web consumers use in their online searches.

This in turn would cause Google to perk up on its page ranking exercise as web consumers are able to find what they search for using their preferred keywords. This would generate higher organic web traffic. Web pages must display the best of keywords to enjoy high page rankings by Google, whose ranking of webpage is based on the best keywords displayed.

Direct sellers need to know how to identify low competition keywords which are highly searched. This is also part of the critical search engine optimization routine which should be executed aptly to fit Google’s stringent search algorithm’s rules and regulations.

Direct sellers could deploy various tips that increase their page ranking on their websites or web pages by Google.

1) Keep the website URL short and catchy for easy remembrance
2) Keywords should be included in the content several times in the first couple of paragraphs within 100 words
3) Image title, Alt tag, Title tag and Meta description should include the preferred keywords
4) Keywords must be in bold to stand out
5) Outbound links must be positioned at authority or reputed sites with lots of traffic plying through daily to capture as many as possible for the business
6) Good links must be utilized on previous contents for more information to be provided to the web user on the website
7) Keywords should also be in the page URL for a quick and easy identification
8) The primary and related keywords should be found in H1, H2 and H3 tags
9) Every quality article must provide substantial contents with a good keyword balance that exhibits a good flow throughout the contents for an enjoyable read
10) Choice of keywords must be unique but easy to remember as per web users’ inclination on successful searches

External Web Page Optimization

External webpage optimization is also critical to impact the page ranking by Google.
This could include manipulating established and reputed directories and listings such as Ezine while social media is highly popular to glean the best of potential leads. Blogs are highly effective in grabbing web readers’ attention on relevant issues that are close to web consumers’ heart and mind.

Ezine Articles

Ezine articles are highly popular to seek out the best of contents required by web consumers. This platform is very established in promoting well-written content to win web consumers’ approval as well as search engines’ favors. It is known that is highly resourceful with its dynamic resource box link to the web business site for increased organic traffic for the business.

Social Media Networks

Social media networks form excellent marketing platforms that also boost page rankings by Google as the search engine could be impressed by the large traffic secured from these networking sites. However, direct sellers are not to spam targeted niche web consumers, but exercise professionalism and discretion in engaging with identified audiences on these platforms.

Good posts and an active participation on the social platforms naturally draw more traffic to the website as respect and confidence in the marketer are reciprocated.

Posting on Blogs

Blogs are also excellent platforms to secure high Google rankings through quality contents. Posting on personal and outside blogs as guest bloggers is a dynamic online marketing strategy that expands the market visibility of the brand and business.

A wider dimension is procured when good blogs are read on other bloggers’ websites which imply market acceptance. Appropriate links should be displayed in external blogs to direct traffic back to personal websites. Such external presence enhances Google page ranking.

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