Get Free Website Traffic Now With These 7 SEO Tools

So everyone's after free website traffic just 
imagine getting some free website traffic with   some free tools well that's what we're going to 
look at today I'm going to share with you the   very tools I use and you can apply that with your 
business too they're all simple to use and they're   easy to apply to your website but i suppose you 
might just be asking why is it so important to   get website traffic well obviously website traffic 
produces leads, leads produce customers customers   produce sales so ultimately having your business 
being found on the search engines you may have   heard of SEO search engine optimization that's 
the reason why we're looking at these tools to   help us to do that but to do it in an automated 
way that's going to save you time if you've ever   advertised for traffic you know it costs money 
and it's an ongoing monthly cost for your business   free tools you get free traffic and you get it at 
a cost of nothing it's organically grown so give   these tools a try and see if they boost traffic 
for your business too and for those that watch the   end of the video i've got a real bonus if you want 
to know how to build a professional website so the   first tool i use is nitro pack and the reason i 
use nitro pack is it takes my website and just   speeds it up for me so without me doing anything 
it caches the website then serves it and so my   customers when they land on my website they get 
a much quicker loading website when they visit it   why is that important well google actually ranks 
your business based on your website and how fast   it loads it's as simple as that so you can use 
nitro pack i'll put a link down below to it for   you also another one i'm aware of is 10 web and 
they've recently produced a plug-in for wordpress   that also does something similar to nitro pack 
so again i'll put a link to that below as well   but speeding up your website is one of the most 
important tools you're going to need if you want   to rank and get more traffic so second tool i use 
is for link building i use ahref they provide a   free monthly spider of your website it then finds 
all the links that you've gained it tells you what   their page rank is in effect their authority 
and also it tells you the ones you've lost and   this gives you an opportunity to go back to those 
ones you've lost and maybe do a redirect it also   gives you an opportunity to see who's linking to 
you what your competitors are linking to as well   it even suggests ways in which you can link 
through to other pages to gain more rank so if   you've not used this free tool that comes through 
to your email each month then i recommend it so   again i'll put a link to it down below for you now 
the third area you're probably needing to look at   is email marketing building up a list of potential 
clients so how do you then market to them how do   you tell them about the offers and things that 
might interest them in the future well it's by   building up a marketing list now everyone knows if 
you just send out emails it will go and get caught   up in the spam filters but mailchimp is a great 
way in which you can do it for free the first 2000   clients that are listed for free as well costs 
you nothing at all and then you just pay extra   if you need more than 2 000.

Now i did a challenge 
to see whether mailchimp was better than aweber   whether it was better than get response or drip 
so there's an article i'll put a link to as well   where this article just looked at all the various 
falls in the gangs with all the email marketing   tools out there and i have to say mailchimp still 
come out number one from my estimate but i've done   a video as well that will help you to see why i 
came to that conclusion so check that out after   this video now this point if this type of video 
is interesting and going to help you and you're   seeing value in it then make sure you just give it 
a like down below because that just helps others   find this video too now my fourth tool is a really 
interesting one because when i write a blog or a   video i don't just want to use keywords which 
is probably what the focus is for most people   but i also want to make it so that 
it's got some intrigue or some interest   or maybe there's a word that calls them to 
action so how do you get the combination   of using the right keywords for seo and at the 
same time making it clickable to human beings   well this is where this tool is fantastic it's 
called headline studio it's free and what it   does it doesn't just give you a headline score by 
looking at word balance word count character count   the sentiment the clarity the skimmability even 
is it readable but it also looks at the seo score   it makes great suggestions and it looks to make 
sure you've got a balance within that headline   and you can then see as you add different types 
of headlines it will give you different types   of scores and once you find a score that reflects 
the information you're going to present in a blog   or in an article then this really helps get the 
clicks through to it too if people click through   to an article and they then start reading it that 
helps you rank and if you start ranking that's   when the traffic comes flooding in so this is the 
start really of that process you might have spent   hours on a great article and yet no one clicks 
it because the headline itself on that article   isn't really appealing to the human element it's 
all about the keyword element so this gives you   a good balance between the two now the fifth 
tool that i use all the time is public and the   reason why publish such a great tool is because 
what it does it enables people to become aware   of when you released a new piece of information 
so if i've done a new video or a new blog article   then it just makes sure that people then know 
it through twitter or facebook or linkedin or   whatever platforms you use socially to write and 
to blog and to put all that out on each individual   item could take hours but just literally one click 
of a button pablo does that for me and the free   version gives you five different types of social 
media accounts and then if you want more you can   pay for extra and also circle boom is a new one 
that's come along that i've been made aware of and   i've been using that recently as well in another 
way and it's just as good as public so really you   can choose which one suits you they both have 
falls and against but both of them have a free   element to it that you can try and see what you 
think now my sixth tool is one i've used for years   and it helps me to really keep myself organized 
and it's a free crm for google or for gmail so crm   or customer relationship management software 
the reason why it's so useful is because   every task that comes my way is generally through 
emails now and if it's not i will put it into an   email to myself and the reason why i then use this 
is because it enables you to organize you can have   funnels you can have pipelines you can basically 
build your whole business around your email   so your email your gmail account becomes a 
task in themselves you can add notes to it   you can put costs to it you can make it so that 
it comes back to you it bounces back to you and   also you can assign it to other members of your 
team too so it isn't just an account for yourself   but you can expand it out to others too so really 
helpful it also means if you've got an email you   want to share with someone you can then just use 
this clickable link and it becomes shareable to   outside of your gmail account and of course with 
gmail you can still bring in your pop3 accounts   your imap accounts to all be built into that 
one client so if you want to run your business   through one gmail client i'd recommend using 
streak and combining it with a gmail account   really powerful and it keeps my inbox zero up 
together every single day and the seventh tool   is a really helpful tool if you're building an 
article or you're blogging and you just want   to make sure that it's readable that it's 
not over spammy when it comes to keywords   that it makes sense that the the balance of the 
keywords are throughout the article and used on   certain things like say headlines and it also 
shows you how it would appear in google search   results and that tool of course is yoast yost is 
still a superb tool that i recommend particularly   if you're using a wordpress website just to make 
sure that you then can see how it sounds and how   it appears to your customers but i also promised 
you a bonus as well that's going to help you if   you want a more professional looking website for 
free now you may have heard of wix and shopify and   squarespace even in effect gives 
you a builder there but did you know google   has their own site builder and it's not google 
business profile one it's better a lot better   than that so if you want to know how you can build 
it in just five minutes using google site builder   then head over to this video and i'll 
show you why you need to consider it   because it's a great alternative to all those 
others i just mentioned so i'll see you there

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