How to Get the Most Out of Video Marketing

Marketing involves putting out a message that your company has a product or service that you want people to try out. Video marketing is doing this, but using a video to promote said products and services with the hope of engaging people digitally across various social channels, educating your customers and reaching new audiences using this unique medium.

This form of marketing is versatile and can be used in so many creative ways. Marketers can use video to impact consumers throughout the purchase journey in an impactful manner, not just to increase engagement with the brand or website. Analytics further help to quantify marketing efforts and that leads to prioritizing what is important and what works, thus generating worthy leads.

Other teams can also benefit from videos, from HR to service teams, you can market your brand within and outside your organization. Videos can be used for onboarding, customer feedback and stories, knowledge-based information and many more ways in which a personalized experience can be created for customers and employees alike.

Creating stunning videos takes time and resources. The process is surely time consuming and it can be a tad bit expensive, while compared to other marketing methods. You may go ahead and create video content as such, but that will make no difference if you don’t promote it in the right way and in the right channels.

People generally just lap up video content. They seem to prefer it more than other means and they seem to retain the information they see for much longer. So, if you can find a way to resonate with your audience, then you will see an increase in conversions. Promote your video content well to drive traffic.

Here are some ways you could do that:

Let your video be about a story and not the sale

Customers are sensitive to pressing content that can potentially get on their nerves. As a brand, you don’t want to lose customers because you badgered them into watching your content. If your content has a solid story, something that is unique and appeals to people’s sentiments, people will watch it. Customers appreciate it when your content adds value to their lives. Try figuring out your crowd’s inner desires and emotional connections and then appeal to those.

Optimizing your content and using an attractive thumbnail

Nobody seems to think this is important, but the thumbnail is a very important element that influences your viewers into whether or not he or she should play the video you’re showing them. Have a thumbnail with an image that makes people curious to hit click. Use the known tactics to make sure that your video is easy to find on search engines. Upload it across multiple channels, but always host it on your domain first.

Be open to marketing links by enabling the embedding of your video. Have a great description, one that even Google appreciates and understands what content your video has. Have relevant keywords and unique titles. Good practices like this will result in Google gives you a good rank.

Running paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter

Social networking sites are a good place to start because people love to share content here. So, by paying a nominal amount, you can ensure your video reaches the audience demographic you are interested in and that these people see it frequently. These platforms also provide data on how your campaign is doing so that you may change strategies accordingly. Ensure that your video content can be shared with ease at all times within and across platforms.

Make the content interesting

Grab people’s attention because people are quite impatient. Nobody will sit through your whole video if it doesn’t seem worth their time. So, your challenge is to keep their attention from start to finish. A good way to do this is to keep your video content short. Be clear about what the video is addressing within the first few seconds of the video starting itself just so that your viewers know what they are getting into and don’t feel like they were duped at the end of it.

People appreciate honest content. No harm in having teasers, polls or humor too, they are a bonus. Be clear on what value-add watching your video will give them. Will they have a good laugh? Will they learn something new? Whatever it is, it’s better to put it across as soon as possible so that your audience does not feel mislead.

Visual learning is important, people look forward to it. Educate your audience using this powerful tool of video marketing. You could provide tutorials on how to better use the product or service your brand provides, or it could be a video on how to ease their daily habits or lives through hacks or whatever else. It could also surround a skill-based topic that they can use personally or professionally. This acts as proof of what value your brand adds to society as a whole and customers are likely to recommend or provide feedback in such instances.

Feel free to ask people for help!

No shame in simply asking your audience to share your video content if they liked it. All major YouTubers do it, why shouldn’t you? Putting yourself out there as a brand can only have advantages because people either want to help or are truly impressed enough to share. It’s smart to start with your target market and then you can get the ball rolling. It is a very simple way of getting more visibility for your brand and its content.

This can be considered under the umbrella of the word of mouth marketing, under a technicality. Before you know it, your video would have been seen by so many different people from around the world. And as you keep coming up with more content, people naturally start to share even without you asking or pushing for it. The aim is to get to that level of creating video content.

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