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how do you want to pay something from 50 cents again up to four dollars again and make a passive income again online with the strategy that can be implemented on in less than five minutes it has unlimited earning potential and you can earn hundreds of dollars daily just like this strategy is one hundred percent free to get start and it will never cost you a single cent plus it works around the world on top of that with this strategy you can be paid every day but you must stay until the end of the video so I can show you how to put everything it together so you have the best chance of getting the to make the most money on top of this I will have a great giveaway announcement that you do not want to miss it, if you the wants to be next winner pay close attention and whatever you do do not continue so if this is your first time coming make sure I smash to my channel like that button if you like this video and sign in with the bell to keep you up to date with the latest ways to make money online what's going on, it's here again from the smart money tactics channel and just like I said in the introduction from this video guys I have a brand new way you can make money online, it's free, it's simple it's super easy and you can make hundreds but make sure you at the end of stay this video guys because I will have a big announcement on how you can win up to 100 in a PayPal gift if we have a get a thousand likes on this video I will make a 100 PayPal gift if we get less than that, I'll do 50 let's watch this video so today guys I want to show you how to use it this site here is called cpa lead.com guys it's available around the world and i want to show you how to use this site very easy and earn a lot of money guys i love this site because you can is literally paid use this website every day guys and this site was used by many great companies and the best share about these guys there are absolutely no sell with this I will show you how to become really real quick leads simple leads absolutely for free without selling and make lots of money online must do guys is here and click on the login button guys as soon as you do it will ask you to sign up for this website here as you can see join cpa lead generation network guys you can log in via your facebook account you can sign in with google and like i said guys, that's why i love check out this site this is a minimum daily payment of one dollar and i'm going to show you how to make hundreds with this you come here and as you can see daily and weekly payment options it is why this is great if you combine it with a passive income strategy you can make a lot of money for those of you who do not know what cpa means it's basically a cost per acquisition cost per action if someone completes an action like sign up to offer something mailing list you are going to earn they do not even have to go and buy that product well, so if you come here they have a whole list of other things guys you do not have to worry about yourself with I want to make it fun and easy for you to make a lot of passive income once you guys come here guys and you can log in to this site, it goes on to take you to this page here okay now it's your back office your dashboard guys and when you scroll down here you can see that you have your dashboard where you can see how many sales you have made of course with a brand new account you are not going to have any sellers you provide your statistics you can now create landing pages i want to draw your attention look at this filter here on these guys if you click on this, it will show you in which countries you can do it in and this is basically worldwide guys I have not seen before a country here who can not use this site guys and if you roll down here, you have United States India you basically have all of Europe you have the whole of Asia, you have the Middle east guys you have the americans you have like that many different countries here guys if you are a country not here, you are extremely unhappy okay guys i saw most African countries too and if you come here, you have got offer types also just leave it on any type all devices guys and all advertisers now from here it is where to pay close attention I want to show you the best deals for use to make passive income with this man, so if you scroll down here what basically happens is that you go to start seeing all these things different offers and you can see it payouts okay now it is as I said a cost per acquisition or cost per action which means they do not need buy everything they need to sign up and these companies will then try get these people to sign up for something else so they can earn money on their backs of all these logins and when you browse down here guys you have different kinds of things i mean so you got netflix quizzes you have dinosaur quizzes cartoons quizzes if you come down here, go to youtube quiz guys but what are we looking for are we looking for things like gift maps good if you come here to look at his popeye's gift card if you come down here you can find it pizza hut gift cards and then you start to see some very good gift cards look at this one here guys you have a Walmart gift card good and then you come here, you have a visa gift card also now I just have left it to us at the moment you can change it to the the whole world if you want as if you come here guys and you knew the United States you can select all countries if you want or you can select specific countries I left it to us at the moment as we scroll down here i want to show you we'm coming back here different gift cards, things I found because I really like it, now take a look at this here get a 100 Walmart gift card, I love this one because you earn one dollar and sixteen sent every time someone logs in now see how easy it is to get your link you come here guys you click on this and from here look at these guys this is your affiliate link if you share it and anyone click on it and register look at this share with people only countries that are the United States target only those devices that are all devices that are perfect and then guys come here converts sign up for account so what they will do is I will come here guys, I have to register under this which is To Walmart and then you pay 1.16 and they draw to win a 100 gift card it's super simple super easy and he is very effective guys so this is your link here so you want to do guys is that you want to come here and you want to copy this link properly once you copy it link let's say someone clicks on this link is not from that country that happens automatically is it recruit okay cpa lead will they have a send offer available in their country and if they complete that offer you will still be paid, so do not do it be worried if you know you're promoting something and there are many people who click from other countries you can still make a lot of money, so how are we going to get this free traffic how are we going to do it right what you want to do from here are guys you want to come to this site here called try interact.com which I was talking about this recently on one of my videos and I have use it to make very good money online so i want to show you how to can do exactly the same please note do not skip these sections guys because it's really important, but before we go any further it likes buttons because if we get the 1000 likes I increase the 50 PayPal gift to 100 but make sure you at the end of the stay video to find out what to do enter so if you are here on this page guys you have to do, you do not even do must log in to this site all you have to do is come here and click on make your own quiz for free as soon as you click on it this will take you to a page what now looks like from here what you want to do you just want to click to create a new quiz now, it's very simple guys once you click on it it will bring you to a page that looks like this now i'm going to show you how to do it where it's super simple just a one simple question just to get your foot in the door in the door for them to sign up so you can get pay from there guys what you want to do do you want to come here and you want to click to start scratch as soon as you click on it will take you to a page that looks like this then here, guys you just want to click on assessment once you do, it will take you to a page that looks like this now i know it looks complicated at the moment, but it's super simple so make sure you pay close attention from here guys we're going to have a create very fast Walmart quiz okay it's going to be super simple guys so what you want to do is to see here you have all these options here we are going to make it great simply here is a quiz i guys created I'm going to show you how to do exactly the same now look at what i did here guys in the top heading here everything I did did I answer this for a chance to win a hundred dollar gift card so that's all you need to guys on the to do first part here all you have to do is come here and type the same thing enter it for a chance to win a hundred dollar gift card now here guys what you need to do you must enter a photo you want to post a photo you do not have to do it just looks a lot better if you have a looked at this with a photo make it stand out a lot more so what you want to do very easily just went to Google Guys enter 100 walmart gift card come right here with the mouse click guys copy this picture here as soon as you copy the picture that you want to do what you want come to a site like canva.com which is absolutely free from there what you want to do do you want to create a design but you want to use 900 by 400, because that's the size of that section in the quiz that this the size of the photo should be as soon as you click on it come here guys right click mouse and paste it here and just cut this picture in here to make that's right size and then save it on you computer once you have saved it on your computer and you come back here, you can import that photo just like I have if we come here all you need to do guys is click on this okay as soon as you do, you come here and you click upload as soon as you click on click to upload you come here to select a file go double click on your downloaded files on it upload and now it's going to upload that photo directly here which is super simple okay so you can move it okay atweede just go cut and save, otherwise you can make it's a little bigger etc, so I just left it as it's perfect so then you come here among guys and you must type a description here and it's very easy to tell people exactly what they are themselves in and if you come here I have everything done guys answer it if you basically look here answer this very simple question and follow the instructions for your chance for a free 100 to win a Walmart gift card, so if you're doing this page here, guys, all you have to do is something very similar imported now here is your call to action okay this very easy guys all you have to do is just type in something like click here to access the quiz okay something like this here guys this is where you go enter the url so when you return here if you come down here, it's true here we have the 100 Walmart gift card if we just click back after this i'm just going guys to copy it again so we can copy it what we are going to do is go come back here and what we are going to do is we going to add the url in here so we here we are going to paste it and leave it open in a new link and click to save once you've done it from here on out what we need to do is we need to enter these questions so that you come here, this is where you are now everyone is going to enter this question I did because what we do remember guys we're creating a quiz, so you come here and what I have done for questions is something very simple like in which country will you find walmart so you simply come here guys enter it very easily and then just post your answers something like australia is what i did okay come sit here uk just to make this very fast type United States and here you can write something as Japan, for example, it does not matter Japan and then here guys you can do can you provide the correct answer if you want it is up to you, I have to if you do if you said that the United States is the correct answer when they click on the they will get such a green light and then you save it there then guys very very easy what to do now if you come here to make you click on it outcome basically what's going to happen like you can see you have it in here you have it there that you entered that you have your call to action click here to access the quiz what basically happens from there guys should you publish this quiz okay, so if you come here and you click to publish what's going on to happen, it's going to bring you to a page that looks like this and as you can see, guys are sitting directly with your link quiz okay, so you come here and if you copy this link here is the link we are going to be Share when we get our free traffic as people click on it and they complete this quiz you're going to to be paid 1.16 again and again in passive income so that you guys come here and you very easily copy this link and as you can see it is copied now to see an example of your quiz guys all you have to do if we reduce it when we return to this page here as you can see he answers this quiz for your chance to win a hundred dollar gift card okay if you come here, you can come, you see where there is an example quiz if you click on it here it is now are we going to show the exact same quiz guys if you come here enter it for a chance to win anyone comes across you, they click on take quiz bring them here click on United States say lucky catatulations you have qualified they come here and they click here to enter once I click on it, it's will take them straight at the offer and then sign up once you're going to pay 1.16, so true are you going to promote quiz this so you can start making this passive income is the best place it worked for me guys is facebook and the reason why it is worked for facebook is because I went straight to facebook groups and basically what you can do yourself are you able to overcome and you can sign up for lots for example, I did it in many different ways nisse but these I know will work very well well if you come here guys when you type sweep if you come here, look at you have these groups like free deliveries you can sign to you have gifts and raffles where you can sign up and I'm going show you an example of what you can write and what it is going to look like these are fantastic guys so you come here and what you do is you click on all these guys from these groups are public some of these groups are private and all what you need to do is get here and join all these different groups you can imagine how many people are going to sign with this especially if you use an offer that is one worldwide the options here whip is another option guys freebies okay so you come here I mean look at this I have thousands members 7,000 members 1400 members 41 000 members 27 000 members guys come here and sign up for all these different groups of guys remember we are looking for freebies we are looking for sweep when you come here guys gift cards look at these 88 000 members guys and these people want you have to come here and they want you to help these people sign up for these different gift cards, these are groups designed for these things are not going to be banned you are not going to be blocked I mean, look at these guys thousands and thousands of members another one you can look for is enter to win, so you enter to win groups and then you come here hundreds of members remember guys these people come over because they want this type of stuff and it is in this group you know that they only has 764 members but if you get one to 200 people to sign this is one to two hundred dollars every day and they have hundreds of these different gift cards on cpa lead and some of them are up to a thousand dollars like the visa card one we sure saw that gives you the opportunity to earn a lot of money online and it took us literally five minutes to set it all up guys and this is what it's going to look like this when you come I went to my facebook and basically what i put it is what you do you type in something like how do you want to make a hundred dollars or how would you like A one hundred dollar Walmart gift card for free if you do click on the link below and follow the instructions now because it is the photo we used here you can see that it's going to appear on that facebook group and anyone who go down among all that click on it and sign up guys you stand a very good chance of making very good money online if you want to shorten this link you can go to cut and shorten this link it depends on you but you can start making very good passive income online follow this strategy so it was me video for today guys in a fantastic way what you can make passive income now online if you want enter the PayPal gift, this is what you have to do number one you must like this video, wantas we get a thousand likes in the next 24 hours I will increase the 50 to 100 and I will give it to the person going down bottom right now and comment and tell me what it is going to use the hundred dollars up or fifty dollars if we get a thousand like i will do a hundred dollars let me know what you need the hundred dollars for and I personally go the pick winner this video and I will give them a give a hundred dollars I will contact you for your PayPal email address and I will announce the winner on the following video guys so everything you need to do is to make sure you like this video make sure you comment and share this video and you comment that you shared it it's going to give you more opportunity to win the PayPal giveaway, thank you guys you so much to look at another of my videos I'm been from smart money tactics to tomorrow take care yourselves and goodbye

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