Does The Amount Of Views On Your YouTube Video Matter?

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Youtube is a great advertising medium if you know what you are doing. What makes it so good is that if done right you can actually get a lot of ‘free’ and viral traffic to your video and thus you can then funnel this traffic back to your website and offers. Many advertisers believed that Youtube is the new ‘television’ and that your advertisements or promotional videos on Youtube have a huge potential. In fact, Youtube was so successful in getting a lot of traffic; it was bought by the internet giant known as Google.

Youtube has changed the way marketing will be done online forever. You can see how nameless people are using Youtube to get fame and how they are using Youtube compensation plans to make a living online. Not only that… you can see how small-time musicians are becoming a presence online using this super video distribution network known as Youtube. The free traffic and free videos that circulates will undeniably benefit your business. Needless to say the more views that you get on your video, the better. The question then lays in just how much does it matter? Let us investigate with more details in this matter.

You are not alone.

When you upload a good video on Youtube, the views that you get shows you that you are not alone in this world. Your videos get shared and your videos will be seen by the world. This can happen in an incredibly fast rate, so much so if you said something wrong… you might find the rest of the world hating you the very next day you wake up. So you need to understand that Youtube can have a positive impact on your business and at the same time it can have a negative impact on your business as well.

Next, you will come to realize that Youtube is now crawling with your competitors so your videos needs to really stand out and make sure that they are attractive. Do your research so that your videos will get more positive ratings than negative ones. Sometimes the world just hates things. There are people uploading perfectly normal videos of them reviewing products but gets a ton of bad rating because the general public didn’t like the uploaders’ voice or their facial look. This kind of things happens so be doubly sure to give special attention to what works and what does not before you decide to make your own videos.

Video views are a great branding tool.

For a video that gets a lot of views, what you really are getting are not just bragging rights but truly, you are getting a lot of branding. People remember you, and your fame will just rise with the views. Therefore, your branding online is as significant as it gets when it comes to YouTube views. Think about it this way, even if the video that you uploaded was not originally created by you, but you get a lot of views to it, you get credited with the branding as well. That’s just how powerful this video distribution powerhouse is.

With that said, one needs to understand how you can get the top views on YouTube. Faking the views these days will no longer cut it because Youtube has now implemented a strong filter system and it will catch those videos views that are faked and essentially penalize the videos from showing any more views. Hence the best way to get views these days is from natural promotions (getting real legitimate views) and superb quality videos that get shared around.

When your video reaches a certain fame level on the Youtube channels, your videos stand a chance to explode outside of Youtube as well such as getting picked up by big medias or big sites such as BBC or Larry King’s show that will get you even more famous. All in all, the power of branding using YouTube is not to be ignored and if you are doing any branding at all, you might as well start with YouTube because you are just 1 video away from getting the best branding from the an astonishing branding tool available today.

Your videos with tons of view can be used inside your own portfolio.

Yeap! That’s right! This is as good as it gets. When you have a video with a huge amount of views, you can use it as part of your marketing portfolio or any portfolio at all. It tells the people one thing and that is you are good at something. Well… in fact if your video is about marketing, people know that you are an expert in that area. So what this all ultimately means is that a view with a lot of views is actually an achievement. Out of the thousands of videos that gets uploaded each day, you need to realize that almost 80% of the videos die out and only a select few gets into the highlights.

Your portfolio will shine and you can brag about how you got a 1 million view on a video about your expertize. This will give you instant credibility and trust level that is unmatched because 1 million people who listens to what you have to say… this usually means that you know what you are doing or saying and all these people can’t be wrong. Learn to become a major player in Youtube and you will find that your competitors will have a hard time competing with you. On Youtube, what matters is to let your fans love ‘you’ because in the world of Youtube, we’ve seen cover singers do ‘better’ than those original artists. Your success on Youtube could be the turning point in to your online business that you’ve been seeking for all these while. Go for it!.

Your Videos Does The Amount Of Views On Your YouTube Video Matter?

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