How To Create A Evergreen Or Automated Webinar Using Everwebinar

okay i get it you are tuning to my video because 
you want to start your coaching career you want to level up your services and this tool that i will 
recommend to you is really i mean super dope in terms of organizing your webinar and yeah it works 
for virtual summit even though you have like a lot of attendees even let's say 1000 attendees or 
if it's a lot a big event or a small event then this tool can help you to automate your 
process like during when you are having a live event there are some like um features that you 
can use on this tool for example a special offer or maybe um q a session and um you can also put 
like trucking tools so there's a lot of things really there's a lot there's a lot of 
things that you can do in this tool now um they there is a two types 
of jam of webinar um the first um product that they have is webinar jam now 
webinar drum works for live events and if we go to the home that um you will see like 
a brief um introduction like how the product works and you can also see like if you go here and the 
area there ha they have like a demo thing but i'm gonna walk you through how this set up after 
this like brief explanation on how it works and their pricing details so you can you can see all 
the details here and if you go to the pricing um there is um once a yearly plan so you can 
here's the difference like it's up to 500 attendees if you are for um um basic and they 
also have offer they also have a one dollar offer for the webinar jump services so again webinar 
jam works for live events and they also have other tools that's called ever webinar so by the 
way they have this kind of offer like get every webinar for only one dollar and it's 14 um days 
trial and for sure you will really hook in this sales thing because once you sign up to their app 
to their tools it's really a mind-blowing like it's really an amazing tools for your business to 
grow revenue and to save time and workers because everything can be automated okay so yeah you 
can sign up for your free trial it's one dollar for 14 days and this ever webinar now this every 
webinar works for pre-recorded um videos so if you are planning to create like pre-recorded videos 
then they do have you can select every webinar or you can select both webinar john and ever 
webinar but the problem is but the case is they do have different prices pricing 
you need to um buy the individual product but yeah so i'm gonna walk you through shortly how 
the dashboard works and how you can configure it onto your wordpress website if you are running 
a wordpress website so yeah so here you go just check all the details here like the features you 
can have live chat simulator that um that's um um how that works so basically um you can you can you 
have like something you can schedule questionnaire to your audience and then if their response 
back um you can um everything is already like everything is already automated like you have 
some questionnaires to your audience and then if they respond respond back given options to um to 
re to talk to them in real time and they do have a lot of features it's not just for the automated 
quest live chat stimulator but they have this kind of mind-blowing features so yeah just check this 
all details and they also have a 30 days many map guarantee if you feel that this tool doesn't 
work for you then they will provide a 100 um money back guarantee but i think if you are really 
into creating a courses you will never um refund their your your payment to them because this 
tool is very amazing now okay so go back to the setup so we have a website it's called marketers 
content playbook um by now maybe you don't have um this this event is already over but you can still 
sign up to our all access pass um it's cause you can still sign up to our all access pass to 
see all our live streaming and all our pre pre-recorded um blueprints for this um big live 
event by the way this event is composed with 100 speakers and they have they are really expert 
into their niche like for example stacy jones is a a product placement expert and works on i mean 
ex her expert is into entertainment industry so maybe if you are looking from on advice or a guide 
on how to hire a right influencer um celebrity right influencer or a celebrity she is really 
an expert on how to avoid um those pit walls so yeah and the other one is adam morgan from 
adobe and there's a lot of speakers that um will provide it still will because the virtual 
event is not yet over but during you watch this video this summit is already over but yeah these 
speakers will provide blueprint aside from um live event which is you can real time talk to them 
for questions they will provide a blueprint at the same time q a and if you sign up to the to the 
all access class of marketers content label you can access all of those marketing advice so just 
letting you know if you want to learn um ideas from the expert on how entertainment and pop 
culture and influencer and digital marketing works okay so by the way um by the way so we're using 
wordpress as our front and front end website and all the students will sign up here when they 
want to register on a certain speaker and each speaker has a live event version and pre-recorded 
version some speakers doesn't have a live event session but others but all of them have 
pre-recorded version or a blueprint version that can be accessed if you pursue purchase to the 
all access pass but this event is actually free this is how the the webinar jam looks like so 
if we sign up to with a webinar job we have because we purchased two kind of products 
so if you sign up here if you sign up and you purchase the two products this will be like 
how the dashboard works so you have an option to use webinar jam which is for the live events you 
can see here most powerful live webinar solution and you can also choose a ever webinar that 
is for the automated event so if you want to pre-record some presentation or powerpoint 
keynotes then every webinar will be a good um tool versus using a webinar jam so we have like 
a a page that is called virtual room okay virtual room and you can see all of the schedules 
here it's not yeah this is a three days event so you can see all the schedules here like from 9 
a.m to 9 30 james dayton from harman brothers will have a live event session and you can also 
register to their um to their um blueprint but this blueprint will only be accessed if they 
purchase to the all-access password four thousand uh not four thousand cost um 497 dollars so if you 
go to the q a session um this is free if this is still free but once the webinar is over you need 
to purchase the all access pass to unlock it to to get the recorded version so first let's say for 
example um this is for the register on demand and register on demand is their presentation version 
so i created like a registration page for every speakers here like because these are the speakers 
i'm going to give you like a short like overview how it works so these are the speakers so far 
that we have and they are over 100 speakers and each speakers so i i named it into alphabetical 
in order so they are over like 100 speakers if i'm not mistaken and each speakers have their 
own blueprint presentation it's kind of keynote powerpoint presentation it really depends on them 
even videos but these are that is a pre-recorded version and cannot be accessed if they um and 
it cannot be accessed once the webinar is over they also have a some of the speakers as well 
has a q a version so we have like until 9 8 a.m to 5 p.m we have a q a session and it is live you 
can actually ask questions from the speakers and they will answer you in real time so that's why we 
need to create a two kinds of webinar the webinar jam for the q a session and the ever webinar ever 
webinar for their blueprint presentation so i have a um i'm going to start we will start for the 
on-demand which is the blueprint presentation this one registered on demand so i created 
a registration form a registration page here so if you go to the webinar jump thing you can go 
to the ever webinar for the automated version and you can okay we will configure all things 
so i have a duplicate so for example james for example james and i will duplicate this yeah 
we will change this one and i will okay let me i'm going to change this one is the source video 
so if they have they have a pre-recorded video you need to um put the external thing and since 
this is a pre-recorded all of our videos are from um vimeo other thing you can also do is use 
the um webinar jump so if they already have a live version of the webinar and you want 
them to pre-recorded i mean i mean they have a live session and then by the end of the month you 
want that to curate and want it to be an automated webinar then you can you can use this option like 
a previous webinar jam live session and then you can select what webinar jam you have so this is 
perfect for curation but if you already have like a presentation thing and you haven't done any live 
event and you just want to pre-record those video or those presentations then you can use this 
this external video okay and then you need to provide the url so we are using vimeo for 
this and in this section basic settings um this will pop up for your registration 
form so um okay so this will pop up for your registration form now i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm 
going to change some few information here so i will change the i'm gonna get the um the 
title of the presentation here and put it here and okay no webinar name is just for internal use 
so it will not pop up if you um attend is gonna attend this cannot see this so webinar title 
this will pop up on the registration form so webinar title this is the title of verb of his 
this is the title of his presentation and then by the way you only have 16 and 70 characters 
for every webinar title so instead of just use adding this one i'll just put this stuffed here 
and for the description description has more um characters to put so that one and then do you 
want to the other question here is do you want to lease on on demand section and then yeah this 
is kind of mailing list option so yeah and then the directory like what is the category for this 
and then you need to click this confirm button to proceed to the next step now for the webinar 
presentation you need to put like the name of the moderator and for the webinar and by the way 
um the maximum for every web for every percent presenter and for the moderator all depends on the 
plan that you've chosen so you need to set click this confirm to proceed to enable this next button 
okay now you we actually need to to complete all of the process here and we want to make sure 
that we take advan i mean it's better if you take advantage all of the features on the webinar 
on every webinar so you can have full blast of marketing so webinar schedule so the schedule 
for james um let me check here so james is is 9 00 a.m okay 9 a.m yeah so it's yeah it's on 
tuesday august 4th 9 00 am but by the way this is a um pre-recorded so i mean it's okay to be 
earlier than 9 00 am because it's pre-recorded okay so confirm there are some few options 
here as well like if you want to allow late attendees so you need to enable that 
one and some sort of you need to just you need to put enabled the information here so 
go back to the registration form so they do have like they do have options for you to use their 
preset so for example you want to use this one they have preset and this will be i mean your 
landing page your registration page will be stored on webinar jam or on your ever webinar 
jam but only the disadvantage and this if i let's say for example i'm going to select this 
one this this kind this preset tool from from webinar jump is there's really i 
mean there's no options for you to to like let's say for example if you want to 
add an image here then you cannot do that it's really preset you just need the only options 
you can do is change the change the text of i mean change the text and you cannot like if 
you want to add a picture if you want to add like a picture here you cannot do that however 
you can change the um background to match on your branding so let's say for example if you want 
this to make it um red then you have options to change the colors or you can insert your own 
image so that might that will work as well and yeah but as much as possible since our website is 
still fresh this is not really our main website because her website is 
so this is just for for location events and yeah and we as much as possible we want 
to drive traffic on our wordpress website so um google can google will get a signal that i mean 
getting a lot of traffic getting a organic traffic into your website will help your page rank improve 
because google will will will receive a signals that oh um they are getting a organic traffic they 
are getting a natural traffic then this site might be um a good site and something that we we need to 
prioritize in the search engine result so that's a good thing if you use your own wordpress website 
or you use a your really own domain in hosting a webinar versus using a for example this one so 
yeah however you can use the preset template for that but for our end we will use our own um 
we will use our own link which is tie up to the marketer's content playbook because um we don't 
know we we will remove this ever webinar area and we don't want to have like i mean we have 
full flexibility in terms of changing all of the content from this page over just using the preset 
from from every webinar so i'm going to put this you if you use a custom design then you need to 
put your the url so this is the registration page for james and we will put that here and then 
save now in this area you will be asked like the registration design okay um i'll it's 
okay so the registration design so this one if if they click because i have this is already a 
registration page and there is called button here and i need to replace this one with a webinar jump 
button and if um every webinar button is clicked then this pop-up will change it will i mean 
you will see this pop-up i'm gonna give you example for that okay let's see i think i 
have aj i have aj i think i have okay christ so if you check crist and i've 
clicked this register now thing this one will pop up and you need to choose 
this is the registration form yeah so that the registration form served for so if 
they click the registration register now then they will receive i mean they will get 
this one and you this one cannot be customized you really need to choose what design you prefer 
so we don't want to use any image on the webinar on this webinar on this virtual summit okay 
so we've chosen this one and actually there's no we don't have the right branding color but 
the closer branding color is this one so you can actually select like what kind of branding 
color you have but if if i mean the limitation is if and any of this colors is not your branding 
then that might be very unfortunate however you can just use a neutral color for your form 
okay so we will select this one because this is closer to our branding so which is burgundy and 
yeah we're already good in that and then for the registration form what will be the fields you 
want to grab from your audience so for example for chris we have a first name last name and 
email address so same with james we want to get the first name the last name the email address and 
the phone number and we want it to be mandatory okay now for the free registration versus um paid 
registration so as i said this webinar or this virtual summit is free version but you can only 
access this summit until august 4th 5th and 6th and all of the elements all of the the 
giveaways like free on-demand blueprints and free recorded q a live session will not 
will be no longer available after october after august 6th okay so if you want this to 
be let's say for example you have a webinar and you want it to be a regis paid version 
then you can just select this register thing and they will already have the integration for 
you so you can choose like how much would be your how much will be your price and then enter the url 
of your checkout page so let's see how this works okay i'm gonna see how this works before using a 
business account so they have this kind they have this tutorial for you okay you need to create 
so i'm gonna let's walk you through let's walk through on that so you have a sample i'm gonna 
log into my paypal account and follow the steps so login and by the way this is a i'm gonna i'm 
going to change that into free version after we look after we configure the the page version i 
just want you to see how it should be integrated so we need to select the registration fee and 
then we need to sign into our um paypal and this one you need to go to the account settings 
so let's go to the account and under payment website payments okay so let's go to the i think it's under the seller's tools i've 
already done this before so this one website okay the new one is paypal button it's not 
website control how you sell express checkout so okay website preferences people is always 
changing from time to time so the tutorials might be not really accurate so need to select that and 
then there is an option here okay this one is not a website payments but it is a button so let's 
go back and let's select this paypal buttons and then what kind of like paypal 
let's just for example buy now okay let's select that one and we will let's 
say this is by now and then i'm gonna put this like um all access webinar by the way this 
is just a sample okay one two three four it's optional but if you want to track all of your 
orders then you can create a a unique number but let's just make that like a sample and 
then for example 130 and if you have like if you have a lot of options like this is a 
three um three month access one year access 22 years access to 300 600 something like that done and 
then if you want if it has if it has a shipping it's not a physical product it is a 
service so let's just skip that one and if you want to have like a tax rate then you need to 
yeah like put if you want to but most of the digital products doesn't have add-ons so you can 
just look select this use my primary email address and then if you want to track your orders like if 
you want to see the inventories in all access pass but i think this is a digital product so it's not 
physical so just select the truck um and select the truck inventory now for the customize buttons 
there is some options here you want to let your customer change orders of quantities 
i don't think so this is a monthly and yearly subscription so no and then name of the 
message box you can put that and then take the url so this can be a cancellation page you 
can create a cancellation page for your marketer's content for your wordpress website 
or just skip this one and this one will be for the thank you page maybe in the future i this is 
perfect by the way this is really good for upsell services so it's i really recommend you to create 
a thank you page for every checkout so you can you can upsell your your customer now add 
variables okay i would not add variables but adding a variables would be i like helpful for 
you to track your orders now i'm going to click this create button to generate a link for us and 
we can use that on our live webinar on our ever webinar what's error prices of the menu okay 
this one is that's it for example i'll access us and let's generate a button and 
then you we will see this kind of code and this will be the one that pop 
up on the ever webinar thing here okay by the way we have changed the price 
it should be okay i will change this to let's edit this one and let's just 
use the same price which is 4.95 so let's say i'm gonna go back 
here no here and it should be let's remove that add thing it's not a drop 
they don't have options so it's just 4.95 and then saved and then this one will be generated 
so you can go to the email instead of website to get the um check out link so you need 
to put that and put it here and then what will be the post um redirection so this will 
be a thank you page similar to the paypal thing so you can also put your thank you page here for 
the upsell purposes so that once you're done with that you can select confirm but this is a free 
webinar so i will remove this one and change it to free and then confirm and then is it password 
protected like after they receive an email that to access the live room do they need a password 
if they need a password then you can put your password here or you want you can have like master 
password of all the attendees or you can use a unique password you can have set a unique password 
for every attendees but we don't want to complete complicate things let's just use no password 
needed this is perfect for those very like you have a lot of categories for your um webinars 
then it um i would recommend to have a password protection so confirm and then next now we have 
this kind of regis um notification thing so these are we have various mailing systems to send all 
your webinar reminders so this will be for webinar reminders like let's say for example um we want 
to remind all of our students to to go to the live room or sign up to our webinar after before a 
day before the event you can also send a reminder before the event maybe 15 hours prior so right 
now we will use every webinar because they have a really great system for reminding so let's 
take forever webinar every webinar as our notification tool and then reminder this 
is the like the settings you you can set up so if you choose like let's say for example your 
autoresponder you will this one is not is no longer needed but if you choose every webinar mail 
you need to configure this one because you need to select like like this one um like this one they 
will receive a welcome email after the register to our um registration page and they will receive 
a a reminder before the event happened so that one so confirm confirm and then next now in this 
integration thing this will work so we have um we connect our mailchimp account on this because we 
want to forward all the data for all our attendees from mailchimp so i said i set a rules here by the 
way if you haven't configured your autoresponder yet you need let's say for example you select 
your mailchimp and you haven't could connect your mailchimp yet in your every webinar you need 
to get your api so how you can get your api so log into your mail team okay log into your mailchimp 
and go to the in this area go to the account and go to the accounts and under you can see 
extras and then api key and then you need to generate your api i would recommend to generate 
your api because this is and this is unlimited so just generate an api so how so you have reference 
like this one i think that is for the ever um ever webinar by the way when you are i mean you are generating 
or you are connecting you are mailchimp it's better to really have a label i'm not sure 
where should where did i put this one i think in teachable i believe so you need to get this api 
thing and then there is an option here that pop-up if you're not yet connected you will be asked 
to to put your api so you need to put your api and this i mean after that this will be unlocked 
and in these options um we have configured a a rule like if someone register if they register 
to the event i want them to add a leash and this is for james so i need to create i want 
to add it on james account do i have james here okay interested in james dayton topic so 
i want all the register all the students to be added on our mailchimp account and their 
mailchimp please under interested in james topic and then create integration and then okay okay if 
you notice i mean i've done a lot of webinars here and it looks complicated because this is 
actually a virtual summit and a lot of speakers are speaking in this event we have over 100 
speakers but if it's just a normal webinar um i think the work will not be so um long 
so right now i need to create like 100 ever webinar because they do have individual 
blueprint presentation every speakers okay so just letting you know if you are i 
mean you are curious why i created a lot of ever webinar series because all the speakers have 
their own um pre-recorded version we separate them and also we we also want to track the attendees 
like to whom um speakers they are interested in so by the way um let's say you want to 
because they have a integration for the like if i go here okay and go to the integration 
so if you have an autoresponder you can actually um forward a data on that autoresponder and that 
can be used probably in some maybe if you were you will have a promotion campaign in the future or 
if you have a school like cortra then you can um transfer those attendees and that can they can 
be converted as students so right now we are using teachable and our plan is to switch on card 
draw so but for now we since we haven't like fully configured cartridge yet cartridge is one of our 
top choice to to use as our online platform um it's not yet final that's why i did not integrate 
the cartridge yet instead i use the mailchimp so once you already um put the api because all of 
this like even get get rest get response convert convertkit you need to put your api to connect 
on your webinar so as an example i already give you an instruction right earlier on how to connect 
your mailchimp you need to get the api under the extras settings so let's say you've ready connect 
your api to your ever webinar you just need to go here and you can select a logic like a logic like 
in my area i put like okay let me remove that one so i put if they register to work webinar however 
you can also choose different logic here like if they miss the live webinar then blah blah blah 
so um it's super i mean the instruction is super easy i mean the logic is easy to follow but 
what we want to grab is if they register to the to this um ever webinar they will be 
fall i i forgot what's the name of this let me okay i need to check the name of the 
presence of some will so let's go back with the integration again so on the mailchimp 
i want that if someone registered to samuel um event or some will blueprint guide it's a 
pre-recorded again it's a pre-recorded event so if someone registered on on his pre-recorded event 
then i want that attendees to believe on okay it's still not working so i want that attendance to 
belize ensemble so there should be an option here that is called topic interested hope i can i can 
search this one but anyway this is interested in some little topic because we 
have a lot of we have a lot of um we have a lot of speakers so we want to categorize 
them by speaker's name the only disadvantage with this which i don't like is their limitation like 
in this then logic is very i mean it's their your logical thing is very limited because as much as 
possible i mean the big approach the good approach here is i want just to create a one list if 
applicable like if someone registered to this one they will be fall into let's say for example 
our master template and then i want to have like another logic like they will be fall into tags so 
instead of just putting creating a lot of leads then it's better if we have some options here to 
create a tags but in this case unfortunately um it's not available in webinar john so this 
is the only options we can do for now so if someone registered we want them to add on 
the lease under interested in some low topic now how you can create a lease okay 
go back to the um go to your mailchimp account and you can directly go here or sometimes 
it look it is located under ojen's dashboard if i'm not mistaken it's audience dashboard and click 
this manage audience and click this view audiences and this one you can create at least or you 
can directly go to the admin dot lease okay now you need to create to create 
a lease i mean you need to create a lease here so create an audience but we already 
have some gold sleeves so i will use other speakers that we haven't um that there's no 
lease yet so i think it's i think this one so interested in as real rats topic 
i'm gonna put my email address and um maybe the description is just 
for internal use because we won't really undo any pitching on mailchimp but we 
just want to forward this data from the speakers and we might use it in the future 
but for now let we just want to gather data as much as possible and save at least and 
that lease that you just created should um should be reflected on the mailchimp 
so that's that's how it works and yeah so basically this is the process of like if 
you want to connect your webinar jam or ever webinar to your wordpress let's say if you don't 
have um platform yet for your online courses like you don't have cartridges or you don't 
have teachable yet or things to do yet then um it's actually a good one to use um wordpress and 
wordpress has and also online online platform plugin it's called learn dash but um that is one 
of the options that we might consider it's maybe kartra or learn dash but um since most of the team 
is not really um tech savvy and yeah so we are also thinking the advantage of using kartra over 
learn dash and then always make sure that you hit the confirm to save all your changes and then in 
this part called third-party tracking tools this is so important for retargeting especially if you 
want to run a ads in the future if you want to add facebook ads um linkedin ads twitter ads adwords 
and google analytics you want to track like how this is so good for for ads because you can 
retarget those people who attended in this event and retargeting is cheaper than other normal ads 
so you need to make sure that all the tracking tools are set on the um on this area i mean the 
third party tracking tools will should be set here so you just need to get the embed for facebook 
pixel you need to get the facebook pixel for the linkedin you need to get your link in pixel okay 
confirm and next now in this area thank you page um you can put a survey here like question like 
if they are like they have have they learned a lot from the events or something like that so you can 
set a survey here and in this section thank you page design you will be after the webinar and then 
after they register to the webinar they will be landed to this thank you page design and we 
don't have options to customize this however you can select a preset in this area we've chosen 
this design because it's simple and we just change the information here and we added our um 
upsell product which is all access pass event all access pass um plan so yeah this 
one we don't have options to use custom um custom link for that so confirm and next now in 
this area um this is super great for marketing so there's options here first for scar scarcity rule 
like you need to urge your customer up okay this is a countdown by the way this is a countdown 
design like to notify them that there's only two minutes left and the webinar or the live the the 
virtual summit or webinar um will start so that one and then um webinar room you can select how 
the webinar room looks like okay and then the pulse increases um you can actually add a like 
a post questionnaire during the webinar and we don't want to put that for now live chat you can 
select like you can configure some questionnaire in the live chat like someone like hey um i'm 
from like you can since the webinar is starting as much this is a good marketing thing like you can 
actually fake it like hi um i'm from los angeles and then that is already set up and then you can 
answer that as well on your live chat so i think this is the one that i'm trying to say here like 
they do have this live chat stimulator like you can configure a series of questions and answers on 
your webinar during the webinar so it looks like your webinar is has really a lot of interaction 
and then once you once someone i mean a real person really interrupts your webinar 
you can also respond on them on real time so that that can really this kind of tool 
is i think super helpful for engagement so your webinar doesn't look dry so i really love 
this live chat stimulator thing so yeah you can um put some information on your live chat 
here and then highlighted announcement okay we don't want to bombard a lot of 
announcement because we already set a thank you upsell for the thank you page and all of this 
stuff however we have a um i think we have a product offers okay we don't have products 
offered but actually you can have like someone a a product offer will pop up like um 
sign up for our all access pass and limited access for this time only but we don't want to be really 
salesy as much as possible so we disable this one and this portion as well like in these file 
handouts is super important so it's so it will be easy for you like when you are presenting um you 
are presenting there is like a handout that they can i mean hands out that pop up okay so these 
are the features that is super good for marketing so as much as possible if you can configure this 
one um it's super great they also have a redirect external thing so our plan is we want to create 
a website like this a landing page like this but it's not yet done so i'm going to set this up here 
so yeah redirect you can under all your attendance no not that one it should be after the webinar so 
you can redirect your attendees we will disable this one however we want that once the webinar 
is over they will be re redirect to our absol um landing page i think there is an option 
here there is an option here so yeah next so webinar replay do you accept webinar replay if if 
no then just select no or if yes it's like yes and expiration date so if you you want them to 
receive a replay if you want them to be reque if you want this webinar to be recorded when will 
be the expiration date and then allow users to ask questions then this one and you need to put 
your email address okay confirm confirm confirm next and yeah we're done yeah we're done so now 
once we already finish all the configuration i need to grab the button so if i click this 
your links and go to the imbed in your embed in your website let's select the 
registration button and then we can customize this color because our branding for the color 
is yellow so i will get this yellow color here and then we will change the font into 
block and as much as possible i want it to be smaller to make it look good in mobile 
version so let's just keep it small and then um this one color and then the 
border i want it to be yellow as well and i want to have shadow to pop up and then 
apply and then once you make sure you hit apply otherwise it would not change if you get the code 
so after that you hit apply um grab that code and go to the where is by the way it's for it's 
not chris we are on james we need to look for james i think i removed james okay 
because this is for james ever webinar so go to on demand because this is ever webinar 
so james and i will click this one and click the enable visual builder by 
the way i'm using tv for this and this one and this one okay save and by the 
way you can change this up you can change the text here for example you want to set you want 
to call it like free register now then that's possible as well but make sure you can also change 
like the styling here but make sure you you i mean this one make sure this one will not change 
because this is the source file of every webinar so as much as possible just don't allow don't do a 
lot of changes in this creep area however you can change the um html file html code here but do 
not change anything from the script so i just want to keep this register now i want it to be 
simple as much as possible so save and then save and then um okay let's just say this one and then visual builder and 
let's click this register now okay so as you can see how google use is it 
how google is you did i okay i need to see if i okay it's my mistake what link did i use for james i think this one i forgot what's 
the name that i i use for the presentation it's her basic information this is for aj let's go to every webinar again and this is for crease i think the top one i change the name two aj okay 
haven't really changed i haven't configured wait aj this is aj let me go back because i need to ch 
i need to see where did i i mean which part did i change earlier go to the registration design is it 
is this for change yeah this one is for james okay i need to ch i need to go to the configuration and 
basic settings and then change this to um change okay james move that call thing 
there and yeah this is already okay so we're good at that 
okay i grabbed the wrong button so finished congratulation and we're already in 
james thing so we need to grab the right lead you need to be really careful in this like okay 
your settings and then embed your your address and then registration and again i want it to 
be block i want it to be more color yellow and i want it to be um smaller as possible by 
the way size and then i want it to pop up and make sure it is applied and copy the imbed code 
right embed code go back and let's change this one okay register now and save and then 
exit visual builder and let's test so how to be how a b testing your 
creative to perform for the long haul and yeah we're already good we already configured 
the full ever webinar thing and we also have like the webinar job which is the live event for 
a q a session um it hasn't set up yet but yeah that's really how it works every webinar 
configuration and the webinar jam configuration are the same the only difference is every webinar 
is a live event well i know the only difference is webinar job is a live event while every webinar is 
a pre-recorded event i hope this helped and let me know if you have questions about this um and oh by 
the way don't forget to check the description link below because there are some series or there are 
some information that i missed in this video and i'll make sure that i'll add that on my blog 
version and if you have questions by the way if you have questions you can leave a comment 
on youtube or on my website but it's better if you leave comment on youtube so i can easily 
see it so leave a comment on youtube and then i'll read it and answer your question on my blog 
i mean i will add a section of your um question i mean i will add the solution for the section so as 
much as possible i want to compile a webinar john 101 tutorials for beginners on my 
blog so make sure you check that out and yeah um if you don't want to use wordpress 
then that's totally fine you can just select their if you go to the okay let's go back to 
the every webinar thing and then you go to the registration if you don't want to use wordpress 
you mean that it's too i it it looks i mean it looks um time consuming for you then you can 
go to the registration page design and then select the like the layout that you want and by the way 
you can also do split testing here so you just need to enable this one so you have an options if 
you want to use a wordpress version at the same time you also want a default template from every 
webinar and yeah i hope this has been helpful if you're excited to use every webinar 
or webinar jump for your coaching venture or your yeah online core school then 
feel free to use the link description below to receive a discount have a great day and i hope 
this has been helpful thank you so much and don't forget to subscribe to my channel click the bell 
notification and thumbs up if you like my video you

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